Trello Instagram Tutorial for Beginners 2016

It snowed last night. And it's really really cold. Hi everyone! My name is benny medina and today, i'm going to teach you a nice little trick on how to make your instagram posting more effective.

Let's go! Instagram can be a lot of fun. But it can also be very stressful, especially if you're trying to figure out what to post every day.

So in today's tutorial, i'm going to teach you how I post on instagram using trello. I mentioned trello in a previous video, which you can check out here, where I mentioned how to use it for content curation.

So this is a little bit of a different video and hope you guys enjoy! So let's go. The first step in starting to use trello to manage your instagram workflow is to create a board specific for instagram.

Now I already have one set up right here, but in case you need to make a new one, all you do is you go to " boards", then you scroll down until you see this button that says " create new board" and you write the name of your board and add it to a team.

So the next step after you create your board is to add lists to your board. Now I mentioned this in my previous video, but in case you forgot, all you do is you go up to " add a list", click this little button here, type the list (new list for example) and hit the " save" button and you have a new list in your trello board.

So now that you have your lists all set up and your boards set up, i'm going to tell you the four lists that you need to have in order to manage your instagram workflow.

The first list that you're going to add to your trello board is called your " instagram posts and ideas list". This is the list when you throw in any sorts of ideas or pictures that you want to post on your instagram profile.

Now you may be thinking " that's cool and all, but how do I add stuff to my trello board?" well, here's how you do it. Let's say you want to add a post because you want to post on instagram on thursday for throwback thursday.

So if you go into your " instagram posts" list, you see this button down here that says " add a card". So you click on that and you can write down your ideas.

For example, i'm going to do a throwback thursday about me as a baby. So now I have a post idea in my " instagram post" list and I can later on find a picture to add to that card.

So I actually decided not to actually post the picture of me as a baby but I want to post a picture of me in london. Now let's say I have a photo on my computer that I want to add to this card to post later on instagram.

I just click on the card and I click on " attachment" and I click on " computer" and then I just go to my desktop and I picked the photo and I open it and now it's going to add a photo to the card.

And there it is. So that's how you add photos from computer. But what if you want to add photos from your phone? Well here's how to do that.

So let's say i'm on my phone and I have a photo that I want to add to instagram. So all I have to do is navigate to the photo in my gallery.

Then I tap on the " share" button, and it's going to ask me to add a card to instagram. So I tap on that option, and now I can add it to my " instagram workflow" board and I can add it to the " instagram photos" list and i'll give it a name like " picture of me" and I click on " create" and now i've just added that to my trello board.

Ok, so now that you have your instagram post idea, the next list you're going to add is called the " get hashtags" list. Hashtags go freaking crazy on instagram and their the way in which your ideas spread.

So having hashtags on your posts is crucial. If you're looking for an app to help you find hashtags, a great app that I recommend is called hashme. This is an app that is available for ios and android and you can type in one single app and it will give you 30 or more hashtags that are related to that first single hashtag and then you can simply tap on a whole bunch of them, copy them, and then paste them to your instagram post.

So now that you have your hashtags and your photo ready, the next step in the instagram workflow is to add a description to your post. If your card originally was just text, this is the stage where you add a photo to your card.

Now we come to the final stage in the instagram workflow which is quite simple: you post your photo! Thanks to your trello board, you now have a repository of instagram posts that you can use to post whenever you want.

So i'm going to show you one last trick. This is pretty cool. This is how you can use trello to add appointments to your phone calendar to have you scheduled to post on instagram.

Let's take a look! To schedule one of your trello cards to go out at a later time, all you have to do is click on the card and click on " due dates" and then set a time and date and hit " save" and this will schedule the post.

Actually let you actually post automatically to instagram. You actually still have to manually posted it. So i'm gonna show you now how you can setup trello to get notifications.

So the first you have to do is you have to create a team. So to create a team, you click on the plus sign here, you click " create personal team".

You can create a team of just yourself or you can create a team of other people if your instagram account is being used by more than one person, but mostly likely it'll just be yourself.

And then you click on the card that has the due date and you click on " members" and you add yourself. And now we're gonna get an email notification and a notification on your phone when it comes to this time and this date to let me know that that thing is something you should post.

This is probably my favorite feature in trello. So we go to the " show menu" button and then you go to " power-ups", you'll see all these sorts of power-ups that will pop up, and these are integrations that let you integrate trello with other apps.

Now the one that I think everyone should use is this one here. This is called the " calendar" power up. So you can enable it.

When you enable it, you get this, and this is a calendar view of all of your posts for the week. It's pretty cool. To get phone notifications for your instagram posts when you're not actually connected to either wi-fi or data, you go to the " show menu" section here (and remember, you have to enable the " calendar" power-up) but you go over to " power-ups".

And then you click on this icon here and you're going to enable your icalendar feed. Then you can copy this icalendar feed and paste it into either google calendar or apple calendar and you'll get phone notifications when it's time to post for your trello board.

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