PREQUEL MEMES /r/PrequelMemes/ #9

If there is one franchise of movies that have given us so much joy so much blessing. Who's always been there no matter what. Other franchises might come in. Twilight.

Oh, we're gonna meme twilight now shuuutfffuppp black panther might come in oh you can meme shuutttffupppp (angry voice) prequels memes have always been there and will always be there as well. The star wars prequel memes is the most powerful meme franchise of all time, and if you think otherwise then I got news for you you're a dummy dum dum bum (awesome intro) sequel's has the kind of room the room status were like literally any line from the damn prequels can be a meme itself you just say that one line and you'll be like oh where have I heard that.

Oh, yeah from the prequels. Oh, that's a meme hahahahaha (stares into viewers' souls) nevertheless me and brad always to have a lot of fun sendingeach other prequel meme so now you can go join in on the joke and it will be ruined for everyone as always that's right my admission is to destroy old memes when your padawan starts dealing in absolutes betrays the republic and slaughter a bunch of children.

I hate it when he does that it's (laughs) when you realize that prequel memes were probably originally originally created to mock the cheesiness and stupidity of the prequels and now everyone including yourself loves the prequel even more because of them I need to rewatch the prequels.

It's been too long dad why was my sister named peace? Dad: your mom always thought the world needs peace thanks dad.

No problem obi-wan standalone movie starring ewan mcgregor it is not a bad name, honestly, I would be proud to carry that name we love what you're doing to help, but no matter the intent our policy is not to run ads on videos about tragedies the tragedy of dark plague is the wise hd star wars episode three revenge of the sith wow hypocrisy enough for you youtube every time i've seen this too many times I can't believe they actually lit hayden christensen on fire and killed him just for this scene such dedication on his part.

That's right he died after this you ever seen christian hayden in any other movie after the prequels? Complete did not just kill his career he actually died that's the reason why he was so dedicated to this what would you choose? $1,000,000 or ewan mcgregor unexpectedly jump down behind you at some point in life and says " hello there." I think the choice is obvious I would definitely spend on ewan mcgregor I would spend you know I spent my entire youtube fortune on ewan mcgregor just as many times as possible hello there.

Columbine, virginia tech, tucson, aurora, fort hood " the jedi temple" (pewds)what? Her: I want a divorce i'm so sick and tired of you quoting star wars it's treason then (felix laughing his as* out) -crimson? -wrong.

-It's treason then. Any line from the prequel is a meme it's treason. Then (pewds)like what is that? It's treason. Then it's treason then it's treason then he jumps back up oh!(Laughs again) thought I saw that one can we, I told you, can we literally can we use literally any word from star wars (laughs) and make it a meme? Possibly prequel fans when you make fun of the prequels sequel fans when you make fun of the sequels the memes just made it worse it ruined one of the greatest franchises of all time, but the memes balanced out, it's the most powerful source of life it's the most powerful currency.

when you're on r/prequelmemes prequel memes for three hours and there's no perhaps the archives are incomplete memes. Impossible perhaps the archives are incomplete glad we have that line out of the way now let's go to all of the other ones george lucas when the prequel finish I guess you guys aren't ready for that yet, but your kids are gonna.

Love it. It's so true. Well I actually like the prequels as a child at least the first one. I'll admit it, but now I just enjoy it for the pleasure when you can no longer watch the prequels properly because every scene became a meme what have I done? How do you how would you watch it properly anyway? When you take your mates phone, and you check his browser history, but you can't find any porn impossible! perhaps the archives are incomplete.

Hmmmm. (+Twisty effect) perhaps literally just a picture of anakin skywalker made out of pictures of sand. Man he sure looks irritated by that fact.

Doesn't he. I don't like sand its coarse rough and irritating and it gets everywhere the romance in the prequel is one of the finest things ever ever written and acted it you feel the emotion in each single line I don't like sand.

I don't like sand. you've heard of ben swolo. Now get ready for a qui gone gym. hot damn that's strong that's a lot of muscle. when the most up voted posts on r/sequelmemes is now the senate.

I love democracy don't we all just love democracy? i love democracy. If this post somehow gets 131,072 131,072 upvotes, i'll post it again with two hundred and sixty two thousand one hundred and seventy seven ewans.

Guys if there's one good thing that we can do out of this video is to upvote this post it's the number two most up voted post we need to get this to one hundred and thirty thousand so we can get to see more ewans we need ever mcgregor to act in the new star wars movie we can't have some fake-ass cheap-ass actor playing playing obi-wan kenobi.

He's the one and only except maybe me I feel like I could do it, but I have this feeling that disney doesn't really like me that much I have just been getting those vibes, so I should probably step aside for this one.

Your thoughts dwell on your mother my thoughts dwell on your mother. Oh, ho damn george lucas really had some savage lines in there man. Some really good writing. when you realize that senator is an anagram for treason george lucas was a genius and underrated mind if this gets 10,000 up votes.

I'll have this image tattooed on my chest where is it? Where's the proof top three actors that could totally play over one kenobi in a star wars spin-off movie I don't know if you guys seen any interviews with ewan mcgregor talking about the star wars.

He's like the only actor i've seen that talks about the prequels in a way, that's loving and endearing everyone else is just talking about him like oh god let's just pretend that never happened.

What would you do for love? I saw this in a commercial today not the younglings anakin not the younglings. It's over mannequin I have the high ground beautiful! Bravo bravo we've done it we peaked you heard about qui-gon gym now get ready for chancellor palprotein hot damn! God damn you may not like it, but this is what peak performers look like.

How girls see height six-inch 5 foot 11. This is so true marzia keep ridiculing me for this exact same thing. *Scratch record* *freeze-frame* yeah, that's me and you're probably wondering how I got into this situation that's good, why don't we not have any do it memes? There has to be.

Oh my god. Oh no. Oh no! But can you do it? But can you do it? It's over anakin, I have the high ground. But can you do this? Okay, I think that's enough pretty cool face.

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