FBI Trailer HD - Missy Peregrym, Jeremy Sisto FBI series

The job doesn't stop so I don't eventually you outrun it i'm agent belle miss is my partner agent sedan what happened single explosion right in the corner of the building nails? Bbs any kind of shrapnel? You guys been catching chatter about terrorists in the south bronx.

Forget lone wolves everyone now we have to consider it what time was the explosion exactly reports pick it at 403? Its nine minutes ago. We need every emergency vehicle headed here stopped outside the perimeter evacuate this building he's right inside it he knows nothing open the door anyone listen I know every instinct is telling you to go in there, but you just today is gonna be the day.

They're gonna throw it back to you two bombs, they both went boom, which means whoever we're looking for knows what they're doing. I just shut down half the city and I can't open it up until we know it's safe you two own this case you shall let me die in here you know who live there scumbag drug dealer street gangs usually play with guns not bombs supposed to be a pretty serious escalation what do we got six grenades on a chain cellphone trigger how much information can you pull out of that? Maybe everything? But the bureau likes the lab at quantico to do it.

I'll go to you I taught the guys at quantico then go for it. If we unwind this before anything else explodes who's gonna complain I will you no longer working undercover making your own rules you're working for the fbi now and for me now do it seven-year-old boy died today his mother blames me.

How are you dealing with this? Swallowing hard isn't a plan just saying if I can help well let you know. Okay? Thank you the phone our bomb maker used as a trigger I knew we'd seen once before we got close to tying that I talked to robert lawrence guys are not see what's lawrence get out of this? He starts a race war i'm not a nazi you prefer white nationalist.

I prefer american it let's go back to talking about bombings on synagogues and minority communities is our conversation too difficult for you to follow agent sedan, or maybe you and your partner can't handle uncomfortable truths you have enough to arrest him legally we still need to get there, but I know it's him this is security footage from the rec center that kid put a bomb in that gym.

Tell us everything we want to know about lawrence's involvement. Tell me exactly who gave you that bomb never had a chance did he? Lawrence has one more bomb a lot of people made it out of that building because of you that matters he's gonna hit the summit kristen is there the bond is there clear the hall if your cell phone trigger, I think i'd like to call my lawyer hello turns out you're the one that can't handle uncomfortable truths.

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