Ginger Bread Man - Fairy Tales In English - Animated / Cartoon Stories For Kids

Long ago they left a lonely old woman one day she decided to bake a man of gingerbread to give her company so she makes the dough and shape the body then

she used some currants for his eyes and nose and sugar for his coat it's now ready to bake the old woman gently placed the gingerbread man inside the

oven after a little while she went to take him out but as soon as she touched the gingerbread man he sprang out of her hands calling as I ran run run as

fast as you can you can't get me I am the gingerbread man as the gingerbread man ran out of the old woman's house a cow spotted him the cow called out stop

gingerbread man you no good to eat I have run from an old woman then then as fast as you can you can't catch me I am gingerbread man the cow ran after the

old woman and soon they all passed a horse top i'd like to eat you I have run from an old woman and the cow ha ha as fast as you can you can't catch me I

am gingerbread man it seemed to be a never-ending chase now the horse followed the gingerbread man and the cow and the old woman followed them far

behind the gingerbread man was feeling proud of himself a few miles ahead a fox saw the gingerbread man his mouth started watering the gingerbread man

called out to the fox then as fast as you can you can't catch me I am gingerbread man why should I bother to catch you just after the gingerbread

man ran past the fox he had to stop because he came to wide deep swift flowing river the fox thought to himself that gingerbread man would be

good to eat so he said don't be afraid I won't harm you jump on my back and i'll take you across the river the gingerbread man jumped on the fox's

back and the fox began to swim as they reach the middle of the river the fox said can you stand on my head gingerbread man oh you will get wet so

the gingerbread man pulled himself up and stood on the fox's head as the current flowed more swiftly the fox said jenny move on to my nose

gingerbread man so that I can carry you more safely I would not like you to drown the gingerbread man slid onto the fox's nose the fox suddenly tossed the

gingerbread man into the air and ate him in one gulp mmm it was good the gingerbread man disappeared into the fox's mouth and was never seen again

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