El mercader de Venecia sub English - Shakespeare - Parte 4 de 12

Jessica, I say! - why, jessica. Who bids you call? I do not bid you call. Your worship was used to say i could do nothing without bidding.

Call you? What's your will? - I am bid forth to supper, jessica. There are my keys. Wherefore should I go? I am not bid for love. Oh, they flatter me. Yet I will go and feed upon the prodigal christian.

Jessica, my girl, look to my house. Oh, I am right loath to go. There is some ill a-brewing towards my rest, for I did dream of money bags tonight. I beseech you, sir, go.

My young master expects your reproach. And so do I his. And they have conspired together. I will not say you shall see a masque, but if you do, it was not for nothing that my nose fell a-bleeding on black monday last at six o'clock in the morning.

What, are there masques? Hear you me, jessica, clamber not you up to the casements then, nor thrust your head into the public street to gaze on christian fools with varnished faces.

Let not the sound of shallow foppery enter my sober house. Oh, by jacob's staff, I swear I have no mind of feasting forth tonight.

But I will go. Go you before, sirrah. Say I will come. I will go before, sir. Mistress, look out the window for all this.

There will come a christian boy will be worth a jewess" eye. What says that fool of hagar's offspring, ha? His words were, " farewell, mistress.

" nothing else. The fool is kind enough but a huge feeder. Snail-slow in profit, and he sleeps by day more than a tomcat. Therefore, I part with him.

Well, jessica, go in. perhaps I will return immediately. Do as I bid you. Farewell. and if my fortune be not crost, I have a father, you a daughter, lost.

How do I know if I do choose the right? The one of them contains my picture, prince. If you choose that, then I am yours withal.

Some god direct my judgment! Let me see. " who chooseth me must give and hazard all he hath. " hmm. - must give? For what? For lead? Hazard for lead? This casket, my friends, threatens.

Men who hazard all do it in hope of fair advantages. A golden mind stoops not to shows of dross, eh? L'll then nor give nor hazard aught for lead, ah? Mm-mm. What says the silver with her virgin hue? " who chooseth me.

" shall gain as much as he deserves. " pause there, morocco, and weigh thy value with an even hand, ha? I do in birth deserve her, and in fortunes, and in graces, and in qualities of breeding! What if I stray no further but choose here? Hmm.

" who chooseth me. " will gain what many men. " desire. " hmm. - huh? Why, that's the lady! All of the world desires her! From the four corners of the earth, they come to kiss this shrine, this mortal-breathing saint.

Deliver me the key. here do I choose, and thrive as I may. There, take it, prince. And if my form lie there, I am yours. Ha! O hell.

What have we here? " all that glistens is not gold. " often have you heard that told. " gilded tombs do worms enfold. " fare you well. " but your suit is cold.

" for all of my fortune, shylock, i give thanks. To best-esteemed acquaintances. Antonio, good health. I know the hand. In faith, it is a fair hand, and whiter than the paper it writ on is the fair hand that writ.

Love-news, in faith. Meet me tonight. This is the penthouse under which lorenzo desired us to make stand? His hour is almost past. And it is a marvel he outstays his hour for lovers always run before the clock.

That ever holds. Who rises from a feast with that keen appetite that he sits down? Sweet friends, your patience for my long delay. Ho! Who's within? Who are you? Tell me for more certainty, albeit I swear that I do know your tongue.

Lorenzo and thy love. Lorenzo, certain, and my love indeed, for who I love so much? And now who knows but you, lorenzo, whether I am yours? Heaven and thy thoughts are witness that thou art.

Here! Catch this casket. No! It is worth the pains. I'm glad'tis night. You do not look on me for I am much ashamed of my disguise. But love is blind and lovers cannot see the pretty follies that themselves commit.

For if they could, cupid himself would blush to see me thus transformed into a boy. Descend, for you must be my torchbearer. Why, 'tis an office of discovery, love, and I should be obscured.

So are you, sweet, even in the lovely garnish of a boy. But come at once, for the close night doth play the runaway. I will gild myself with some more ducats and be with you straight..

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