Coraline Theory - Part 14 - The Button Eyes

A question i've pondered over for a long time is why the beldam bothers with button eyes if you haven't watched my previous coraline theories oh boy. There are a

lot of them I think this is number 14 if you're new here start with the coraline core theory that covers my theories part 1 through 10 but do not start with this

video first or you're going to be completely lost so my belief is still unwavering that coraline never returns to the real world after she enters the other world there

are a number of signs that show this including a distortion of time when coraline's trip to the other world appears to take place over a few days the movie

starts in the fall, then abruptly skips to president's day which is in february for any of my non-american friends listening then the movie

ends with the orchard in full blossom in the springtime? Like I mentioned a minute ago i've gone over this movie a lot with a fine-tooth comb and i've

picked out a lot of details that most viewers missed but I think i've discovered the reason as to why the beldam sews buttons into the eyes of her victims initially I

chalked this up to a scare tactic because if the beldam freaked coraline out enough coraline would never attempt to open the little door again and thereby be content

and trapped in the limbo pink palace again if you're lost here please go watch my other theories because I can't explain them all in detail every time well I now

have an additional train of thought for the button eyes now I do still firmly believe that the belle dame has coraline stuck in the limbo pink palace which is

like the second floor of the other world the first? Level with the true exit to the real world is in the belle diems lair and coraline has gotten herself stuck on the

second level and then she went and locked the door and threw the key away meaning coraline is trapped forever in the other world but she's with the beldam who's posing

as her mother mel jones and coraline is perfectly happy so it's not exactly a sad ending anyways about the button eyes while I thought it was part of the belle

dance tactic to make coraline too afraid to enter the belle dance lair again. I started to wonder what if coraline was so happy with the other mother that she

agrees to the buttons well? I have an answer that's short simple and practical if coraline would have said yes to the buttons the beldam would have sewn in

the buttons of course but not because the buttons have any special power to keep humans trapped in the other world the belle dame offers up button eyes because she's

trying to work smarter not harder. No matter what choice they make the kids are trapped and never going home but if the belle dams life force is sustained on

love as i've speculated on before then a child who actually? Loves the other mother can stay with her in the belle diems lair taking away the child's eyes makes

it to where they can't see to escape and it gives the belt in the bonus of not having to keep up a sharad and expend a lot of magical energy making the police

look however the kid wants it to think about it if a child can't see does it matter what their food looks like or their house or the other mother herself they

could be living in that white space for all of eternity and the blind child wouldn't know the difference and true we know that the beldam can see through the

button eyes and probably control whoever has button eyes but there's no solid proof that coraline would be able to see herself since I don't believe that the ghost

children are real whether or not they can see is irrelevant and let's not forget the beldam doesn't actually need her button eyes to see sure she makes a

big show about being blinded by the black cat but shortly before the grand finale escape the beldam reveals that she can shape-shift and create real eyes for herself

too making the buttons just superficial and unnecessary keep in mind after coraline rejects the buttons the beldams next goal is to keep coraline trapped in the pink

palace limbo so everything we see after that refusal is just to keep coraline from ever opening the little door again which means the bell dam is going to go all out

to freak coraline out and play her game of cat-and-mouse so there you have it the button eyes are like negotiating a business transaction you never start

with your highest offer you always start with a lower price to see if you can save money the bell dam leads with the button eyes offered with the hopes of saving

herself energy which may in turn make her meals last longer just to clarify I believe that the beldam has a lot more power than she shows us, but I don't think

it's limitless power either or else the beldam would just go into the real world and do whatever she wanted there so to conserve magical energy it seems like it

would be in the beldam's own best interest if i'm still losing you the button eyes are ultimately the beldam's plan a so that she has a chance to keep her victims

trapped without having to constantly create their visual environment and her plan b is to hurt people into the limbo pink palace? Level of the other world

where she does expel more energy to keep her sheeple happy but the beldam still gets to keep her victims contained like food in a pantry so it's a higher cost

in terms of magic used, but the other mother still wins now I know you guys are going to start commenting do more coraline, and I love you but there's only so many

theories that I can give you based off this one movie so instead of saying more coraline give me some titles of other movies that you would like me to talk about

I can't make any promises but I do read most of my comments and I watch as many of the recommended movies that I can I made my dumbo theory because of a

recommendation my second corpse pride video rick and morty and a number of others based on fan requests so I am around even if i'm not responding and I do try to

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