The best magic tricks are the ones that make you question reality but the key to selling a magic trick isn't skill its showmanship it's like houdini said what the I see

and the ears hear the mind believes let me tell you what I believe I believe I wasn't born special like my sister charming social and dating the football

star I was never like her I didn't always get things right so can you come join us half the tricks I know are pretty boring easy sleight of hand stuff so yeah I

can make a coin disappear behind someone's ear but that's nothing compared to my sister she pulled off the greatest disappearing act of them all she died nobody ever

knows nobody ever sees praying to the lord praying for my son oh no I think of you whenever i'm alone that's my best friend brody when we were 10 I forced him to start

doing magic with me he agreed under one condition that we share it with no one so in return I promised we'd make no new friends hello to you too zoey hi brody how

was your weekend I practice that one trick but i'm still messing up the end butterfingers your riffling too fast we've discussed this let's say there ballantine

i'm so sorry for your loss joey she's sorry a month later her name is zoey oh I got it my real name is sarah but my friends call me britney go by whatever name you

want girl uh no my name's actually zoey as you can probably tell not making friends was never a problem for us just being popular make you stupider brody it's fine they've

literally spent the night at your house I know but they're not my friends they were my sister's friends and that's isaac jones my sister's ex-boyfriend or I guess

widower evil and cleo was alive you never noticed me he still doesn't earth to zoe your practice man or not yeah of course sorry x squared minus four and who wants

to with someone other than miss bet scare to solve an equation today uh yes cleo come on up I mean zoe coming up zoe maybe she should go back to him great next

times x squared minus four very good go work so we don't forget your homework tonight on solving proofs hey hey it's me isaac you isaac knees oh ii um yeah I just

uh I want to let you know that some people are going over to boots house tonight it'll be a bunch of cleo's friends if you wanted to come thanks i'm cool

cool light you're coming or cool like you're not interested cool like thank you for noticing that I exist but I have plans this photo was taken the day before my

sister's first diagnosis dad took us out for ice cream while mom stayed home with cleo she was sick in bed we brought her home a scoop of mint chip her favorite but she

couldn't even eat it who's that your aunt judy zoe please i've told you countless times to just put your stuff away it's not that hard to put something back where

it belongs i'm just tired then go to your room and take a nap why can't I just take a nap here or do what you want you always do anyway sometimes I think my mom wish it

was me who disappeared kaspar him your dad can take you to the batting cages this weekend yeah maybe you used to go every weekend how come i'm never invited the

last time I threw a baseball at you you dope into the hot dogs day I was for all three of you should go I have some quarters laying around tony have you seen him they

weren't on the dresser tony yeah this weekend um I have to work can I be excused yeah I guess can I go to brody's house if you're home by 9: 30 what why not ten cleo's

curfew is 10: 00 if you finish your homework thanks for having my back tony what I i'm sorry I have to call judy back I stranger still too cool to come out tonight uh

i'm actually supposed to go so no sure but really just for a little bit laughs go to my friend's house it was a bad idea stay by me is that the other valentine no your

party like your sister you don't know anything about me you wish I did tim booth isaac is it just me or does this pretty suck I feel like we're missing something um

cuba oh cleo that's such a downer she would want us to have fun I just like don't really like being sad I want to kiss boots tonight oh boots he's so gross girl I have

some standards he's cute he's a jerk a cute jerk look working with robin robin she taught me that this tough-guy exterior they're typically like sweet shy

songwriters well not really good let's go back oh joey what are you doing here I have to take this there's nothing in the box heizo where are you you're not answering

any of your texts you can get kidnapped right I don't wanna have to call your mom all right y'all I think it's time for some spindles but for any of our

newbies you guess we land on no cold feet my sister was into this game yep and if you're gonna be at this party you're gonna play too look don't worry this is like your

first kiss and everything all right boots go first why me because it's your house and you've already made out with every girl at this party so just spin it you

should kiss more often alison i'll shut you up never lies actually it doesn't my turn just spin it again out nah another rules no redos ibm said this one i'll just kiss her

it's not like you haven't before alright jeez allison return won't be back straight out of your latest wet dream milo we just miss bennet don't be a jerk sowwy when

clio came back after the surgery my mom told me everything was gonna be okay that I didn't need to worry after she got better clio was more popular than ever

everyone wanted to know the girl who had cancer I bet she would have been prom queen but she only made it to homecoming a disappearing act has two parts

suddenly disappears and then it comes back if clio ever came back I guess i'd asked for who she really was how she made be in high school look so easy all the time

how she was such an ace at everything and why she pushed me away

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