You like that like that little tune that I did it's at that time again for another wilding zany spin-off where we're gonna be testing out some cool hey hey hey

stop playing be fuckin overwatch come over here hey I got some products to show and use on you come on over here while he's taking his good old sweet time let

me talk about this real nice scarf here for the wintertime it's like 98 degrees here but I mean somewhere in the world that's freezing I thought you were gonna

inch from you different then we talked about you know it's not all about how you were gonna like come over there any racist like a funny jokes this picnic beds the fuck is

it on this this isn't this isn't a picnic bench i've seen on tv items today no amazon items for you but first the first thing that we need to do actually though is we need

to work on our look you haven't really worked on our look in a while and a lot of people have mentioned that our teeth are pretty goddamn fucked up so i've

seen on tv we just got you an instant smile myself too because my teeth are fucked up too so now we no longer have to worry about people talking about the

discoloration of our teeth just put in your mouth well I think you are supposed to put it in water but it doesn't matter just put in your mouth have you tried time and

time again with various teeth whiteners to get that perfect smile pretty sure you're supposed to boil this so it molds to your mouth not just put it in like a

fucking caveman is how I hurts probably supposed to be soft in front of water right there i'll boil water if this is what you want to do is fine what are you

digging into white gums ah maybe you shouldn't do that oh don't put it in your mouth what don't let in your mouth and digging into my gums you get your fucking mouth

blood on me dude put that right in there what you got well we got here the three-second brow your eyebrows are looking a little iffy not my eyebrow is actually perfect

yours however kind of looked like a used raccoon well then maybe I need some work done but why bother going to the salon to get work done when you can just instantly

draw a draw on new ones right do you fucking from light to dark what's your blood type I can only have one certain type of blood ao- is it a an mmo three second brows

I mean if my eyebrows are fucked up then I guess you're just gonna have to fix them for me do your eyebrows you just I browse stamp kit oh I just I stamp it just you

stuck it in the sticking in there no this is this is something people actually fucking use dude are you ready dude something that looks really good actually believe

it or not i'm gonna have to go to the shop at all for this nice yeah yeah that's real good dude it's real good a little bit this shit's fun dude yeah meet girls funnest

thought well I mean a girl it doesn't it's not limited to girls this is me wow this how many genders do you think there are 90 years now I don't think you really

got as much as you could have me sick dude oh don't let me get you the other side stockton you have to punch me in the face with it like dang do you see that how

could you put your gobber's in wow look at that this is the widest you'd see the never man holy shit wow hmm wow and this was that was like $10 valued thus far save so

much money on a dentist's appointment now we have here looking good good old-fashioned brush fashioned yeah six really well yeah what they're kind of

crooked middle t they're like off to the side for some reason I can't know I can't see just leave it you just got like one middle tooth instead of two it's okay

can't really expect perfection you just have to create it with this with the simply straight ceramic straightening brush this might be more of my own eyes you're gonna

be straight hey lindsay what's the usual degrees that you gotta put on this to straighten one's hair this hair is actually expensive first of all if you're trying to

burn my hair off if this is a funny bit don't fucking burn my hair got warm up a little bit i'm gonna look like a fucking idiot dude like so stoop already look

stupid i'm sure you're just making me look stupid that's the whole point of this video wow that's great yes it's obviously it's training my hair is it hot feel

like it's doing anything it doesn't seem like it's won't do anything your hair i'm gonna do it to my i've product and here those so don't get a little don't get to

don't get mmm okay now this I can work with it's already wet though it's gonna burn I can hear burning my hair is burning what does that sound your hair's wet so it's it's

sizzling bits isn't to get it straight i'm just getting that straight your hair's like yeah yeah but turn it up a notch you gonna have to turn it up what is

burning dude is that my hair no how was your hair look like this it's so working I don't think you're ever going to this is all you're doing is frizzing it out

you're ruining everything yeah i'm gonna have to legit go to the fucking shop and i'm gonna have to fix this wow dude i'm doing an excellent job right now yeah it

