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Please like, comment, share & subscribe my video! thank you very much! This block party was a great idea I know soft and friendly costumes mellows up wait i'm scared marshmallows too but I am not scared of snowmen and that's why i'm dressed up as one anyone moving big off flashy big splashy this line is gonna get my money come on mr. Wiggles bottom wiggles wait why is ally out there i'm right here sugar oh no wait your heli but that mean don't worry guys we'll probably see some stuffy in your i can pass it was any minute yeah I don't think anyone's worried can we get closer doc I will sir then a dingo at a drag race guys where's howie going cone stuffed thanks I love your costume okay let's go go go i'm gonna be sick sick sick hey hon everything okay up there you were pulling that wagon kind of fast tally jumped I mean fell out of the wagon and I need to find her oh funny seer what is that why you've never seen a dragon dressed like a zebra I have now awesomesauce have an idea i'll pull the wagon close to the girl lambie stuffy grabbed hallie and pull er it with so many people around we'll only get one chance so haley they're safe you need a checkup you're a little scuffed up okay ah your heart's beating really fast but after what you just went through that's normal möhippa wash your dirty and scuffed up from being dragged around but you're fine no rips and no law stuffing oh thank the holloway fairies that you might get lost and without my nurse i'd be lost oh to worry this hippos had it would

running off can we get back to trick-or-treating now I know it's hard to believe but we sweat and run it off again and there's no better way to keep from running off than to stay put hallie I think you have a classic case of the stg bees the scared to go backs you got what if I get dragged off again i know you were scared that was scary for us too but halloween can be so much fun if you play it safe I can see how halloween can be really fun if I just stick with my friends oh you won't catch me running off like that again good cuz I don't know what we do without you me too you have hallie hippo too awesome have fun bye that girl enough hi mr. Lewis sugar tree don't fence me that's okay daddy we can play for gatoropolis later okay I think so yeah but all of them marbles are getting away take it from me now let's get these marbles back top plate am gonna mean mine bag on the way thanks ally how did you know when no one else knew including doc I had a heaping helping of hippo hunch you know stuck looks like nothing's broken but you have a clear case you don't fence my face itis let's tuck that I mean stick that in the big thing sorry i'm a firetruck it's what we always do when there's an emergency stand aside mere mortals oh use my mighty might to yank this no but i want you to tell me right away if it starts hurting okay you got it doc oh hurt a smidge okay we can't just pull you out we'll have you stopped last time you came to see me you wait too many toy

marbles we talk ators love toy marbles I diagnosed you with the case of stuffed fully osis great now let's try again gently that didn't work either you're still stuck I guess we need another idea if they're being your king in such a way can't hear there's an awesome sundae with a cherry on top maybe the fence won't listen but let's see if it'll bend okay tough one there's something there and your big book of boo-boos get me out of here i'm sorry gustav but i've never had a case like this one i'm just glad it's not me stuck in there I mean what if it I know gator brothers i'm getting worried too what if I never get out of this here fence then we'll never be able to play go p go p button i'm still stuck i'm a sad stuck gator i'm afraid of never getting away yes she says the answers are always in a book just gotta think of a way to get him unstuck that's exactly what we gotta do you know I think she did remember one time donnie got his leg stuck between the bars of his crib mom and dad tried to get his leg out but it was stuck oh just like my head give you another cuddle but oh I gotta tell you it feels so good to be out of that fence I feel better so much better thank you dr. Ahn okay everybody I hope you're ready because the winners gonna be mayor of gatoropolis nursys office hey donny what's up then it looks like this that's right thanks doc molding young minds I don't know the school sounds pretty scary to me all those heavy books exactly I have no idea if stuffy can't do it with his dragon smarts I don't have a chance no man you mean a weatherman those are the

things you can learn about in school have the snow fools the reason for rainbows everything a weatherman needs to know school is will there be tests what if I get all the answers wrong I freeze up when I get nervous and if I freeze up I think hallie is late for class nonsense sugar i'm the school nurse attention students welcome to who can name the first plush toy made well the first buster was that hmm what wintery toy was the first to feature a carrot for a nose you should know the answer to this one chilly why should I suppose do you want me to go with you oh that's okay no siree you're fine to go back to kiss off with you now was gonna you know if there's one thing i learned in science class it's that um snowmen melt I better cool down sugar your temperature is as fine as palm mmm i'm sure it's for wrong who thinks they know the answer professor sugar i'm more puzzled than a polka-dotted porcupine whatever you have i've got no cure thank you better get doc oh no you don't need to get doc i'm gonna say the non smooshed side doc this nurse needs a big hippo helping of a hand but doctor student today remember why not cuz my gooey gluey arms the ketosis flares up every time I try to raise my hand to numbers it might not be clear that's why yankee tell me what's bothering you oh students make mistakes what if i'm not a good student like you doc how will I ever become a weatherman chilly me i've been nervous to go to school a couple of times but even if you are nervous you shouldn't pretend to be sick just be honest with you help you can chile you just need to give school another try

what if i'm wrong again those clouds mean we're gonna have beautiful weather today it's time I can just wash the paste right off life saver go that was kind of a short adventure that wasn't the adventure finding the sparkle-saurus is our adventure oh what's a sparkle sorry we don't want to disturb don't fall like that follow me across the same very dangerous and soft green grass what there could be danger here just need to toggle this one toy at a time oh oh oh we got our hands full doc everyone looks okay to me except for the itching part better look a little closer we found something and chilly and lambie - well i'll be an itchy iguana they've all got glitter the glitters i'm itching to put that in the big book of boo-boos now the real question is how did the glitter get on all of you so my real name is chillin yeah so did I solve anything let me think about this and then I wore daisy hat and took everyone through the lava pit which I did not fall in okay a tiny four it's important not to share hats or hair brushes because if one person has a chi glitter then everyone might end up with itchy glitter yeah yeah that's right but no more itchy you're all officially glitter free that daisy's head is all clean not a speck of glitter anywhere no we can get back to our adventure why don't you want to play you know even though the glitter came from daisy this time it could have happened to anyone I feel terrible can we tell daisy we're sorry I think she'd like that daisy i'm um does the right jumpsuit again

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