Banned from ///CockTail Gaming\\\ Hungarian CS:S Server

Yeah that's right only gives headshots you hear me, you can only give headshots? He can only give headshots you hear me nexus, stop it now imo because only heads. Ever since u've been playing, you only gave headshots can it be like you switch me with somebody papo? (He's an admin) that way I could hear " richi" saying.

" you only give headshots" and stuff like that ok, u can shut it now, thanks come again? No one asked you well, neither did anybody ask you, but ur still crying here because I shoot u in the head ok, bye; coz u can only shoot headshots, nothing else well, umm yeah, someone who can aim.

Yeah, sure. " you camp again, I kick you out like you'd kick out a cat to take a shit" oh, cry some more, somebody shot you, how terrible. What did you expect in a shooting game? " the problem isn't that you shot me." " there's a (anti)rush line.

There's a rush line dumbass. No?" " then don't camp, please" " I said it the first time and the last" was this camping? The round started ten seconds ago alright. Btw, both camping and rushing are both tactics, not sins " don't run your mouth kid" it's not my mouth which is running, because I shoot you as well, so my hand is also running managed to slay me, skill.

: 'D " who is this dumbass huh?" yeah. (Keep calm, they're calling me on messenger) oh, fuck it. " what do you say papo?" coz, for a time, he's been observing me from spec nothing? That ain't much.

(Keep calm, it's me again x'd) " for the fuck do I walk, fuck it." now where did you know this from buddy? You prick.

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