didn't do anything honestly this thing's a fucking piece of garbage it's not even that hot like I can still touch it it's not even that hot it's not that fucking hot

there's more now that you got your good looks to the forefront now you kind of gotta get your hands a little gritty a little dirty because the second portion of this

video we're gonna be heading outside and we're gonna get ready a real dirty real dirty see where we have here a trough this is a trough you know what you're gonna

be doing you're gonna be planting you're gonna be getting down on your fucking hands and knees and you're gonna be planned but I got your assistance because this as

seen on tv item makes it easy to plant anything that you desire we got the garden genie gloves just as an example this bad boy wow comes equipped with a cloth that's

for fucking like a raking weeds dude nah dude this is for this is for everything see it says plant oh right there for every plant dig set up I feel like a superhero

honestly well there's nothing super about these beautiful beautiful shiny get them out here can you see those oh those are succulents yeah so you're gonna be

planting all five of these bad boys so that way you can yeah yeah I want you to put that to good use when the wind when it when it comes time to plant these yeah man

get in there there's a step one okay really in there make sure that they what the fuck are you doing i'm just trying to get that filled up you put it out of here

though come on dude what are you doing hah man have you ever had a hard time in the garden yes have you ever had a hard time planting things breaking things or taking

things out yes well then you need the garden genie gloves because these things will make everything a cinch I don't think you're supposed to plant them with the

cup of thing in there what like i'm out ticket you got to take it out the soil soil yeah yeah what do you dude there's there's cardboard no you're talking about

there's cardboard in there yeah it's part of the fucking scenery heaven i'm having fun right now did you do to that wood I feel like i'm like a like a villain

that you know it's not a villain anymore but i'm just like really into gardening now that's like my thing where'd you like poison ivy and these things are your weapons

i'm just I gave up crime to now plan all right now what's one thing that all plants need to survive fucking sun dude it's right here sounds already there

yeah what's the second thing nutritional value from the soil yeah I got that got that that's this is this is great a soil what's the third thing photos

since at this water any water water water good thing you asked for water this is the mighty blaster oh jude i've seen that on tv you're looking a little dirty

you might need a little bit of this water to rinse yourself off but you can't really do so with all that so I need you to put my shoes take your shoes off we have

here the sock slider so no bending no stretching no straining easy as one-two-three take off your socks from now on I don't believe it but we're gonna fucking show it to you

right here right now how about that what am I looking at what the fuck is it it's a it's called the sock slider handle it looks like it what yeah it's you you put this

you you you you you know i'm gonna go and sit the host thank you it's about time we get something like this put on oh baby look at that okay curses were you able to get

your socks off i'll mow it easy go home let me let me do this first i've invested it do you need to sit down do you need to sit down fuck you needed that thing though

that's to put them on that's to put them on you can put them on and off the fasting easy way to put on your socks whoa and take them off the sock sliders

unbelievable all right now you're all good to go now what we have here just hung easy feet it's hot dude this hold this hold this will clean you right up it's hot don't

point that at me check that out what the fuck is that this is like a car wash for your foot it cleans exfoliates and massages easy feet have you ever had a hard time

strumming your feet there's like a couple had toenails dude this was really awkward if I did we're gonna give your plants oh nice watering and we're gonna give your

feet a nice cleaning and it's a job well done for all these as seen on tv products they tout this as a fireman does the pressure you can put your put your other foot

in there now I love other put their put your other foot I want your foot in there you can't put your other foot in this clean look it's a clean boy no it's not yes

it we're just playing in it look it's fucking dirty yeah well now it's to put it in there we need to clean it it's fucking dirty it's disgusting look at it yeah I see

it it's like yeah all right using the mighty blaster we will hide your eighth year in your succulents dude don't they're gonna fucking what do you mean

don't you know just listen don't fireman them like spray them down like it this is this is a villain origin story they're gonna grow now you're looking pretty dirty

right there need some help of the mighty blaster we used to be lonely until we met on farmers only farmersonly. Com is the new online dating site for farmers

ranchers with good old country folks the nutritional value for the soil city folks just don't get it hot man

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