Hello everybody my name is markiplier and welcome back to will your press oops! Ignore that, it's fine. So i've got a conundrum here for you, what if you could be (with) the person of your dreams? The strong person, the weak person, the sexy person, the beautiful person, the rich person, the youtuber person, a member of team ten you say? Oh your dreams are.

Need to reach a little higher! Anyway, you get to be (with) the person of your dreams, but you have to first survive five years on an island by yourself which to be perfectly honest doesn't seem all that bad I get five years alone to myself to dream up the ideal person that I could be (with) who would be.

Exactly the same as I am right now. But three inches taller yeah that's the person of my dreams. That's that's what I see when I go to bed every night.

I see myself just three inches taller. That's it. That's all I want. I'm perfect in every way as I am now. One, number one, I only dream of myself and number two he's just he's just a little bit taller.

Just a little bit. That's all that's all I ever ever could possibly want i'll do that cuz I mean if you're on an island by yourself for five years I mean I guess you struggled to survive and all that but yeah, i'll do it.

Hey, hey come on there we go. Yeah. See ya. See you guys would have push the button you guys would have pushed it. Oh, yeah, you would have pushed the button.

Next. You get married to whoever you want, but anything you touch burns even earth. Well I mean you can technically marry whoever you want they just have to agree to it like it's, but I mean like everything you touch burns? And are we talking like are we talking like burns as in like an itch or a rash are we talking like burns as in is on fire? Cuz there's a distinct difference whether you're spreading the most widespread and horrific std in history or you're burning everything.

If you like if you're standing on your- something that burns your shoes everything touching your body is always on fire. You're just gonna die.

You're just gonna die or be very uncomfortable. Those are the two options you and everything around you is either gonna die or be a li- uncomfortable you know what, i'm not gonna press that button.

I'm really not, I don't want to do that. It doesn't seem like this it doesn't seem like there's a good to that. Alright. You can get whatever you want, when you want, but you have to kill somebody for it in the following one minute.

Now, it's not specifying- wait hang on- *laughs* wait a minute. Wait a minute this-this isn't, this isn't any different from real life you can get whatever you want if you kill people for it anyway like I mean, i'm not saying it's a good thing.

It's not a good thing! But I mean if you want to be technical about this if you see somebody with something that you want! Technically you could take it from them by killing them, which is not a good solution! And it doesn't say that you wouldn't be punished for killing somebody for something.

I want world peace! Bang! Just ended world peace now didn't i? Oh that didn't work out very well, bang bang bang! I want to end hunger! Bang see he's not hungry anymore! I'm still not gonna press that button.

All the grandiose things aside, I guess. Ughh, I guess if it's not going for the thing things, but you what if like what if you do- you know i'm just gonna go with no. We can get there without killing people i'd like to think, let's go with no on that one wow.

Wow. It's a lot of murders. That's a lot of murder. That's a lot of greedy murderers. That's a lota, a lot of murderers out there. You can live for as long as you want, but you can never have children.

Uhhh does that count adoption now, that's interesting they're saying you you can never have children! But what about adoption? What about cloning yourself? Get an infinite number of yourselves it can live for as long as you want that's my dream! Hey, i'm the guy that dreams of myself, but just a little bit taller.

Why can't I be the guy that dreams of cloning himself, and I living for if the entire population is nothing but me? Meeee! It's like that one episode of doctor who meee! It's just nothing but me! For as far as the eye can see! Yeah, i'll press that button why not let's do it.

Let's do it. All right well apparently people don't want kids. All right, you will receive ten million dollars, but you will be erased from everyone's memory god win-win if ever there was one what a win-win everybody can forget about me instantly and I get 10 million dollars hell yeah!Oh hell yeah! I mean you can remind if it's like a family thing you just go up to your family be like i'm at i'm your long-lost son here see all these pictures of me and them see those, that's me, believe me.

All right whatever see around can we be friends like? What the hell? There's no lose in that, there's no lose in that.

Oh come on you big baby. 53 percent didn't press that button. Good god. Goooooood god. That's an amazing button. Wouldn't you guys press that button? If you could just like- I know family and all that aside? But still you start over it's new game+ for life you just hit the button, you got ten million smackeroonos you put that in an investment, you spend, you spend, like five hundred thousand on getting a house.

