(by the fans for the fans) sports and i, don't really get along. Well, at least in the second grade. I was very accident prone as a kid.

No matter what game was being played; I knew, I was gonna get hit in the head with a ball. It didn't even matter if I was playing or not! I used to brace myself for impact before going out to the playground because going outside usually went something like this: *cute cheerful music, nothings gonna go wrong! : D * **thwack** **bam** **pow** it happened so often, that it just became a joke to me.

It got to a point where this one time, I bet my friends $5 that a ball nearby would hit me in the next 2 minutes. I knew that no matter what; it was inevitable.

We were a good distance away from the game so chances were pretty slim. : " hhmmmmmmmm. Okay sure." : " sorry, that's not possible." " hehe, just watch---" **pow right in the kisser** **wasted** **thud** needless to say, I won that bet.

The nurse however, got tired of seeing me everyday. " this kid again." " what are you in for this time?" >: | " a ball hit me." : c " that was yesterdays excuse." >: | " go back to class, your fine." >: | she assumed I was faking it and I don't blame her honestly.

If someone kept coming into the nurses office everyday with the same excuse, i'd probably get suspicious too. It's not like I wanted to get hurt! &Gt: ( sometimes I think maybe someone was just tryna to hit me on purpose because it stopped like after a month but i'll never know for sure.

I made sure that if I ever saw another game in progress, that I would just instantly get out of there! *Gotta go fast* sports were never really my thing while other kids were joining sports teams, I was busy drawing dragons and making comic books.

I just wasn't really interested in playing them. I also wasn't too big on watching sports, but my dad was determined to change that. My dad took me, my brother, and some cousins to see a dodgers game when I was like, four.

We were really high up in the seating area so I couldn't really tell what was going on. I just remember getting hot dogs and my cousin biting my brother's hand because he thought it was food? I remember at some point the crowd stood up all at once and I was super confused being the little beansprout I was.

One of the players had hit a home run and it was heading right for us. The ball had flown over us so my dad thought, aw well I guess someone else will get it the ball hit a panel above us and went straight down hitting me in the head.

My dad turned around just in time to see this random guy come up scoop the ball off my head and run out as fast as he could. Its not- its not like like I wanted it or anything.

The sport I hated most growing up was soccer (football : p) I actually wanted to pretend I was sick on those days oh, soccer today? (Fake cough x3) oh no. Im not feeling so well.

Oh nooo. Soccer in elementary school was just 6 kids kicking each other around in a circle anyways heh no thanks I need my shins to walk i'd say the only sports I actually enjoyed were tennis and basketball.

Basketball kind of runs in my family I use to go to this all-girl basketball meet-up thing and I was always benched because I just kept making three-pointers. I passed the ball too! It's not like I wasn't a team player it's just if I could make a three-pointer what was the purpose of giving up the ball to someone else? Y'know? The coach wanted to be in charge it was her way or the highway it wasn't a real team! We were just playing for fun.

I've never really cared about winning trophies or being in the spotlight i'd rather just play the game and have fun! The only game I got competitive at playing at was knockout if you haven't played this game, I reccomend it.

You line up and take turns making a basket the first person shoots and attempts to make it while the second person in line shoots right after if the second person makes the shot before the first person, the first person is out.

You can also make it had for the first person to retrieve their ball by knocking it out of the way or you know. By any means that continues until one person is left and I remember this one time I was playing with a group of guys and I was totally schooling them this one game, they chose a really hard place to shoot.

And people were losing left and right I managed to get the second-to-last out and it was down to me and this one guy named josh mano a womano all the guys were rooting for josh to win, of course.

We were both making shots like crazy when josh started to lose his rhythm. With the adrenaline pumping, I managed to make two shots in succession and I lapped him.

Ha! They uh they never played with me again. *Sniff* in one of my p.E. Classes, you could actually get extra credit by making three-pointers. I totally took advantage of that.

Being creative little bean sprouts, my brothers and I would make up different games to play. This one game, we used to play on our beds.

It was sort of like the floor is lava, except we used balloons. We would set it up where there would be two beds, parallel to each other. You would pass the balloon from bed to bed.

Kinda like volleyball, except you had to use your feet. Using your hands was considered cheating. The balloon had to land on top of the bed, everything else was lava. Each time the balloon didn't make it to the other bed.

The other person would get a point. My older brother and I used to obsessed with playing ping-pong we developed some kind of narrative? With each other? Like, one person was the student and the other.

Was the master of ping-pong and every time someone made a point we would say thing like hah! Eh! Huah! Eh! Hah! I have taught you well my son. Huah! Huah! Ha! Looks like the student has become the master.

Ehh! Huah! Looks like the student needs some work. We also made up this game called " bike tag" but, we only managed to play it a few times it was just like normal tag, except with bikes and I highly suggest not (safety first) playing this being idiots, we thought " what was the worst that could happen?" the game was going pretty smooth, until I was tagged I was chasing my brother who had a scooter at that time *cough* kind of a hack I almost had him when he jumped up on the sidewalk, and escaped my bike crashed and I flew into the edge of the sidewalk, fracturing my wrist the fracture was on the growth plate, and so the doctor was just like " ehh, let the body heal it self" luckily, it was my left hand I can't carry heavy things on it but, i'm fine *pshh* whatever just don't play bike tag, okay that was really dumb *ending of video* all and all I don't think sports are bad, I just think they're boring to watch on tv the only way i'm ever gonna watch a game is if knew someone playing in the game like maybe going to a high school game, and you know someone there or playing it myself with some friends, i'm not really big on keeping score I just like, you know playing the game so, what are your thoughts on sports? What teams do you root for? I have a patreon now if you wanna check that out link's in the description, you guys can check out my videos early on there uhh, I wanna give a thanks to jaiden for voicing in this video, she's really awesome check out her channel link's in the description, uhh yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video *little bit of laughter* i'm like really exhausted and I laugh a lot when i'm exhausted but bye *end*.

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