Hoo oh my god! I survived it! I survived it, i'm still goin for it i'm fuckin superman. I said happy wheels did you forget about the game already? Well guess what I didn't and that's because of many reasons alright I first of all.

I'm very smart second of all i've got a very lovely neighbor! *Takes a mother fuckin megaphone* wassup neighbor! He loves it when I play happy wheels right neighbor? Neighbor, you love when I play happy wheels you told me! He's not he's not answering.

Okay, alright. So today. We're gonna focus on superheroes. Yes, I said superheroes. You know like superman. And like iron man and like the I don't know any superheroes spider-man! Spider-man's pretty cool let's play some superhero levels shall we all right.

We're gonna browse levels we're gonna type in super hero the ultimate superhero pogo jump level are you kidding me is this related whatsoever? Easy, still easy. How is this related with super heroes? I broke my head, okay well now I get it.

I guess these polls are super strong screw this oh, no, this is dumb it's time for a superhero quiz now. I'm gonna tell you something. I don't know much about superheroes i'm sorry, you might know a lot about it, but I don't all right it was the first flash jay garrick, barry allen, or wally west? I think it's barry allen.

I just recognized the same okay, it wasn't him. I don't know jay garrick i'm sorry jay, you might be a great guy and all but I can't remember your name who paralyzed barbara gordon I don't know the joker who's barbara, gordon.

Oh I guessed it right! All right all right. I bet my neighbors impressed how many infinity stones are there? What the hell is this all about I had no idea, but we're going with the odd one we're going with the odd one okay, well I failed! What a dumb quiz.

There's another one over here. Let's try this one how was harley quinn created? Comics or batman the animated series, we're going with comics no, no okay, I guess it wasn't comics.

It was batman. It was batman all along wasn't it was yeah, who was the first robin this one? No, I i don't know a lot about superheroes. I told you all right you know what screw we're gonna test on some spider-man level that sucks that really sucks they're just just there that sucks spider-man parkour! Spider-man parkour.

Yes, what do I do now can anybody call 9-1-1, okay? Well, then I died what the hell do I do in here. Oh gee alright so I gotta grab that first rope there you go and then I gotta move forward grab the second one without dying where's my body parts? Where are they hello? Oh there? They are are! Well great spider-man has a really rough life guys you know what I don't like being spider-man even though I don't like being spider-man in happy wheels spider-man for sure was one of my favorite characters and those freaking movies things it's part of many of the superhero google.

Com is spider-man a superhero spider-man's a fictional superhero appearing in american comic books published by marvel comics superhero, I know it. I know it. I knew that spiderman quiz! Who is peter's friend.

Oh, god? I I don't remember these things it's harry osborn well, not him because there were explosions there its net leads or well, oh my god so many. What did we just skip another question but then we just skip clark? I think we skipped a question guys this is probably the worst quiz in the world, okay well moving on with those stupid quizzes welcome to the spider-man pogo fight ah ah see you later lady.

I mean girl. She's only like 5 years old. She's not a lady level 2 I don't know what this is all supposed to be about but i'm just skipping that guy yeah look at him go see you later.

Think you broke his neck too bad oh the guy had an knife on him, and I didn't see that the knife is stuck in my what where is it stuck jelly? Jelly, where's it stuck? I don't want to talk about it, santa why did you put your devil thing in my booty holes, and now its in my brain and i'm dead.

Thank you, santa you're a great guy, and that's not what I wanted for christmas santa. I had faith in you get in the box spider-man level there try to get in his box watch me watch me whip watch me.

Nae nae watch me where the later i'm dead. God darn it is so hard. I swear spider-man's job was a lot more fun than this alright we're gonna do it now guys watch closely watch closely yeah come on.

We need to go backwards jelly. I mean, grandpa that's not me. I can tell you I don't have that great of a beard all right? Oh my god yes, ha i'm the best spider-man in the world see I just proved it right there.

What do you want for me now neighbor. Ha! What an idiot. Top with the ultimate spider-man ball throw grab the balls and don't die okay? Uh uh oh, uh oh.

God dammit! Alright the spawn is kind of messed up. I'm going to change character what about this guy ah that's a lot better the spawn was messed up.

That's why I was failing there we go unlock win oh that was easy. Oh that was easy. That was really ah no, god did oh god damn it I said first you got to unlock the win unlock the win and I said no unlock no, I keep on throwing it over and locks the wind more balls yay! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) All right unlock the win and don't die ah all right? This is just kind of a lucky game there.

We go. Come on guys. I need to have a little bit of faaaaaaaaaat that i'm not gonna do it i'm not fall I could win.

I think i'll get it. Unlock the win. Come on there we go god dammit! That death thing keeps on popping up. Oh god there.

It is again there. There we go! No, a little try a little try again. My nose is so hj ah my nose is so itchy guys. I don't know why I don't have an explanation for my itchy nose all right.

I need more balls( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i'm gonna go for more balls ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) the bombs didn't explode really ha ha all right? Why did the bombs not explod- there? We go all right now we're going for the win now.

