Last time on ultimate superheroes battle, goku and vegeta fusion gogeta battled against frieza and killed this monster frieza for sending him to the hell again on the other side, king of darkness kilvish becomes furious by looking at this suddenly, a mysterious old man named dr gero, appears there from the future with the help of his time machine with dr gero's help, kilvish travels back to the future and catches the android 'evil goku', made by dr gero from future to the present and grants him dangerous black power of darkness so what plans do these rogues have in their evil minds find out in today's episode of usb kilvish : go and kill goku and shaktimaan! Erase them from this world black goku : as you wish, lord kilvish black goku vs everybody : rose transformation? Finally, all the washing is done now let's throw this dirty water of mopping oh my goodness! It's goku! Look what you have done idiot! Uh uhh i.I'm sorry.

Please forgive me. What did you say? You want me to forgive you! Bastard! You don't deserve to live after what you have done diee! - no no noooooo! Curse him, my clothes are wet and dirty now thanks to him, my dress is nothing but trash now I must get a new dress let's find a garments store here, yeah! There it is.

Wow! A store full of dresses! Let's see which dress suits me best oh great this one is the best, woah no that one is, no this one, no no that one, no it's final, and it suits me too.

Huh, what a beautiful city. But unfortunately, it has to be destroyed for the fate it has. I'll cause the same destruction I did in my time I killed every saiyan alive and it was quite interesting and now, i'll do this again, hahaha.

What's up with goku? Why is he black? Something's not right. I should go and ask him. Wait a sec, h. He looks like he looks like a villain.

What if he kills me? But I must find out who he is. Hi goku w. What's up? How did you get this. Black tan? Is it your new look? Here comes goku's another follower.

Listen kid, today is the end of goku i'll send him to the other world huh. This powerful energy signal. And why is the sky so dark? Seems like a new threat as showed up.

I should find out what is going on. If he's goku, then, who that? A new villain? It's the end of the world. Hmm? What the heck is he? He wears my type of dress.

Hey, who are you? And why are you causing the destruction? Stop it. Why are you killing the innocent? Hmm, let me think. You don't know me, do you? I am an android made by dr gero i'm his greatest invention and I came from the future.

In the future world, I killed you and your friends. I made that world a wasteland, and now, it's your time's turn. But, I won't let you get away with this. I'll make you a discharged android.

-Nagraj, nagraj, I will kill you! -What happened doga? why are you screaming? Nagraj! You will pay for what you've done to me! But what have I done? Don't act naive nagraj.

You sent your disciples at night and attacked me. I won't leave you alive now. So you found out doga. Last time, you punched me twice. So I took revenge for that by attacking you.

Oh man! What's this? goku and goku's duplicate? But he looks strange. Hey mr blacky, what's your name? Your skin colour is fabulous. Which fairness cream do you use? Shahrukh's cream or kareena's cream? Wait, did you spoilt your reputation with someone and became black? Jokes apart, i'm your biggest fan now.

Ouch! It hurts! Uh, it's trunks! but what's he doing here? This boy followed me here too? Yes goku. I came here with my time machine, following him. Dr gero made him with your dna and his science.

He killed every superhero warrior in my time. His hunger for killing is so much high, that he didn't even leave evil supervillains. He had no mercy for any living being there.

And he killed everyone who came to his way. Ruining the future, he came here for ruining this time. If we won't stop him here, he'll do the same in this time.

Don't worry trunks, he came here just to die. He'll regret why he was invented by dr gero enough, monkeys! You can't speak anymore, because i'll kill you! You won't survive anymore! Goku, are you okay? Don't worry about me trunks, i'm alright.

Hahah, the monkey's taking his last breath. I'll not let him go. So that's your power, huh? stupid. Hahaha, you will soon meet your demise, bastard! I don't know why you don't get it, when ants get their wings, they are close to their death.

No matter how much you swing your wings, you won't last long. What? Ahh. How dare he! he's pure evil. And it's necessary to kill him today.

Yes you are right nagraj. Today he has to face my bullets. Looks like he's no more. Yes probably, but we should go and confirm it. That he's dead or not.

None of my attacks are working on him. If vegeta was here, I would fuse with him to gogeta, and it would be too easy for us to kill him. Oh yes.

I should contact shaktimaan, shaktimaan, shaktimaan, do you hear me? Shaktimaan, please answer me. It's goku. But why is he messaging me, what's the matter, I should find out. Yes goku, I can hear you.

What's happening? Shaktimaan, a new threat has appeared, who looks just like me, he is destroying everything here. Please come here at once. What? Yes, shaktimaan. Me and my friends tried to stop him, but we were useless.

Now everything's in your hands. If you won't stop him, he will destroy everything! Don't worry goku, my spiritual training is finished. That monster won't be able to defeat me.

So come here quickly shaktimaan. otherwise he'll vanish the whole universe. Okay goku, here I come. You are here shaktimaan. Yeah goku, huh? Ohh, so he's that monster. Now who are you? I'm your end.

Well, there's no use asking your name because, you are going to die. why am I even asking your name?Hahaha. But today is your turn to die. So that's your power? my next technique will kill you at once.

What? he's going to kill me with his most powerful technique. But he is wrong. because I won't let him do so. Huh? This energy? I haven't sensed this energy in my whole life.

Who's behind this huge power level? Ohh what the hell? Shaktimaan, finally you saved our whole planet from that monster. You really are the spiritual divine man.

Due to the defeat of duplicate goku, future is safe now, so I should leave. What? So soon? you should meet bulma and others before you leave. No goku. I don't have time for this. I hope I will meet all of them next time soon. bye bye.

Okay trunks. Take care. Noo. Noo! we lost again! And the cause of this defeat is shaktimaan. The longer this shaktimaan is alive, darkness will not remain.

You have to die shaktimaan. I gave all my black power to evil black goku, then also he lost. It's because of you dr gero. You have to die. You won't survive anymore.

What? No. No my lord. Hehe, there's no need for useless slaves in lord kilvish's den and every other slave gets his punishment for his sinful deeds. Please forgive me.

Nooooo! So friends do you see, no matter how powerful the evil is, it always loses from goodness. So always do good things help others and live in unity.

Then only you'll be able to become superheroes of justice, like us. Hey shaktimaan and goku, i have become your biggest fan. Hail shaktimaan and hail goku.

From now onwards you are my superheroes too. Hail, hail, goku and shaktimaan. Wait! What are you doing, you don't need to hail us it's our duty to protect the needy. got it? Sorry shaktimaan! So shaktimaan, can we tell them the secret news? Yup goku, it's the right time to tell that news to our fans.

Yo! Its me goku. And I want to tell you that after these many exciting episodes, we're providing you with some exciting videos. Bizarre videos. In which i'll battle, super saiyan bheem, shaktimaan will battle lord beerus, and and.

Its not over yet, and vegeta will battle mighty raju. If you want to watch these videos, then subscribe our youtube channel : ultimate superheroes battle, and like our facebook page.

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