Tutorial Fireflies particle system Unreal engine 4

Thanks for tuning in guys, I will be showing you how to make fireflies first we will do is after you open unreal engine, right click and make a new folder

call it fireflies enter and then double click to open this inside here make a new material, so right click material call this m_fireflies now we open the

material i'll bring this on the screen and then hold 3 left click we connect this to the emissive color and then double click here so down here if you wanna type in

the red, type 1.96 and then in the green 1.96 and then 60, 1 and 1.96. This is all fine so we do ok and then up here we type sine, s.I.N.E. Press enter connect the

sine to the base color and then type time and connect the time to the sine and in the sine we change this from 1 to 0.5 now we want to go down here, type radial

gradient we get this, we connect this to our opacity, then we select this by left clicking on it change this to two sided and translucent and then save this

now we minimize this and make a new particle system we name this p_fireflies double click to open this and right click here, type data> gpu sprites in the

required we choose our m_fireflies after this we go into the spawn, 20 is fine then we go into the into the initial size we choose 5, 5, 5 and 3, 3, 3 in the

initial velocity we choose 5, 5, 5 then -5, -5, -5 we delete the color over life in the lifetime we choose 5 and 5 then you want to right click here and add a, go

to location> initial location (seed) go down here then choose 500, 500, 500 and in the minimum z we do -200 then we go here and go to rotation then we add

initial rotation so in this we do 5 for the min and 10 for the max and then we go into location and add a sphere and 50 is just fine and then everything else looks

good yep this looks fine and then we go into bounds open this up and set fixed bounds and then save this and just close now we can just drag out our fireflies

into the scene and we have some fireflies hope you guys enjoyed this, give it a like if you guys enjoyed this and i'll be posting more soon i'll be doing different

particle effects so keep a look out and i'll see you guys later

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