We're going for the win this is so hard( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). This is so much harder than you ( ͡°Ĺ̯ ͡° ) fuck it spider-man the ugly human spider dumbass. Yeah your stupid webs and stuff hope you die.

God hey that's more like it all all right so the first of all went into the more balls which means i've got a little bit more of a chance to win now yess yesss yess! ( ͡°Ĺ̯ ͡° ) That's the way uhh huh uhh huh I like it who likes it I do who likes it I do see.

It's the hands with pointing. See you. Do you like it all right? The hand is waving by now. I'm going to put it away. It's gonna die all right let's exit to menu let's play another superman level another I mean the first we haven't played a superman level yet.

Don't they also superman ah? Ow yep, that was that great superman show all right, so what you need to do you need to go forward and make it in the victory part.

What looks kind of like hard ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Well it should be possible oh, what what happened? Take you what oh? It's so hard ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). I don't even do this oh so close superman whoo oh my god, I made it.

I made it come on. Come on. Come on no, don't let go you piece of shit. Don't let go oh god all right, all right bob. Dang it. All right three two one.

Oh so much blood in this game. I don't like it. I don't like blood. Do you like blood? Me neither okay, I keep on dying superman iii. Don't like being you even though you're kind of cool you kind of cooler than spider-man whoa what the hell fly away! Fly away! Superman you don't really look like superman oh, it's good explode.

Oh, oh my god. I survived it. I survived and i'm still going for that fucking superman came dead. How did I just die there? Huh? How's it? Oh? We can do this again applying like superman you see my cape.

No me neither. I don't see a cape I still have it though all right all right. We're gonna make ourselves a little smaller this is not our superman flies, but i'm a special kind of superman.

I mean, I don't even have the cape I just I i just I just freakin die oh my god i'm definitely dead now. It's a lot harder than it looks.

I can tell you that come on. Come on here. We go here we go here we go come on, whoo well superman you've got a you've got a terrible job.

All right now. Hey, it's hard being a superman welcome to what's this? What was what they mean, I don't get it fly os fly fly welcome to fly stage one tutorial hold ups to fly like superman hold down to gain speed all right? Hold left to slow down okay, cool.

I'm gonna fly like superman obstacles, ho there are obstacles oh my god, this thing is gonna kill me this thing is gonna freakin kill me I could tell you come on come on.

Move it. Oh oh, god. God santa we've got a fat superman over here. It doesn't really work. We're going backwards santa doesn't really understand how to be a superman thank god well, I like real superman I know you you're almost there.

Come on over the table come on all right, we'll be skinny superman. Well. That's not really working either look at us look at us go or fly in stage one hold up to fly like superman pulled out the gate speed and hold left to slow down I remember the things impressive, I know obstacles all right, we're going over them there we go.

Oh my god. Is it still not possible come on. Aah? What the hell i'm still alive. I'm fine. I'm fine. I can't make it.

I caught me again. God dang it this superman thing sucks the auto superman level what the hell? Oh my god. We are flying like super red look, I don't have a head anymore, but we made it.

That's what girls all right? Let's see if we find and man nope that movie sucked. What about what's another superman we have iron man iron? Man is more popular really.

I don't know that. Oh we are iron man. Oh my god that is sick this is freaking sick although. We're going down.

We're going okay? Yeah, I just died all right this is our custom-made iron man, suit uh-oh. It is hard man. All right. We're going towards the finish no, we're going towards the ceiling.

I just I just kind of died. Oh yeah i'm still i've oh I sent that a little bit too early all right. Let's have a look irie, man where do we have to go? Huh? They're just cool guys freakin iron, man over here where is he I mean the finish line out.

See you later suit see you later the I would man dungeon welcome to my new game press spacebar to start. Oh, this is cool. Play a freaking dungeon, okay? I'm a bloody iron man.

Now well not anymore respond, but you know what I mean, all right? What the hell? Why does my had to keep on exploding? Oh, god? It's the glass it's the glass it ruins it fuck you guys.

Come on glass get out the way there we go that's more like it all right next up next on the list don't die don't don't my head exploded because of the black well, that's great.

Just freakin great it's time for an I don't and quiz we were sense that we can't be with santa for this one who's tony stark's best friend not that guy not james it said rodas diggs wrote is this guy who is his father your shirt's stark or howard stark? No idea no no no freaking idea ah there we go.

Hey I did it right who is not a member of the iron man team in captain civil war ant-man, oh yeah, how many taunts can the hulkbuster suit lip? 175 tons yes, i'm so smart i've watched all the movies.

I haven't. I really haven't i'm guessing here we're kind of stuck in this thing that's not great. That's uh that's going to kill us. Okay. Hey guys amira man look at me and playing.

I can't fire what what are the controls? What are the controls hello? What are the controls? Well there goes back. There's no controls who doesn't see it anywhere more irie, man whoa, no I get it point upwards.

Oh look at this. This is cenk british side here we go whoa uh my head got chopped off. Why always my head, I don't get it. I really don't get it all right guys want to thank you so much for watching us.

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