i bet you cant understand a word in this video..

Its super late! How i'm possibly gonna have time to make a video today? How could I possibly spend all this time and effort into making anything meaningful for my millions of subscribers? Oh that's right, i'll make you laught you lose! *Swedish* i'm tired, so this is gonna be hard.

This is gonna be really difficult. The rule is simple: let's just jump into it. " I bet you con't understand a word in this video" saying no more.

No more of this. Skrattarduforloardu that's right, jay x ∞ i'm not even trying so pathetic. I'm putting on my ac while I communicate. That's right, that's so much- i've just realized it was getting hot, and I think I got the gist of it, he's saying " that's right jay", although I really like red letter media, it really did make me chuckle.

I am also kind of hot. Thank you for asking. That should be better, now i'm more comfortable. How are you doing? *Laughs* 76 million subscribers everybody, this is as good as it gets.

It's the peak that you're getting alright. 78, that's right, jesus christ. Let's just keep jumping into it guys have you lost a challenge yet? I know marzia would like this meme. Oh that's great.

Me and marzia have a drum set each and we play it on the switch its so fun. That's like legit- *laughs* an actual proper representation of what it's like to play that game.

What did that fun, wonderful madame say? Www. Letmeslice man: and I appreciate my friends. Man: also, my wife, and my girlfriend. I mean my wife" man: I mean my wife. M: i'm so sorry, my wife, I love you so much *laughs* is that real? That seems fake.

Pewds: I love how he look into the camera. *Pewds laughs* he looks into the camera like: ugh goddammit jesus is confirmed for smash thank you jesus christian channel, very cool oh my gosh, I am freaking out right now, i'm shaking.

I'm shaking, jesus christ how long can I prolong this joke to prolong this video? Let's just keep jumping into it, okay. What the hell is this? What is this? What is this? *Pewds laughs* *pewds laughs again* *and again* what is this, huh? Why do I always cut it? Why do I always cut it? This is the viking level goddamn beautiful just pure what is dis? Why? All right, I get it.

*Pewds laughs* hi, i'm gloria borger from pew news hey, felix! Can we get a comment from you for this article? Bye! What da hell was dat? Oh! I can't believe I laughed at that so bad, god damn it you know, for once, I lose, okay? I actually lose the fact that i- how many episodes has it been? I admit defeat I lost I lost, god damn it okay, moving on.

Let's just keep jumping into it guys. Science it's gonna be sains just play it. I already know what's coming. *Weird ass noises* jesus chri- oof *mumbling* *failed attempts to pronounce mjolnir* " jonathan" jonathan come here, jonathan! By the power of wait.

How did you not know this? *Weird laugh by poods* I can't tell if this is set up or not. That's so funny. Oh, my sides. Oh, that's great.

Crucial! I really lost. At this point, I don't care. What the hell is on there? Doesn't matter. Oh x4 jeez- *ends up laughing* I have seen that one but I forgot.

Jesus christ guess some people don't like to be approached. This is why I have social anxiety issues. What's gonna happen? Nothing. I can't believe I fell for that meme! I fell fore that meme, guys.

Gosh darn it. Okay, then. Let's end it here. Smash like if you enjoyed. Thank you guys, for one year of you laugh you lose wow. It's been my pleasure, honour and privilege for you to smash like on this video.

Hope you guys enjoyed it and it really means a lot to me that you smash like twice on this video. Thank you guys, so much.

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