Bless Online is an embarrassment to the MMORPG genre

Well I wasn't really planning on making a video on bless you until I got to max level but for the sake of saving you guys money I feel like I absolutely have to because there's just so

many deal-breakers with this game that it doesn't matter how much content the end game has when the game is simply fucked on a fundamental level I think the main thing that's currently

causing people to refund is the game's performance and optimization when I initially played on the japan version it felt kind of bad but I was expecting them to improve this

for the steam version of the game guess what the performance is even worse for our version even with the 1080 ti and a very good processor the only time I can get 60 fps or above is when

i'm in a solo dungeon out in the world you're gonna be noticing a lot of micro stuttering and random freezes from time to time something i've noticed is that most of the time when I open an

element from the user interface whether it be inventory pet tab dungeons have world map quest log or the skill tree the game will freeze from between 0.5 and 1 point 5 seconds it feels

absolutely horrible on top of that the game just straight-up crashes on a very frequent basis for me i'd say it crashes to the point of me needing to close the game of task manager every 30

minutes on average and when you actually tried to get back into the game it seems like 50% of the time you're stuck on the landing page permanently and need to close and reopen the

game over and over until it eventually takes you to character select in all the years i've played mmo's bless so far feels like it has the worst performance i've experienced and

it using the excuse it's early access it will be fixed is no excuse the games been out for years in other regions and absolutely nothing has been done to improve the performance maybe

this is just a symptom of the game being on unreal engine 3 maybe bad coding I have no idea all I know though is that if you care about having stable fps and a smooth gameplay experience I

cannot recommend this game in any way shape or form it runs like absolute crap the combats always been something I had big concerns with ever since I played the game two years ago I

was initially really happy when they said it would be reworked however after playing the game yesterday and today I think the but is still some of the worst you experience in an mmorpg i'm

being completely honest when I say this I feel like the combat was designed by a group of people who have never played another mmo before and don't understand the fundamentals as

to what makes combat in a game fun there's three big reasons why the combat and less for me feels like trash the first being that whenever you press a combo ability it feels delayed by

about half a seconds the initial ability before the combo is fairly responsive but the follow-up abilities feel like you're playing with 500ms ping on a foreign client it doesn't

matter how hard you spam that combo it's not gonna go off when you want it to the seconds being at the sheer amount of animations that lock you in place this is probably my

biggest issue of the combat personally it's just so fuckin static my grandma would have more in combat mobility than half of the classes in this game where this starts to feel

especially frustrating is during the second dungeon there's mobs the telegraph a very quick aoe cc if you use an ability that locks you in place which is most of the abilities for some

classes there's no way you're avoiding that cc because the animation is simply longer than the telegraph cast from the mob the sheer amount of static abilities in bles proves to me

that the developers have no idea what they're doing especially when there's no dodge function in the game and there's so many telegraph's that you need to move out of quickly if any

competent gamer with an iq level of 5 or higher tested this they'd know that it simply doesn't work the third reason why the combat and bless is so bad are simply the animations of

the strafing and movement it just feels really stiff and doesn't look very good at all overall when it comes to the combat it really lacks fluidity and polish very disappointing

overall when the devs claims it to have rhythmic combat whatever the hell that means it's basically really poorly done tab targeting with somewhat linear combo options here is a list of

games that has better combat than bless online world of warcraft guild wars 2 black desert star wars the old republic archeage terrorblade and soul elder scrolls online

and even final fantasy 14 if you're expecting a good combat system this game simply doesn't have one the user interface in bles is an absolute joke to the point where i'd say it's

actually one of the worst i've seen in a modern mmo there's absolutely zero options when it comes to ui customization you can't resize the map you can't scale down the hot bars and

inventory and you can't even resize the chat box I wouldn't mind this too much of the ui didn't take up so much space on the screen and also freeze my game whenever I interact with it

a prime example of how shit the ui in bless online is can be seen with its in-game auction house which opens a web browser in the game and sometimes doesn't even load on top of that

there's absolutely no functionality with the auction house a lack of sorting options delay when interacting with it and for me personally it actually caused the game to

completely crash if all of that wasn't bad enough bless online also has the worst camera i've ever experienced in an mmorpg how do you fuck something up as basic as a camera instead of

just zooming out at a fixed position and maybe giving you some height and distance options in the options menu like every other mmo it gives you none of that and adjusts the height to

be awkwardly low when zoomed in on your character and too high when zoomed out this was an issue for me when I played the foreign version of the game and it's still a thing with the

