Jontron Causes the Titanic

Jon jon tron jon yeah, no yeah, no I see what you're talking about yeah, no yeah, no I see what you're talking about. You make a game out of this! Naw man, boats.

Dlc?. Platinum seller. Oh okay, so I suppose what you're telling me is that we should not make the titanic sink. *Jon looks at the camera, realizing that he's about to betray his boss, and make the titanic sink.* Yeah, believe it or not, someone out there actually decided it would be a good idea to make the titanic.

You know, the great titanic disaster of 1912 where 1500 people met their fate with davy jones in one of the deadliest maritime disasters in history. That's like making a game of " tap a quickly to not die as fast!&Quot.

For some of the games like this one, " titanic out of time", I can kind of see where they were coming from at least. The titanic was sort of a mysterious event so they tapped into that and created a mystery 'bout it.

It's pretty atmospheric, but it has that old quirky 90's pc game vibe. You know the one. This one. " you came, after all this time!" heugh mmm, i'm trying, i'm trying.

I'm gonna get ther-- oh, there is he is! " philadel--" heugh " it is good to see you up and about." " you've been in your cabin the whole voyage." heugh but that's not why we're here today.

Now that game may be silly, but what I have to show you right now defies. Silly. A nes game based on titanic. The silly. S I l l y.

S I l l y with any major commercial success there's an inevitable influx of a major commercial success and apparently james cameron's 1997 film titanic was no exception. The movie grossed over two billion dollars worldwide (this footage is unedited.

Sorry.) And the only movie to pass it up since is james cameron's very own avatar with 2.7 billion. (this footage is unedited. Sorry.) Again, it was popular, but a video game about.

Titanic the movie. And an nes game! We have a chinese company to thank for blessing us with this game. Specifically, c-chinese company.

True profits of our time! *Footage of jon trying to save his suicidal famicom from meeting squidward* (earrape incoming) oh, would you just listen to that! Majesty! Celine dion would be so proud if she was still with us.

You can pick from jackse or jack. But with my thorough understanding of the film, i'm gonna say that rose is probably the better option. Ah, but what can I say i've always been a fan of certain doom.

Let's go with jack. For some reason jack's name has like, a. Blood splatter on it. Is that supposed to be symbolic? Do not give up, do not be discouraged! you will be able to get out of here! It's not even poetic, it's just, like they're on opposite balconies, yelling tactical advice to eachother.

I gotta say, they knew what they were doing with this one starting us off right and everyone's favorite scene. Next to the sex car. (this footage is unedited, sorry.) Eh, so far so good.

I haven't even touched the controller yet. This is just what he does when you stand still. Wipes head, spits, turns around repeat, alright. This is fantastic.

And to do that y'need to send a goddamn signal off the sun, into a robot, and back to earth! I bet there would be less input lag! What did I expect? You're just trying to get from one end of the map to the boat or something.

Wha-- I can't get past this part. Where do you go? Seriously there's spikes on the floor and there's no way around that I can see.

This sucks. Hohoh my god there she goes. I have never experienced a continue screen that made me feel that guilty. I mean it's my fault that happened! (--should not make the titanic sink.).I did the titanic! * Jon, realizing his faults, goes into a deep depression-- just kidding his famicom is still suicidal.* Bet there's a bunch of comments down there already about it.

1912. There is a noble american girl, rose. He tried to get away from her arranged married. Which is forced by her mother. At the same time she met jack, who is the young man on titehnick.

Since rose made a friend with jack. He lighted on her life. They were also fall in love with each other. It made up a very touching and tragic love story. *footage of jack beating up everyone on the titenic* barney: man, that sounds bad.

Vinny: all right, that's much better, I mean, rest in peace barney number. 757, but yeah. Now we're in business. *Sounds of vinny walking* *button press* *button spam* . Shit.

You fucking bastards. I hate all-- you hear me! You fucking. N-nazi. Cuntrags. If only I had a weapon. (scientist: " greeting!" ).F.

Don't know which way to go. There's. Multiple ways. *More sounds of vinny walking* vinny: you. Fucking bastard. Jon: I did the titanic! Vinny: you. Fucking n-nazi. Cuntrag! Jon, mockingly: i'm gonna say that rose is probably the better option.

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