Beauty And Beast - Fairy Tales In English - Animated / Cartoon Stories For Kids

Long ago there lived a rich merchant and his three daughters one day as the merchant was to go abroad for some work he asked his daughters what shall I bring

for you we want nice clothes and fine gels they want nice clothes and fine jewelers father there are no red roses in our garden please get me a pair the merchant

promised their gifts and went on his journey on his way he came upon a castle when he went a little closer he saw that the castle was surrounded by a rose garden

the merchant was amazed by its beauty at the same time he was reminded of his youngest daughter beauty's request here I can get the red roses for beauty so he

decided to take the roses from the garden he quickly plucked two red roses and was just about to leave when he heard a loud roar behind him how dare you pluck

flowers from my garden only two roses I plucked them for my daughter beauty please let me go on one condition you must bring your daughter beauty to me or else your

whole family will be test drawn hmm the merchant went home and narrated his sad story to his daughter beauty readily agreed to go to the castle with her father they

reach the castle good now your father can go home and you will stay with me beauty waved a sad farewell to her father what shall I call you you may call me beast beauty

started to live with the beast the beast gave her a magical mirror in which she could see her family one day beauty saw in the mirror that her father was ill let

me go home alright but if you don't return within a week I will die of course i'll be back in a week all went fine and a father regained good health very

soon before beauty knew what had happened ten days had passed beauty took the magical mirror and saw that the beast was severely ill I must return I can't let him

die like this and she rushed towards his castle there in the castle the beast was lying still oh beast oh beast I did not mean to stay away so long please do not

die please come back to me she kissed his ugly head just then there was a sudden flash of light the beast was transformed into a handsome prince beauty my dear I was

under an evil spell of a witch the spell could only be broken when a beautiful girl loved me and wanted me in spite of my ugliness the spell was broken when you

kissed me the prince and the beauty married and lived happily ever after you

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