Baby MOANA Bath Tub & Bed Time Dress Up DisneyCarToys Gives Disney Moana Baby Doll a Diaper Change

Hey, everyone! It’s sandra from the disney cartoys channel. And spidey awesome. And today, we are here with our lovely baby moana! Gugu gaga! Heheheheh! Uh, and today, we’re going to show you how to take care of your lovely little baby moana.

Yeah. We have like all of our baby accessories. Tons. Which is tons, and tons and tons. So, first I want to show off our baby swing.

Wee! Moana loves to swing, so let’s push her. Oh, and she stays in really well. Yeah. It’s actually a convertible swing and high chair, which is really cool.

Ooh! So, um, here’s the high chair portion. Like, there’s a little tray. Oh, perfect, so we can like feed her. And you can lift her out, but I say, let’s feed her.

We’re gonna get her prepped for bed, and there’s like so much you need to do before you. Oh, yeah. Put a little baby moana to bedtime.

It is fun. Yeah. So, we have mac and cheese and peas for her, which is a good dinner. Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! That’s really good! And then, we have this diaper bag.

I got this at toys r’us like a really long time ago. Let’s see what we have in here, cause some of the stuff should help us.

Okay. We have a baby bottle. Oh, perfect! That would help. There we go. Very important. A wash cloth, or a bath towel. That’s actually really easy. Oh, yes.

Oh! Another wash cloth, maybe to help dry her off. Oh, look. It has a bow on it. Oh, cute! Oh. A diaper.

Totally uh-oh! Oh. Hahah. Yeah. What’s she wearing now? Oh. That’s vital. Oh! A little blankie, for bedtime. This is really nice. Oh, perfect! Look at that! That’s really nice.

Okay. And then, oh, baby wipes. Oh yeah. Definitely important. We’ll definitely need that, and another baby bottle. Okay, good. We’ll, let’s um, let’s get her out. Let’s feed her her bottle really quick.

Yep. She’s like “i’m thirsty!” Yeah. Heheheh. There we go. Good. She is wearing a diaper right now. Pe-ew! It’s like a cloth diaper. It’s a cloth diaper, though.

This thing might leak. Yeah. I don’t know if this diaper is going to hold much. Yeah. I don’t know. But, I can give her a bottle. Heheh.

Mmmm. And then, you know, just in case that she. Let’s see, can we take off her diaper? Maybe. I don’t know. You can pull it, can’t you? I’m trying to figure this out.

It looks like there’s something underneath the diaper, too. Yeah. She’s got. I think you can pull it down, at least. Oh, she’s got like a painted-on diaper.

Let’s see this. How funny. Oh, there we go. Hahah. Tadah! More diapers! Heheheh. Well, while we’re getting her undressed, let’s see. We could try putting her on the potty.

Will you go? Will you go tinkle? No! No! Heheh. You got to! You got to! Please! Potty trip, potty trip. You’ll get a treat! She’s like “whoo! Treat? “Heheheh.

Yeah. See, like here. If you sit on the potty. Oooh! I’ll give you this cookie. Mmmm! There we go. Just take bites. Eat it. Okay. Huhuh. Well, hmmm.

Maybe we’ll get her off the potty. And, we should get her. Let’s take off her top. I think this comes off, too, and we could put her in the bathtub.

Oh, yeah, she needs a bath. There we go. So, let’s take this off. There we go. Perfect. Let’s get, we’ll ditch the potty.

She’s not, she’s not very happy about the potty. Uh-huh. And then, after the bath, i’d say let’s put her in this diaper.

Oh, yeah. Diaper change. Just to like really make sure that she’s. I don’t want her peeing all over her crib like that. Yes. Exactly.

So, here we go. Bath time! Ooh! Oh, yeah. And that’s warm water in there. And this spray. Wait, wait. Let’s make sure it spraying towards her and not me.

Yeah, right. Heheh! Yeah, like “ahh! Help!” Like, “no, no!” Okay. Let’s spray. Oh, there we go. There we go. “It’s my shower!” Whoa! There we go.

Ooh! Look, now she’s glad! Wow! This works really well. We haven’t used this for a long time. Ahaha! I know, right? Wee! And, oh, here’s the other washcloth.

Yeah. Here’s her washcloth. Just wash her off. And I think I have some baby soap, too. Oh, yeah. Here. Oh, yeah. Here we go. A body wash. Yep. “Shssssh.“ Get it nice and soapy.

Mmm. There we go. Spray and spray. Ahhh! And we can brush her hair, too. Whew! Absolutely. There we go. Heheh. Brushy, brushy! Brushy, brushy! Wipe, wipe, wipe! Scrub, scrub, scrub.

There we go. That should be better. There we go. Okay. There we go. Nice and clean. Okay, so, let’s see. Oh, here’s a rattle she can play with in the bathtub. Oh, perfect! Like a bath toy! Weeee! Huhuh.

And then, I think that’s good. Let’s get her out. Oh, yeah. Do we have another towel for drying up? Oh yeah. We have the one with the bow for a towel to dry off.

Okay. “Where are my toys?” She’s like “waah! Waah!” Hahahah. There we go. Little baby moana. You’re okay. She’s so cute. I love how we bathed her with the necklace on.

Yeah. Hahahah. That can wet. It’s seashells! Oh, yeah. We have this diaper, too. This is kind of like a cloth diaper, but it’s got. Oh, yeah. It’s like a designer diaper.

Half rubbery. So, let’s do that one, cause the pattern is really nice. Yeah. It’s kind of cute. And I have a new, we have a new baby alive outfit she can wear, too.

Just so she’s wearing something different. Oh, perfect. She’s literally the size of baby alive. Yeah, she totally is. So, that’s perfect. Okay.

Let’s do this. “It is a baby alive on my diaper!” Yeah. And then, let’s try this dress. This might be. It is a little big. Oh, that’s perfect! It’s cute! It looked kind of tropical.

Very hawaiian-looking. Oh, yeah. It’s got all like the citrus on it. Yeah. That’s cute. She looks really cute. Yeah. It’s totally like the, almost like the hawaiian shirt material.

Yeah. That’s cool. It’s cute. Okay. Let’s dry her hair a little bit. Oh yeah. (Spidey imitates the sound of a hair dryer) heheheh. There we go. Yay! Nice and fluffy and dry.

And then, now let’s get her ready for bed. Okay. Now, it’s finally time for bed, so let’s lay moana down here.

We can read her a bedtime story. Oh, fluffy tails! So, we have an easy one here, “fluffy tails.” Like, puppy, here’s a puppy tail, kitty, with a gray kitty tail, squirrel.

Oh, cute. It’s like a gray squirrel. That’s cool. And fox. And fox. We have foxhall street! Oh, caterpillar! Look at that one! Oh, yeah.

That’s cute. Bunny. Bunny. Lamb. Soft. Yeah. And the, hen and chicks. They don’t have their tails here, but the hen does.

Oh, cute! “They all have fluffy tails. The end.” What an easy story. Heheheh. Very easy. Here. I’ll put this here in case she gets bored and she wants to read it. Yep.

Let’s give her her pillow. She has her bottle. Yep. Yep. Warm milk for the night. Yes. And then, this is the blankie that came with. Let’s set this.

It’s pretty nice. There we go. And then, of course, we’ve got a little stuffed animal for her to sleep with, too. This is ziba, and even he’s.

Uh-oh! We lost the bottle! Heheheh. There we go. Good night, moana! Well, baby moana is fast asleep. Sleep, sleep, sleep! So, if you want more moana videos, especially with baby moana, please give us a “like.” Subscribe to the disney cartoys channel.

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