Good morning. Good morning. Are you still single? Yes. What about you? Me too. Brother talk ends up hurting each other's feelings. Make some ramyun. - you do it! Never mind. i should make it for you.

I am a good brother to him. I think i'm a good brother. Hurry up! What do you want? i'm taking a crap! I have a problem! I'm serious, sang. hurry! What? What's wrong? Can you get me the remote controller? It's the way they talk.

Where could it be? It's too far. Why isn't this working? The wifi isn't working! Wifi? Yes, it's not working. I changed the password. Why? Just because. It's the way they talk.

Are you certain about this? Yes. Think again. What have you done so far? You're talking nice. Then tell me! what did you do? Sorry for hitting you.

How can you hit me for such a small thing. You made us lose! we lost because you sucked! Don't blame me! You are in the lower tier than I am.

I told you to stay put. What do you play like a hero? this isn't the " avengers"! I told you not to hit the ward! Get out of my way! Brothers are.

the enemy has been defeated. Sang imagines often. Yoon doesn't have a girlfriend yet, right? I heard that yoon earns a lot. there must be a lot to eat at home.

Those shallow people. Even today, I finished work on time! It's amazing! Hey, boxers. Fly! There seem to be some guests at home. That's a shame.

Let's visit another time. Omija tea. (making a korean joke) oh, i'm so scared. (making a korean joke) should I scratch for you? (making a korean joke) already on it. (making a korean joke) sang doesn't like yoon.

I reset the wifi password. What's he doing? Is he studying all of a sudden? I hate my brother. i wish he disappears. But if he disappears, my parents would be sad.

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