CATCHING A MONSTER IN POND 3AM!! 😱💧Pond Monster Caught On Camera

Sad wait do I eat the orange or the apple some yummy I just such a hard decision what's that no can't can't be logan we'll get down here to the rakes gps tracker it's been offline for months looks like he's picked up a signal I thought the rake was gone supporting exactly to where we just were the rakes moving again in our last video we read we will place a tracker on the rake the tracker not going off for months I thought thought to break vanish but if the trackers going off it means he's back and satellite images are showing he's not far from us he's back in the haunted forest things you have to go back out we have to catch the rake this is it finally we can do this we have the tracker we get we know where he is we can keep on top of his movement now is our time we have to gear up and get back out there we have to once and for all capture the rake all right logan here's all of our equipment i've got everything laid out though we'll need to capture the rake i'm putting together the schematics to make a rake trapping device it's sort of similar to a regular trap but it uses advanced cardboard so we can't escape in terms of our supplies we're going fairly lightweight here two walkie-talkies we can stay in touch a compass so we don't get lost in the haunted forest night-vision camera we're gonna need this be pitch-black there and of course our rake tracking device this will lead us directly to the rake i thought the tractor was lost but this thing's been going off the charts ever since the morning on top of that we have gas masks just in case and well sunglasses yes I think they look cool gee if we're going out at night why are you gonna need sunglasses logan I just said they look cool okay if we're capturing the rick and we're documenting this this is gonna be all over the news

i want to look cool when they show my picture all right so sunglasses just staying all right let's pack everything up and get ready the tracker is fairly accurate but we're gonna have to use it once we get down there i've got a general idea on the gps system as to where the rake is and so we head down into the forest bring all of our gear to document and catch ourselves a rake alright guys so we've been traveling down the trail for a little while now we're heading up our last trail that we use in the summer seems like not a lot to change since then but i've got our tracker out signals getting a little bit weaker but i'm hoping once we get down here closely the rates less they'll pick up a little bit so far there's been no sign of the rake or any sort of supernatural activity but as of right now i'm definitely starting to feel spooked it's that same feeling that I got last time we came down here in the summer so we're gonna keep traveling here that logan we got dogs barking it's not good they can be barking at something let's keep moving towards the race nice come on I can't let that faze us alright picking up some sort of interference down here we're getting closer to where the rakes nest is watch out careful it's really slippery now a bit of a climb down we got to make our way down here though grab my hand watch oh we're getting something down here something must have been disturbing those dogs something's in the woods at least we have a tracker on it whoa watch your stuff i'm gonna try and calibrate it the meantime we gotta figure out a way to get across what's that I can't see anything with the rake going over all the tractors look close enough possibly flashlights anything down there let's switch to night vision something's moving down there dude something's

moving in the water quickly grab the night-vision camera all right guys i've got the night vision on now we should be able to see in the dark fairly well although we don't have a lot of battery in the night vision camera so we have to use it sparingly as you guys can see this is the creek bed that we're looking at here looks like there's a pond that links up to it but something's moving in here I don't see anything right now but as far as I can tell whatever moved in that water wasn't the rake our tracker showing that he's a couple miles down that way there's something to make that much noise I just I don't know if that could be an animal what type of animal it could be we filled the rake trap so we might start setting it up now but keep an eye on the pond so we begin the plan so he's leaving the pond so we just flash okay what's that what's that what's that something's in there something's in the pond so he's moving in the pod so we're gonna so what a creature do something completely different we don't know the rake here that's not the race noise that's not the race noise that's the big difference jake I don't like this I think maybe we should go home okay go home we're tracking the rake what everything that poun know what that is but it's not the rake okay look let's set up our trap here we'll set it up and we'll continue further down the path where the tracker shown the rake is if there is something in there maybe it'll get caught in our trap alright guys so as of right now an update for you we don't know what's in the pond but we got to continue our mission with the rake whatever's making that noise and moving in there they'll have to come back for it luckily we brought our trap it's expandable trap so it should be easy to set up we're gonna set this up and

continue down the path and there there's where tractors leading us to the rake try and get it close to the creek bed wherever that thing is it might come out and investigate trap set up got this it's monster bait it's not like spooking the dogs probably moving in the forest we gotta go we gotta go now look i'm gonna put the monster bait in here if he comes in it'll set the door loose and trap them inside grab your gear we go once they've attractors bringing us here looks like an abandoned structure stay close keep your flashlight out we all know what could be in here we're getting close turn the screen jake I don't like this cheat you that look an I heard something up there they'll be definitely moving up there these margins on these walls what's this pointing at I don't know maybe we should go that way got something what take a look looks like clothing dude I don't like the look of that I don't either and the scanners going off the charts I have this head a little bit further off come on all right looks like this house is bringing us up this way stay close very on solid terrain wait she hit up something's moving up there where am I what is this place hello again logan I think i'm following a hole or something like oh the rates tunnels i think i'm at the rates tunnels this entire tunnel system underground oh good this is good you get out of here now oh I can hear I can hear I hear the rake he's somewhere here he's somewhere here try and climb out okay i'm gonna figure out a way to get out here wait what's that no no no no no no no no no it's the tracker the rink was able to get rid of the tracker just playing with us this whole time the trackers been in here the trackers here then I have no idea where the rake is I gotta get back to logan we got to go right now

the rates too smart for us he's outsmarting us if he's able to get rid of his tracker and place it here he's up to something all right logan i'm gonna try and climb out okay jake you don't believe what happened um jake before you tell me I think you got to see this what's going on I think we caught something jake there's something in there what is that I don't know give me the rake I just heard his screams in the tunnels maybe it came from the river that's gotta be what was ever in the pause well I don't like the sound of that look whatever it is we have it our trap we've gotta gather idea and get this thing back to base camp whatever it is we'll need to analyze it for now the rake is on the loose he was able to get rid of the tracker he got rid of the tracker yes with a southern corn right now what's important is we get whatever is in that back home all right let's get out of here this is papa jake preacher has been detained yes i'm requesting your services look we have a bit of an issue the channel called the shares they make very awesome pawn videos in their cool pond and look with somewhere around the corner i'm going to be making pool videos and I cannot have them ruining my videos we have to put a stop to their pond i'm thinking this creature might just do that look i'll have the table sent to you if you can transport the creature to their pond to put an end to their videos you'll get the full amount of tape rose when i'm done get the job done papa jake out

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