Top 25 Fremmer Moments 💕

I'm not impressed! I am so impressed! Summer, do you know what I like about you? Is it my smile? My eyes? the way I make you feel? I meant the song, " what I like about you".

Then we'll keep it a secret. mr. Flynn can help us with that too! I'm so excited I could hug you! All. i could hug you all. Just act cool. - of course! Hi freddie! - ah, my eyes! You know what? This school can try to make us all look the same but i'm going to be myself.

Awesome! - way to go, freddie! I have a crush on you. - what? Way to go, freddie. Oh, winning's at the top of my bottom of the bands checklist.

Right above kissing freddie in all the excitement. What? - what? Why do you have to meet other people? aren't I enough? I thought we had something special! Forget it! Oh, I can't stay mad at you! Do you think anyone would pay just to see me be me? Maybe I could work for you. - wait, seriously? I mean we'll have to work side by side, twenty-four seven, holding hands.

What? - you're hired! Bring it around town! - bring it around town! Oh, oh! - oh, oh! Does that get you over him? No. It's fremmer! I even made his and her t-shirts! Oh, great! I just want to let you know that i have had a huge crush on you for a long time now but never had the courage to tell you how I feel.

I just hope that you feel the same way and that one day you and I can be boyfriend and girlfriend. I like you! like, like you, like you.

Okay, all right. I gotta go. bye! It's not just one test. it's who I am! You are more than a test! Everybody says that you're a wonderful, smart and beautiful girl who they wanna date.

At least that's what everybody says. Summer? Tell me about it, stud. Hey, summer. haven't see you in awhile. Um, didn't we just walk to our lockers together? From the same class we were seeing each other all day? Yeah, but I thought I might have missed something in the last 23 seconds.

Maybe it's because i'm having a great time hanging out with you. I get it. I feel the same way. You do? - yeah.

It's obvious to anyone who sees us. We're perfect together. The notes for summer. Oh, no. Oh. oh. Wait, are we standing or sitting? Standing. You will never tell anyone, but I am mad crushing on freddie! I do! Summer breeze hathaway, I like you.

I mean I really like, like you. Just friends? - yeah, friends. Well, it's not too late. I mean I never really stopped, you know, like, liking you.

Really? Really. I like like you too. Uh, I think we're holding hands. - yup! Yup. But we probably shouldn't tell everyone yet. Yeah, they'll make a big deal out of it.

So totally not a big deal. - pshh. Oh, uh. New drumsticks. Drumsticks that I really, really like. A lot. What's so great about 'em? They're prettier than the other sticks.

Aww! Yesterday was so much fun! I mean until we nearly drowned in foam and almost killed the music festival committee. Best first date ever.

I guess fremmer will have to wait. Fremmer? It's just a nickname I came up with for the two of us. You know, freddie and summer? I like it. Summer, i'll wait as long as it takes.

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