Rise of Fawful - A day with Bowser Jr

Ludwig: you have thirty seconds to tell me why i’m here…. Before you and that flab of bacon over there…. Deeply regret it. Fawful understands…. That’s how you are wanting to play.

Midbus! Please be so kind as to have the exiting of this room! Uh. Sure, lord fawful. Are you trying to take your chances with me? No, no, no, no, no, no! We shall have… the friendship! Fawful’s sorry for the style with which he has brought you here….

But do not be worrisome, my ludwig! Fawful: it is all for the greater cause! Which greater cause? Fawful: see, it is the longing of fawful…. To take over his motherland, the beanbean kingdom….

And form a mega-alliance with the koopa kingdom! My father would never accept. Not after all you’ve done. Which is why fawful was forced to do…. This. What have you done to him? Just a taste out of the cocktail of my.

Rejuvenation beam. That gun midbus was holding? Precisely, mon. You turned him into a baby… so that i… exactly. Koopa kingdom…. Shall be yours! You dirty little vermin… with the koopa kingdom on your side….

You can help me conquer the beanbean kingdom! And the mushroom kingdom shall be turned into a sandwich…. In which we are the slices of bread…. And they are the salami that gets squished between us! How’s that sounding to you, mon? Announcer: we’re now broadcasting prince bowser koopa jr’s inspirational speech! Feel free to boo now… I know you might be upset about what happened… koopas: we are indeed! You’re not our king! The kingdom is doomed! Enough! Listen to me! While we’re all in here bickering at each other, fossil… koopa: fawful! Whatever! He’s in some hideaway now, sitting back….

Laughing at us, preparing to destroy us! Do we really want that to happen? Well, I don’t! Which is why i’m heading over to his lair…. To take that age mushroom and rescue our king! Now, who’s with me? Ludwig(on screen): certainly not me! Ludwig? Perhaps bowser jr would be apt in fixing our problems….

If it wasn’t him that caused them in the first place! What are you implying, ludwig? Is it true that you told fawful where the airship was? No, i-- I mean yeah, but-- let me explain! Is it true that you gave fawful the code to get in? Yeah, but I thought-- and, my “brother”.

Is it true that you allowed fawful to escape from the airship? I never allowed him to escape! What were you doing when fawful attacked the ship? Come on! I was trying to fend him off! This beautiful picture says otherwise.

Koopas: traitor! You’re a traitor! Those of you that are willing to prosper under your true king…. You shall unite by midnight in the koopa empire’s new military base….

The tower of yikk! Unless you want to join this joker, of course… the choice… is… yours! Koopas: ludwig! Ludwig! Ludwig! Come back! Stop! Wait! Stop! Stop… please… come back… oh, i’m screwed.

What the… the airship! Bowser jr: hammer bro! Please, that’s my house! Don’t go! I don’t take orders from traitors. Well, I guess it’s me against the world again… kamek: you and me against the world! Bowser jr: kamek? Skitter on! If we’re going to get that age mushroom… …me and bowser better be there! But-- but-- but kamek, look at me! I’m all alone! Anybody can fall.

But… but some people rise up again….I guess… why would ludwig lead the koopas to an abandoned tower? I don’t know….

What I do know is that fawful is a mushroom collectionist! Bowser jr: then we should follow the airship to the tower of yikk! Bowser jr: if ludwig is there, then follicle is there… bowser jr: .

And if follicle is there, then the age mushroom is there! Kamek: his name is faw-- oh, forget it. Fawful: fawful’s heart is rupturing with sentiment! That… was the acting of a thousand oscars! I wasn’t acting.

Fawful: and now you can have the relaxation, mon! By tomorrow, the koopa kingdom shall be at your feet…. Like a flock of hungry pigeons! Female voice: junior… junior… junior… kylie? Kylie! Bowser jr: kylie… oh, kylie… I have chortles! Fawfuls: I have chortles! No, no, no! I have chortles! Nooooooooooooo! What the? Come on, eat your dinner! I must still be dreaming… this is no dream, junior! Just the morphing power of my magic scepter! Kamek: I was trying out every method to feed him… bowser jr: can I try? I think I know how to get through to him… of course! Chomp, chomp, chomp, daddy! Chomp, chomp, chomp! You do have a way with children, junior! That’s how he used to feed me… koopas: ludwig! Ludwig! Ludwig! We’re here.

Koopas: ludwig! Ludwig! Ludwig! Tower voice: greetings. Only ten koopas at a time are allowed for recruitment and eventual brainwashing-- --oops! Don’t wanna spoil the plot! What the-- help me! Help me! What? No, no, no, no! Ooooh, no, no, no-- tower voice: fawfulization process complete.

Fawful(over speakers): I have chortles! Koopas: we have chortles. We have chortles. Oh, the glory! Fawful is tasting a plate of adoration spaghetti with glory meatballs! I have chortles! Koopas: we have chortles.

Tower voice: please, wait for your turn to be recruited by ludwig! Tower voice: please note, we do not take any responsibility…. For any eventual cases of brainwashing.

Proceed at your own risk. Fawful: I have chortles! Koopas: we have chortles. Fawful: I have chortles! Koopas: we have chortles. Kamek: what’s happening? Kamek: my eyesight is not what it used to be… here, let me film it for you! Ludwig: junior will die… I think I know who this is.

Ludwig? Uh, ludwig? Ludwig! What are you doing here? Let him go! What are you doing here? Fawful(recording): I have chortles! Koopas(recording): we have chortles.

We have chortles. All these guys outside…. They come in as free koopas… and come out as slaves. By tomorrow morning, fawful will have enough koopas…. To take over all of the kingdoms.

How will you stop this? The age mushroom. Kamek: but first, we must get rid of fawful’s bodyguard. Midbus. I know the way to beat him. The rejuvenation beam.

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