Pick your nose yes master now eat it it's fgtv beeloobeloobeepbopbeeloobeelooboopbopplplplplp fg teevers I have to show you this it is so weird I was playing slitherio was

recording it you guys and it's something strange happened I was all gigantic like? A big old snake worm and then boom computer froze up and then, weird stuff started happening let's show you i'm

gonna show you what happened let's go back from to the beginning you heard her i'm and who wants to get in my belly oh i'm feeling to get to 9,000 in a couple of seconds and you guys you guys have

volunteered yourself for the ultimate sacrifice thank you ambient and bernie sanders, oh no I trapped the president-elect whatever that guy's alright so and oh go, to the circle yes

there's so many dots on the screen in oh you're so lucky, oh yeah you don't mess with me bro get out measure me oh it tastes so good em all up oh and another one i'm getting lucky i'm getting so

lucky 8700 all right come on but constrict that boa constrictor and come on who else who else wants some of this? Watch what some, oh that guy bumped, into me gonna go now you hate it

created i'm a cool dude and i'm gonna check you're gonna get trapped me every weapon uh-huh uh-huh father, what's up whatever what what's happening what's happening? What aah yo ha ha look froze,

oh that 9700 frozen for cracks, ha ha ha ha did you guys see that was number seven on the leaderboard and then their computer froze and then that's when all the weird stuff started happening?

Here's a look i'm going after the big guy yeah, what's up dude i'm gonna come and get you, oh? Huh let's smell for real huh taste it I told my mouth huh hmm, oh yeah let's make some shapes yeah

i'm gonna make a circle om I love making shapes in this game come on circle there we go? There we making shape pick your nose yes master ow eat it mmm salty stretch your , oh, oh, oh? It's so

beautiful, oh thank you, dude I was trapped in a hypnotized thing think you're chase you saved me man this game is weird, oh snap is that nemo nemo mm8 whoa, what's up in my body, oh? I just

pooped out dory found you I found you I found you I found dory I must be out nowhere laying I can't find any dots can't find it, oh oh colorful dot what's that huh whoa, i'll change your colors

oh what's this a music note, ? Yeah awesome is that a pair of glasses whoa. I just am I seeing this right whoa, whoa, whoa? See not, lying my computer froze weird stuff started happening but

I got a fix I restarted my computer let's play some more that it's fixed are you ready all right i'm back no more weird stuff here oh yeah, what's up i'm all break your neck, ? Yeah see i'm back

in action little computer restart give me some good luck in whoa oh that's like a cold shower so you, want to race me you want to race me think you could beat me, well you can't see i'm gonna beat

this guy come on come on go fast, no, oh? No it's the wall it's a wall it's a wall it's a wall oh gosh let me get in front of you please good dollar i'll give you a dull hair no i'll give you a

whole barbie not give you barbie, oh? I decide where my desk go I just disappeared i'll show you I can trap yes I will trap trap you we trap him put in a circle, ? Kind of trap, was that fail

trap, I don't mind restart know who got some cool dad saw a bunch of mother lode got the mother lode, oh oh careful careful careful, oh gosh, oh gosh whoa, watch out watch out and go slow, okay?

Oh gosh I gotta I gotta go get it come on come on all , , no no, no ah circle them no, ah he looked at me. Always start your day off with a good trap get in my belly all , we're gonna, we're

gonna be got to finish this student yes yes, we're gonna finish you up for breakfast you're going to be so tasty, oh, oh, don't try to hit my head don't you try to hit my head yeah all right

and close up the circle a little bit there and then close up the circle you gotta hit me you gotta hit me shoot come on in three two one oh balls close i'll close it up mmm it's so good so good boa

constrictors dots nice, oh yeah it's still gone still on top come, on get some tats, ah you took, awesome my docks there took someone that's there that's bow constricts um oh, no oh I thought

that guy, was gonna be able to trap me betty can't oh, no? No, no, no, no, no, oh, oh you're , ha ha ha! Trying to trap me but down what oh I totally thought I was about to lose right there?

Is wow that was close? I'm gonna apply some brakes to this game seriously, ha, ha ha i'm in the queer sorry about that little feller sorry little feller sorry fart smeller, smart feller, oh? Yeah

i'm not the trapper trapper i'm a trapper trapper go, slowly trapper trapper always stay near the big guys in case, they die like get it get it come on roll over guys my mm mm delicious

dots all up in my abdomen come on come on yes where is everybody at my playing with with ghosts in here i'm at finish my dots that I miss, oh? Yeah, oh, yes, oh? Oh, yeah, get that I do? Ha ha ha

all cool, we got that guy too, wow? , Yeah look at this, oh, we're good all the strapless ooh some got some dots some to add some dots oh yes i'm gonna get some double dipper do the do I do ba

ba ba boo boo boo boo boo, boo people eep, come on come mister, oh? That was a close one, oh? I gotcha hmm and the master i'm the king seriously i'm number 6 on the leaderboard swallow I got a hog

the dot you you want to hog the dots you just have to kind of circle off a little section don't let anyone in up in your spot hogg the dots, don't get up in the spot with that guy yo scotty, come on

come on there in ha such a, sneaky little worm that's all right. I don't even care that I died i'm gonna get one of these guys, oh, hello jason jackson hello sir would you like to share some

of your dots, ? You would yeah, oh sweet jason ha I got dude ooh the big magnet guy come on i'm gonna trip him up please please you're gonna get the big magnet guy please, we did it I feel like a

monkey, no turn turn turn turn blocking blocking my blocks on ihram oh it's a buffet love this buffet, yeah I better get out the belly of this piece okay? I don't think sees me though mmm i'll just

stay here free load off of some of these glowing doctor says that that top top top, that's close? All right I might wrap you you want to be trapped you out of each other as you, do, oh look at

that I trapped you yes you're still welcome oh you, want to be devoured you want to turn into dots and get in my belly sure, oh? Oh that guy was trying to trap outside you know what sorry I

gotta get the bigger dots count first sorry little guy , oh? No, ha ha right, ? Car let's go back out let's get this guy, oh, hey I guess he killed himself off camera sorry, about that all right

come on come on I gotta catch up this guy want to trap somebody again japheth on my view good maneuver seven on the leaderboard to be number six come on come, on we gotta get to least number

five so I could beat my current leaderboard high score am I going to look, oh oh ha ha, , come on come on road. Ha yeah all right I come on come on tighten up this circle that guy's

crazy that guy's hyper, it's our a mistake i'm gonna stay cool don't try to hit my head don't you try, to hit my head, oh there's a ceo that guy's a boss all right uh uh okay, you, gotta watch

out then i'll try, to hit your head, no no no dude bah bah bah bah bah 10,000 seriously and it only got to number seven on the leaderboard well i'm done guys can't stand playing this anymore

see you guys later thanks for watching peace out?

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