Hello Neighbor: FINAL GAME! #1

It's time for you to put a lid on it yeah with a job back in with another came video and here it is finally you've been asked for it hello neighbor the final game oh yeah we're gonna

start a new game it's our creepy peeping but fetching weirdo no I don't know how this is gonna go we're gonna try played see the whole cake now we're having a ba oh what's

happening the story of a ba he likes stepping around oh are we running away from something oh now are you running away from the creepy fucking weirdo let's rub his moustache on you oh you

do it just for the kicks oh oh controlling it running and gunning and having some fun and I got legs no no how do you them a ism cutscene what's gonna happen to the ball oh

what's he gonna do oh fail ha ha ha farewell wow what was that oh creepy beeping but touch it where now oh that doesn't look like his house well yeah it's only him

somebody what are you doing god somebody punch him in the mustache oh look look creamy creepy demon let's go oh oh oh now i'm creepy beeping no don't grab a paper there he's gonna

grab your brother's buckshot you know he doesn't understand I can't let him know oh dancer handy oh we're gonna scream at brandy he doesn't look like he's very happy oh so what's

going on well what's happening oh it's the key to my heart screaming mimi's where the key to my fart gary busey wow oh cassie threw me out the house and land on the other side this

is my house huh what if they just redesigned the whole house or what's going on because that doesn't look like the old neighbor's house he can't go in my oh yeah I can't go in my

house hey all right what's that see me I hate this channel it's the snow channel my sap daddy maroon 5 that's that maroon 5 bring your broken oh don't box me in oh cool stuff in here I

can't think boxes got a black of my vision a little bit then turn the water on there we go oh yeah sweeping up the competition signs we're good that's usually where I keep my

secrets oh I almost forgot about this one catching that one I feel it's important to keep all the water running in your house all and all the time all the time keeps water fresh

you guys should know this I see him okay you just throw that like two inches hey neighbor there's a new trend sweeping the nation tell you buddy yeah finding the kids room or

something me just a spare bedroom I know what's going on here let go under the bed poop all again good thing too now what's oh what's this oh now we're having a ball I can't get

in there don't have a key I need the key to my heart oh okay there's the basement that's what I need to keep our well boy was over it okay got a tv right there go go there

what's in here wow bob with us tomato seeds did you throw a tomato at me was a drive-by fruiting wow that's cool one more broken window okay because you're an apple it's time for

you to put a lid on it throw tomatoes at me we do it get me throwing tomatoes at me this isn't here well but that wasn't him laughing I think he's crying no way oh that was weird

what's going on here okay kay guy here is this it wow go into the light go away the light huh wow well that was weird what even happen dude I just want to go through your house rub the

three things what's wrong with that you like that huh take a chair hey we would have been blamed dodgeball we both would've been out you've got tomatoes where you get all

these tomatoes from okay that's it i'm going up i'm going in i'm going in i'm gonna you know they're you dave wow a little evil evil delete key see if I can go through the window he's

crowding through your window is it stealing your stuff oh that was close holy fat me look at that bookshelf the way it's kind of lean in there if I could scale back and get under

the rim don't box me and brow just keep going you still up here okay well my belly okay i'm up here can I up it's just a little too far okay I think i'm gonna need a couple boxes

or something turn this just right i'm gonna jump that fucking box down yeah what nice oh there's the room yeah oh geez crowd out your room grab that weird yogi's run to your

window and a mic just break hello those gloves okay good I got and what I can I mean I didn't break it it was like that when I got here I totally found it that way I just

happened to be on your roof don't worry about it okay i'm in guys i'm in i'm in it to win it we got levers we got cords we're all kinds of things here what's going on homeboy louie's

angry he's angry where is he well he's growling at me what's this lever tail does it make a pikachu potpie no no pikachu pi pi's doesn't do anything it's broken this fanta sucked up too

i'm a fan of fans what is going on what am I even doing here I don't know what's going on okay creepy people but what's that what what I came to get out of here it's a robot no door what

he doesn't go anywhere oh what's that we're gonna figure this out i'm gonna have to put a bunch of boxes and see if I can get up there flip that switch switch that which which

a wha but i'm talking about boxes and they're all problems over there oh but that's that we're different oh boy I like this what's he doing uh-oh he's digging a grave or something or

did he put it in I don't know what's going on why oh boy theodore I see a red door and I want to paint it orange oh well why are you and me down here don't come down here all right

i'm gonna go and cry for a little bit it's gonna be okay this game is weird okay well you keep trying i'll make sure to have to getting this one fucking video on your neck

until his arrogance oh good god creepy people but dungeon where doubt just any boxes the way that again yeah yeah

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