Quarter City

Quarter city: easy layout in 2 hours. Cities: skylines timelapse build. Laying down some guidelines. Building the main layout. Defining the road hierarchy. Final adjustments to the road layout by adding some interesting features.

Starting the public transport network. Circular, internal monorail line. Circular, external tram line. Placing the first buildings: basic services utilities. Oriental pearl tower. Terraforming an artificial lake.

Decorating the park with rocks. Pathways. And trees! Setting transit lines. Cross-shaped metro network. Bus lines. Zoning: commercial in the inner ring, offces in the central ring. Industry next to the nuclear power plant. And residential in the outter ring.

Districts for city planning policies to add distinct features to different parts of the city. The lake fills up using the fresh water outlet (comes with the natural disasters dlc) city population: 14.000 low density placed directly to high density allows for interesting contrasts between neighborhoods.

As well as an inner ring for utilities. No traffic issues anywhere! The custom park takes up a quarter of the entire city space.

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