Don't Stop the CREEPS!!! Creepers so Creepy w/ Dad, Chase & Lex

Stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop sorry, i'm not sorry my name's lex and i'm playing don't stop the creeps so let's start playing I should take off my helmet yeah, let's get started yes, my buddy the little peeper right there sitting next to me even though he's only a head so this game is mainly about creepers fall through the sky can in those light shades on the floor just tap them so the creepers can go through and see I didn't tap it and then landed in the dark space so now I have to restart all these creepers falling from the sky and you no matter if they're like a different color you always have to get it through the layers the lighter spaces i'm getting it through the pink this time and see I just said see I pressed it when that creeper was going down, so that's something you kind of have to watch out for okay, so switch it switch it switch it any, no, I got you 11.

Oh, I beat the high score wow sometimes if it's just landing on the light spaces all you do is just keep it like that. Yes, so I got eight creeps that was kind of freaky um I think we have a haunted house guys okay okay, and so going through this one changes color that's what I just literally realized so once you get like very far.

It starts changing colors which really confuses creeps you wanna try okay? Excuse me so creepers on okay creepers kind of doing nevermind. I was gonna say great, but he just stops um so like this is 34 and looks like I papers never gonna beat me cuz I got 34 and he only gets 11 whoa wait 10 11 12 see it changes colors on them too, so I know, okay.

Well. Thank you creeps and thank you for stealing the ipad excuse me. Why you bush me? Start this jack king me okay, i'm trying to try you hear me try to be 34, but i'm not sure if I can do it.

I'm 15 seriously that paper is just totally like taking my ipad where's my pen? I literally need to call the cops right now literally right now you should go to jail bye and thank you if I call the cops on you hey thankfully mr.

Creeps is gone, but gosh. She was so annoying okay, so looks like baby creeper came in the house. Yeah okay, so hey little baby creeper, baby creeper, so do you not play this game? Not playing this game.

You wanna try it you don't want to he doesn't want to try it okay, so looks like creeper doesn't wanna. I tried the game of his own kind but okay, so i'm gonna keep on playing and keep her to play but nope, you don't want to play so for right now.

I'm gonna every time I do like like every time I like die. I'm gonna keep track of what my score was so then I to beat so sometimes it gets a little confusing when the colors change oh man, okay, so this is my first 121 and so this time.

I'm gonna try to beat it, so gosh this house is like creeping me out so far. I don't even know what my score is because I don't want to look at it right now cuz i'm too busy no okay, so I got one i've got 21 19.

I wonder where the creepers are falling from like they're just falling from like a random place or something like creeper city it's kind of weird. They should put like something up there, so then you know where the fun from but yeah so I got 21 19 and 12 right chase yeah, yeah so I got a jokes joke for you guys, and I want you guys to answer it okay.

Why did the zombie? Run away from the creeper say why? Yeah, yeah, because it crickets click it click it okay so thanks for watching guys, and this was my gameplay of don't stop the creeps and hopefully you guys liked it cuz if you didn't didn't i'd be bad very bad if you guys didn't like it, so you better like it.

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