Well, hello my dear companions and welcome to yet another reaction video dagames, will over at dagames has made an official medley lyric video this made me curious, this made me curious and so so many of you, asked me -especially on twitter, to check this one out and, as it says, it's a medley.

I guess it's a medley of - many of his songs at least 'cause will has made so many songs but so I guess we have pretty much heard all of them in this medley but i'm just I just love what dagames and will makes.

So we're gonna check it out. Maybe we could recognize all the songs. Tell me in the comments down below what do you think about the songs; if you recognize them and hit that bell; hit that subscribe button over at dagames' channel subscribe to dagames if you haven't already here we go.

Boom! Eh hello neighbor? Maybe? Don't remember no, it's the bendy, right? I don't so many good songs yeah, it's bendy oh unfixable.

Oh yeah, gosh! Tattletail! Oh my god! Ah this song. This is a good song *moans* oh my god! Outlast? God, monster hunter! This is amazing! Oh my god, yes! Yes! Whoa, what is this? End of video it's getting hot in here, it's getting hot in here *chuckles* will, my gosh! This was a really good, you guys see - how capable will is to make these amazingly captured songs? And it's they fit so well together, gosh it really felt like a mash-up, but I know it's a medley.

Hope you enjoyed please please if you haven't checked out dagames or if you haven't subscribed to dagames, or if you haven't clicked the bell on dagames' channel do that this is amazing, this was so amazing, and i-i-i recognized pretty much I think I recognized all the songs mayb nearly all the songs at least tell me in the coments down below if you have heard all the songs before and head over to dagames and will, show him some companion love if you haven't.

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