Minecraft Fnaf 1: Cupcake And Foxy The Pirate Switch Bodies

Squeak-squeak what's happening oh hey don't kick what you're doing whoa okay okay stop stop wait chica why you called me a sweet little boy i'm just it's me whoa why am I am I so small well

what's happening sleep in fox's room no no I am foxy what are you talking about I wait I mean I did well this is oh this is not good sleep oh you want to be foxy that's a dog why i'm foxy oh yeah

keep telling yourself that big man it's going well you can understand me get back here genius in a scratchy voice kind of proving it I just thought they had a cold I have a little bit of

a cold wait hold on so cupcake came in here started playing with me then I think what is going on chica what's going on what's going on i'm so confused so confused what's going on okay

okay um we're gonna go on an adventure and the first adventure is snack time mister let's go oh that's not exactly what I asked I want to know yeah sweet sweet foxy what leave me alone i'm busy

i'm doing some squeak cake stewie's creaks creak why my stop squeaking go somewhere else that's weird foxy leave freddy alone squeak squeak he's not foxy i'm foxy squeak squeak why did

you take my body you'd back squeak squeak squeak squeak oh you two are all playing how cute no we're not role-playing squeeze wait why what's wrong with your ears until they're different wait

is it because of the change squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak I honestly don't understand him chica was he saying um you can't understand him no you're so fluid in all

different languages okay for years I don't understand stupid okay screams cease creek I agree foxy I agree chica does smell weird bad oh foxy stop hitting me oh some girls hi screaming stop

it everybody call me freddy it's me it's me you know me squeak-squeak-squeak chica what's cupcakes in its made foxy he's doing some sort of weird role-playing game I don't know he

just thinks he's foxy okay ears are red like a candle like a cupcake candle that's not natural squeak squeak squeak squeak you can say that again believe me barney oh believe me he knows

this stuff happens no bonnie doesn't like you what are you doing he's kinda buddies what a weird marty party what I do know bobo needs me fox it's me foxy fell b's in norway so can they

not understand me is that is that what's happening bonnie can you just be nice to cupcake he's trying to pretend to be foxy and i'm taking a lot of nice adventure come on foxy oh screw

this maybe if I sit next to him no please don't do it don't oh god what's happening oh hey hey frozen squeaky be nice oh fuck see no cookie on my lap squeak oh god oh sorry don't hit my child

my boy my boy been hit man you're back thanks creek oh oh you guys got to do some pretty messed-up stuff to scare barney off what'd you do to them squeak-squeak-squeak saying

cupcake did what I did what a week what I do cupcake this is a firmly established bonnie get a hold of yourself hey cupcake why do you start here the security guard I don't know but can you

watch him I really have to go to the bathroom and he's causing a lot of problems okay I guess i'm really good with children it is me foxy oh good king switch bodies which means going this is

what you get cupcake now the chicas gone I can hitch and you stop you're mean to me this is what you get hey what are you doing get out of that corner get out of the corner what are you

doing ah okay i'm free free jumbled mess on the computer I better you racist don't worry I fixed it cupcake where you going try to get out of here pigs gone time to bury them i'm not good

i'm still alive it well don't cause it's me foxy yeah keep telling yourself that goodbye cupcake who finally I don't have to watch that cupcake anymore child hey freddie how did you

marry my child in like two cells help help me you hear him squeaking oh it'll be boy yes your butt outta here gingka follow me follow me ticket come come on oh no no no no freddie oh

get in the hall oh not again well that's going on now you did this will be our dirty little secret cupcake let's go watch us I don't know if I like this oh thank you open the door for me ooh watch

this watch this I am actually foxy cupcakes which pies with me and he's causing problems help help help help that's the best premise for a mystery novel i've ever heard cupcake you're gonna

be a great artist thing to show everybody gigolos chicken chico loves chicken okay there you go look look what I wrote now this proves in a foxy you can't tell people my dirty little secret

