Furfuri Nagar And Bank - Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Inspector chingam, sir, the four of us have started this bank and I am the manager. I have twenty years of experience in counting money so I will be handling the cash.

Patlu and I will be in charge of security, we are the security officers who will protect the bank. I will be the bank's cleaner I will clean the bank's vault.

Wow boss, what poetry. It is impossible to escape from chingam's web, john you are under arrest. Stop! Swear on your law, swear on your country, on your motherland, stop! Oh my goodness! Instead of starting with a good omen this has become a bad omen.

The time for a good omen has gone but inspector chingam please cut the ribbon, sir. Where is my scissor? Chingam sir you cut the ribbon from this scissor. Here everyone have sweets.

Left right left! If that balloon was a bit higher, the whole of furfuri town could have seen the name of our bank. Let’s put some more gas in it.

No! Motu, quickly fix the knob, the gas is going non-stop into the balloon. Inspector chingam hands up. Oh my god! What a world we live in.

Instead of putting up your own hands you are asking an inspector to put his hands up. I am john! And I will be the don, number 1, number 2, clean up the vault.

Yes boss. You monkey without teeth, when I say clean the vault, I mean take out all the money from the vault. Alright. Motu, do something quick or the bank is going to fly away with the balloon.

My brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach, you do something. Idea! Grab on to the bank and try and keep it on the ground maybe we can stop it from flying away.

John, my friend, don’t do this, don’t get the bank shut down before it can open. I swear you all to the law, keep your hands up or else.

Bye! See you. Let's go fast. John will be don, I am now a millionaire who can stop me? Boss! Wonderful poem but our location doesn’t seem to be very good.

The location is beautiful, look white clouds, cool breeze. Flocks of birds going right past our nose, it feels so good. Boss, flocks of birds fly up in the sky not past our noses, look down.

Help! Big brother sorry, I have to tell you a secret the bank is gone. Motu, we know the bank is gone, it was robbed right in front of our eyes. No, doctor jhatka, the bank has gone, we are so sorry, we could do nothing.

Oh my goodness! Inspector chingam could do nothing, they took everything from the bank in front of him. What could the two of you have done? I was only helping you check the security of the bank, that is why I robbed it, here, take back your money.

Motu, stop crying, see the money is back, the bank has not been robbed. I am not talking about the money, I am saying the bank has gone, it has gone into the sky.

We are flying in the air, someone please help! Chingam sir, come, let us go up and reduce the air in the balloon so that the bank can come down again. Help! The bank is going down.

Mummy! Help! John, throw that bag here, the bank is tilting that way because of the weight of the bag. Help! Mummy! Help! Patlu, do something quick, my stomach doesn’t function on an empty stomach.

Idea! I suppose it was written that I see this day in my life too. When I was a boy I used to fly balloons and now the balloon is flying me. Everyone stand in their own place, if even one of us moves the bank will go down.

And we will all go up to the lord in heaven. Make this bee go away. Oh my goodness! It's coming here, please don’t come here, go out. Friends, i’m coming down, please catch me.

Big brother, don’t come down! Stay up there! What does that mean? It’s my bank and you are telling me not to come there? Stay up there! May all the bitter medicines of the world fall into your mouths.

Oh my goodness! The bank did not tilt this time. Why would it tilt? I have out the bank back on the ground, where it first was.

Money! John will be don, I am leaving with the money, who will stop me from? The name is chingam, and it's impossible to escape from chingam's web. Bye! See you. Patlu, my brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach, quick, do something.

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