Infiltradas - Macarena & Nina - English Subs

The arrest of the murderer calm down, my friend, ok? I'll be with you cristóbal still at vital risk we can't even go to see him we're slaves in these bodies of false identities c'mon maca, stay calm lucio won't escape from this don't rush, maybe he's innocent lucio is a female abuser if you don't realize this it's better that you don't continue in this operation be careful ivanka, the newbie could accuse us with her daddy i'm hurt about cristóbal too how do you think I feel if lucio is capable of doing something like that? Please girls! Stay calm, ok? We're all going to pray together for this guy cristóbal look when my husband went to jail.

I prayed or I would've been crazy from pain now I am asking christ for my lautarito's freedom you promised don't worry mrs. Nélida, lautaro is going to be ok please! Stop talking bullshit if lucio is the psychopath and lautaro is covering him up, your boyfriend is digging his own grave why do you always try to harm me? You harm yourself because you're stupid nina, calm down! Which side are you on? Shut up! Shut up! Why don't we better do what mrs.

Nélida says? And we hold hands and pray for cristóbal? Our father, who art in heaven hallowed be thy name excuse me, we have to go, be careful excuse me cristóbal we're here, ok? Do you think he can hear us? We don't lose anything by trying espejo it's us, your friends.

The infiltrated we came to tell you we love you so much and we won't let you alone, ok? And also to ask you if lucio santo domingo was the one who attacked you? Nina! This is not the time of course it is the time any of us would prefer to say who it was it seems like she's right, look friend you're a crack he listens and understands but can't talk his vocal chords are severely damaged we'll make you some questions if the answer is yes blink once if the answer is no blink twice do you agree? Can you answer about the attack? Is your name cristóbal espejo? Are you in love with me? Sastre! Behave look! I was checking the system did the psycho of the puzzle attack you? Lucio santo domingo was the one who attacked you? Bautista piantini? Neither? What is happening? Doctor! Doctor! Time of death of the patient 17.00 let's go i'm going to call his parents stay calm this is ending nobody told us this was going to end so bad cristóbal was killed, call me it's barrientos amparo? Hello? What happened? How is that cristóbal was killed? They slaughtered him at santo domingo's house we couldn't save him I hope it's not a trap to track me down who is amparo? Wait love I only answerd.

Because I loved cristóbal a lot and thanks to him i'm free and next to the man I love amparo I didn't call to judge you or catch you I only appeal to the friendship we all had once in the brigade what happens love? Something horrible you are selfish who are you to judge me nina? I don't understand how you could change sides.

You can't imagine the damage you're doing to your baby I don't want to listen to you we need you to catch the psycho, so come back once and for all you're wrong nina we already catched the psychopath and it's bautista piantini no it's not how not? We have evidence against him cristóbal said before he died it was neither pianini, nor lucio we've got everything recorded lucio santo domingo was the one who attacked you? Bautista piantini? Neither? What is happening? See? We've got the wrong man i'm going to tell emiliano, this could cost our carriers there's no time to lose.

You can't go out and you can't also let the press see you this is not over partners it's true agents I know this is really hard but we need to move on with the investigation if what we want is to catch that motherfucker I don't know if I could go back to the party the place where my friend was killed well, but you will have to do it that animal won't win us.

I'm sure he left a clue nobody else have found girls. I need you to come with me we cannot leave our jobs why don't you tell us now? No one's watching please.

It's important girls. I need you to come with me we cannot leave our jobs why don't you tell us now? No one's watching please. It's important amparo? Friend where have you been all this time? It's better if you don't know I still can't believe about cristóbal me neither it's the most terrible I had to see in my life I know I know how you loved him I also know how it is to lose a loved one in such a brutal way you all know that's why I entered bpi yes, because your boyfriend was killed I imagine it must've really hurt you, right? So much that you later escaped with a criminal equal or even worse than those who killed him I hope life someday puts you in my place nina you're a daddy's girl who entered bpi because she liked to play to be a police officer you have no idea.

What it is to have a child inside and thinking the father will die because of you start to lower your voice barrientos, if you don't want me to arrest you and take you to the police who the fuck do you think you are? Hey, hey! It's not necessary to fight we needed to know that we were all alive what was that? Amparo we need to get out of here or they could see you, ok? Let's go.

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