that's what about this we can't talk about this confidence young man next you're gonna tell people who I like that's just rude wait don't you like that other security guard oh you can't do oh

hi freddie hello what are you guys doing um i'm parenting oh wait whatever cupcake notes chicken nose oh this is not gonna work oh come on hey oh cupcake now it's time for your walkie

what my walkies want to walk to the main room speak speak no I will not take a bath with you squeak squeak squeak squeak hi bob see oh god is he here no foxy please I insist we can't have

this kind of relationship squeak squeak squeaks this is not a sake thing this is not a fox you think chicken realize it but join joe together and squeak squeak sorry bob see squeal now you're pushing

it hey hey cupcake let's back away slowly everybody's gonna look down oh yeah sure you guys are doing the bad thing without himself a incarnated squeaking yeah no chica it's be foxy I know

that you're really getting into character for your new look but this is getting a little ridiculous I need to think of a secret of courtesy we only know that she could know sweet

confidence squeak squeak ok can you try to think of something hog swap see wait baby get out of the hole that's a good question i'm scared okay okay scuse me I am afraid of spiders only foxy's

afraid of spiders I told you this and no one else only you know cupcake doesn't know this all are we playing the truth game okay um okay um I oh foxy ruined and i'm not telling you may see screen

squeak squeak you ruined everything you are everything squeak you know what i'm gonna destroy your cupcake body squeak squeak mm-hmm squeak squeak yeah yes i'll be there squeaks if you

hit me again hurt yourself cupcake do you hear my kid no oh wait that's right yeah you're being really weird i'm gonna go in the stall i'm doing it right now 3 what no no what you live

for I am foxy i'm trying to get the other box eaten do switch parties back with me this is a freaky friday thing going on right now oh I think I understand what's going on finally finally

you two onto the main repeat now okay okay finally finally if doing two is put together do into is together wait main stage now what one thing it was aching once again no no can I not live in

faith all great now I looked at you thank you now you both claim that your father squeaks go the freddy over there huh what nothing yes you're foxy yes now I think we need to have a beauty

pageant to see who the real foxy one is no it's now squeak was right did you eat me then i'll be gone your body original thought to be gone know who you know dear no no weak no i'm not tasty buddy

protects me squeak squeak wait everybody my system and handle is I don't get away I can't me chico jr. This is hard like foxy knoxy wouldn't do this he wouldn't you cupcake you know this come on

bonnie we have something to talk about go in the freezer for a minute where's the door just go out forward no thank you stay out of there squeak-squeak yep you're good i'm closing the door to do

it so well oh why you in here go away wherever you and I need to have a talk help help help help squeak squeak why don't you do a cupcake hand do anything what did you do to me I don't know but

he's been acting weird all day and I feel like you have something to do with that cake oh my goodness I can't handle this good so i'll be gone and he could be coming so I can be me forever

I can't move wait is life anymore 5 feet 5 foxy yes what sweetback cupcake foxy yes yes hey hey no no no are you cupcake ah there should be a barbecue hey help help help what did you do to foxy

everybody freeze except for bonnie please reach for the sky i'm worried right now no hands because of cupcake okay turn him back to normal how did you lose in the first place I don't know

books something about child's play I think that this is a personal issue and you two should talk it out family I agree no no no no party party there you go chica she loves cupcakes you

won't love you as foxy you know last week hold on maybe he's gonna do the thing in his head maybe he's gonna switch bodies okay i'm just gonna i'm just gonna leave cupcake sweet why

squeakums maybe it's you now screech squeak squeak squeak yeah get out here I ran back to normal now wait are you back to normal yeah I know your chickens secret oh you think I met like edible

chicken weirdo what is going on I see a bathtub on my stage i'm not gonna take that bath with you foxy I know is calm kick that wasn't me says it's there we can just easily just take one you

know it's right right there because a bad time oh boy everyone pile in turn up ok join us toheeb oh sorry they're great bonnie's broken you can talk to your tough take it both trance

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