steam version as of making this video i've currently gotten to level 33 and so far i'd say there hasn't been a single moment where I was actually having fun with the game

initially the new player experience is somewhat ok as you just follow the main quest line until you reach level 11 which takes about 30 to 40 minutes after that however all of the

quests just stop and you pick up your next main quest at level 13 this is where i'm seeing most new players get confused and quit basically what you need to do from level 11 to 13 inscribed

mobs for three hidden hunting missions found in one of the tabs of uui after that the best way to level up is to run the level 13 solo dungeon over and over until you reach level 22

this dungeon is very easy but I guess you could forgive them for that since it is the first dungeon after all a level 22 you then go to the next dungeon which can also be solo deck

dreamily easily all the way to level 32 or 33 in this time you'll need to make a lot of trips back to town to disenchant the gear you've dropped it because it fills your inventory

so quickly overall i'd say you need to run the first and second dungeons in this game about 15 times each this is super easy content and extremely boring honestly I wouldn't be surprised

if many people actually quit the game before this point as it does nothing to challenge the player or give them a taste of something fun that comes later on visually i'd say the game

looks like something that would have been impressive back in 2012 but in 2018 I genuinely think less looks like a mobile game that's been ported to pc using unreal engine 3 just makes

the npcs and characters have that horrible plastic look about them I think the game that bless reminds me of the most is lineage to revolution on mobile as the characters and armor just

share that similar aesthetic I know this part of the video super subjective but to me it just looks characterless generic bland and outdated from a visual point of view something people

have been quite vocal about and pointed out since the game's launch is that the translation for a lot of the text in the game isn't very good for me this is something I can look past for

now as it's a self-published game by the developer and this is usually something that the publisher takes care of regardless though you do really start to notice it when you're

reading your classes abilities and you're trying to decide what to spend points in some of the info is really unclear so you might just have to make an educated guess overall if you

can't afford to check out I highly suggest you stay away from bless online the game feels so bad that i'd even go as far as saying it would have still been unsuccessful if it released

in this state back in 2012 I know there's a lot of you out there who are super desperate for something new a solid alternative to well with a mixture of both pvp and pve

concern unfortunately I think playing blessed will most likely make you realize how polished the current popular mmo's are i'm sure there's gonna be a lot of people in the comments of

this video saying stuff like the games in early access they're gonna fix most of this stuff and to those people I don't think you've been following the game long enough in the two years

since I first tried it bless has done hardly anything to the fundamental problems it has yes I appreciate that they released the game without any paid to win with a business model to suit

the western market and the developers do seem to be trying to listen to the player base to some degree however based on some of the design decisions they've made they've displayed a

lack of understanding for what it takes to be a good mmorpg and i'm not gonna put faith in a game run by people that just don't know what they're doing the last time I made that

mistake was with black desert and i'm not gonna do it again it's a long road of disappointment that you don't need to take considering there's already much better mmorpgs out

there if after the disappointment of bless you're looking for an mmo to rebound see my biggest recommendation would be guild wars 2 check out my video from yesterday for more

info as to why after that elder scrolls online also an mmo with a healthy player base polish and a mixture of pvp and pve content and finally final fantasy xiv whilst I don't personally enjoy

this game due to its combat I can put aside my bias to recognize it's a polished game with a mostly pve oriented end game this kept a healthy player population happy as well as some

pvp options in the form of battlegrounds it may not be my cup of tea but you might enjoy it all three of those mmos I recommend trying if you haven't done so already and you're

disappointed by bless and want something other than world of warcraft's with all that said guys i'm gonna do my best to push through to the end game of bless and get a complete picture

of the game before putting it down if it's bad you'll know you didn't miss out on anything if it's good i'll let you know if it's worth pushing through the bad stuff like I said at the

beginning this was a bit of an emergency video that I wanted to make to save you guys some money if you still want me to release an update first impressions video which was my initial plan

for the game then let me know oh and just a side note before we end the video ascend infinite realm is another upcoming mmorpg using unreal engine 3 releasing at the end of the year or start

of 2019 if that game keeps the same engine and doesn't do anything to make itself look like something more than just a steampunk version of bless I think it has a high risk of

failing at just as hard let's just hope blue hole are paying attention shall we but I hope this video helps guys sorry if it was a negative one but I felt it needed to be made thanks for

watching I hope you all have a great day and i'll see you again really soon

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