(old school video game music) can your. Pet? What? What am I playing? That's the dumbest title ever. Is this one of those pre-school games? It's asking, " can your pet do this? can your pet do that?" like lift weights, or plant plants.

I like duck. is this a duck? Can I press start? Start. Pet name. Paul. No, wait! Ryan. how do you spell ryan? Let's do.

One of my cat's. His name is gonna be my dog named dude. Roxy, 'cause my dog's name is roxy. No, serious, it's the name of my cat.

Dan. (Giggles) evan jr. I have to put it next to that. (Chick chirps) - it's a birdie! Oh! Oh! Ooh. Dancin'. yeah, what do I do now? Let's see. Hmm.

Oh, I get to decorate it. Hmm. Random costume. Whoa! (Giggles) wait, right? (Giggles) since it's ryan, it should be a mohawk. You look cute! Aww, that's so adorable.

Okay, let's see what happens when I touch the eye. Arrgh! That is so creepy. oh my god. Her eyes are gonna be pretty, with little lashes. He's wearing a scarf. 'cause he's a hipster.

Okay? Yeah, it's gonna have rosy cheeks. Done! There. Roxy's finished. I did all the things or whatever. oh, okay. Okey dokey! Let's feed you. You have to feed it to them? this game is so weird.

You hungry? here you go. Here you go. There, I fed you. It just ate the bag. Aww, oh my god! you eat the bag! Ugh! This is the most boringest game. Let's feed you again. gotta get you to all the way.

I just keep feeding this thing? how hungry is it? How much more do I need to feed him! Uggggh. I shouldn't-- oh! Yes, finally! What's this? oh, it's a shower.

Let's do this. i like this game! (Humming) okay, now that's funny. i was just watering him. (Chuckles) she doesn't like it.

Doesn't like the bath. but we're gonna get a bath. We need to be showered, my chickie! (Laughs) I got you. Wait. No, get-get. Shower! Shower! Uggh! He doesn't wanna get showered.

Show-- - (game dings) finally. Oh, now I can play a game. Okay, let's see. a soccer ball. Whee. Yay, I unlocked--ooh. This is soccer, isn't it? What do I do with the soccer ball? Ooh! (Gasp) ooooh! (Game dings) - now let's see what this bicycle thing does.

Yeah, ride a bike. Where'd you go--oh. Okay. (Saw buzzes) ooh. (Saw buzzes) - what! (Saw buzzes) - what? Whoa. Oh my-- - (saw buzzes) what the he-- - (saw buzzes) whaaa! I like this game! uh oh, what did I do.

(Saw buzzes) - no! No! (Shrieks) oh my god. Oh my god. (Saw buzzes) - oh! (Shrieks) (bawking) come on. I just killed him! I pressed the bike.

What did I do! This is the worst game ever. I'm literally about to throw up. I'm about to throw up. Oh my gosh.

I got it. Oh, now I get the game! Ooooh. It means literally. I'm about to cry. That was freaky. why did I kill my pet? I didn't even do anything. i just pressed " ride".

I wanted to ride a bike, then it made it put it into a can. That's not my fault. I thought this was a kids game.

Who would come up with this? it's just so wrong. I don't like this game. It even had blood in it! (Whimpers) oh, i'll have a bad nightmare 'cause of this! Thanks.

Who would do this! This is bad, and wrong, and blood gushing liars! Turn it off. Thanks for making us can our pets here on the react channel.

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