You put the rest in in your savings investments, put into like stocks and bonds and all that shit. Dividend for life, for good. Yeah, anyway you win a trip to anywhere you wish to go around the world but you cannot touch or even look at the gender you are attracted to even look- what am i- wait, hang on.

You win a trip to anywhere you wish to go around the world. You cannot touch or even look at the gender you are attracted to.

You mean like- what are they just gonna be like moving shadows in front of my eyes? I kind of have to go into public like- or is my head just gonna automatically snap away from any person that's around me that's the gender that i'm attracted to so this is like, *snap* " oh god is that a lady over there?" *snap* " god damn it.

I hate this curse, but goddamn the scenery is beautiful." *chuckle* I mean if you're really going there for the the scenery I guess it's pretty nice I guess, take in the- the grandeur, but if that- is that forever? I mean I could just add- you know that's the thing about my life I always forget I can at any moment go wherever I want to in the world I just happened to be chained to my computer desk and now i'm depressed.

That's sad i'm not gonna do that I don't want to break my neck. You're the best at every possible skill, but you're not allowed to show anyone any skill you have you know what? That's fine, I mean I technically I guess I live my life showcasing my " skills" on video, but hey if I was the best in the world that someone at something I don't necessarily need to show anybody that I am the best at something.

That's it. I'm the best arts 'men i'm the best craftsman my art will never be shown to anybody but also like technological-- ah, god actually no, that's not good you're not allowed to show anyone.

Wait, it says show anyone that doesn't mean that they can't see it i'm not showing them but they can see like the results of my work not necessarily me performing something, but if i'm working on something it's not like it turns to ash when someone sees it, right if I just happen to lay it out in the middle of nowhere.

If i'm just like, if I put a block of marble in the middle like times square and I just start chipping away at it i'm like an incredible artsman but it's just like no one can see it's like a moving shadow like why is that guy just hammering at air he's threatening? Somebody's shoot him! He's threatening with a hammer and chisel get him.

Kill him! And then i'm dead okay, yeah, i'll go for it, why not you have wonderful top human skills what's a top human? Give me an idea of what a top? What is a top human here another top human like a human? That's you know there's a bottom human, and there's a top human is that what we're talking about here genius super-strong etc, but nothing interesting will ever happen define interesting.

What do you mean interesting? What does that even mean? How do you stop life from being interesting? I mean my life is boring as shit anyway, so this isn't really gonna change anything. So what does that mean like I said earlier.

I could go anywhere in the world, but don't mmm. Yeah well press it sure why not you can teleport to anyone you want to just by thinking about them but you will teleport just by thinking about them.

Oh g- oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. So you automatically if you think of anybody if I think of like? Anybody in the world, kim jong-un, boom.

I'm at, i'm right by his side. That's weird and you just like bum bum bum bum bum bum if you just like think of random people.

What if i'm looking- what if i'm doing like a panel or something? I'm looking at this crowd of people and i'm like: i'm thinking of you boink.

I'm over in the audience i'm thinking of you, boink. Like that doesn't- what if I think of an alien? What if I just so happen to think of an alien and that just so happens to be an actual alien somewhere in the universe and boink! I'm over there it's like hey.

Hey guys all right thinking of my mom all right back my mom, girlfriend, boink, over there all right well, this is weird.

I think i'd like- I think I would die from the shock. I'm not gonna do that you don't have any control over it no, whatever you can become immortal and can travel through time, but you can only go forward in time it would be impossible to return to your own time since you can't go backwards in time *in understanding* ahhhhhhh fascinating.

Okay, i'll leave you guys with that one you're immortal and can travel through time, which means that you can only go forward or you could just live your life and be immortal I mean I guess if you were bored of a time zone, and you were like I need a fresh start.

I'm out of there bitches, and then you just go forward man, that'd be that'd be terrible. I have a feeling that would be horrible like horrible horrible. But I would let you guys decide what that is let me know what you think down the comments below thank you everybody so much for watching and as always I will see you in the next video.

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