My Prince Roommate Got Us In Detention...

Get the inquisitormaster backpack at hellojuniper. Com/inquisitormaster hey guys it's alex. And this is the next part of the nobody knew, he was a prince series if you guys have not seen the last episode make sure to go ahead and check out zachary's channel so you guys can keep up in the last episode zachary and I kind of snuck out of school and well the teacher caught us answer to my question what are you two doing here? Uhh, umm.

M-miss olive I uhh. It was all zach's idea! It was zach's idea! What? He made me sneak out! No! Is that true? Yes, i'm innocent i'm just a angel! Even if zach started it you still broke the rules.

Detention to both of you. Oh, no! But miss olive I was doing so well in my first day of school. Oh no! Not only is my roommate making me sneak out, but he just got me into trouble! Go now, ah.

Fine don't get into any more trouble! Oh, come on, miss olive. Don't do this. It's for your own good! Come on, now think about what you've done! Miss olive! No, ah, great.

This is all your fault. What's my fault? Yes you're the one who told us that we should sneak out, whatever. Oh great. Oh, I hate this blade. There has to be way out of here oh my gosh what now? Ah, well, I really don't want to become like him oh great me either we gotta get out of here.

Well, the only way out of here is to behave. Well, I don't think we can actually escape uh, yeah fine. Hope we're not in here long enough. What if the paint from my wings comes off while i'm in here? I can't let that happen now, what's what's wrong with your wings? Oh I must I know you can see a little bit of black from them.

The paint is coming off a little bit. Oh, oh it's are you okay? Oh, yeah, it's just it's just some dirt one way up or we escape.

Yeah, some dirt got my wings and that makes sense yeah so, um zach, why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself? I mean we're roommates and I barely know you oh hate school, huh? And I love pizza.

Oh just not the pizza at school. So I sneak out sometime wait, so this isn't the first time you've done it no, I was just playing along. Well, I gotta admit that was kind of fun I have a secret to tell you.

I'm an angel too. Don't tell anyone. Oh wait you're an angel too. I mean a lot any angel but he's not supposed to know that oh, oh that's really cool zach.

We sure have a lot in common, huh? I know right? Small world, uh, yeah such a small world you know what I have a secret too yeah. Oh, yeah, what is it? Sometimes my mom forces me to be someone I don't want to be it just doesn't understand that's terrible yeah, I know.

Wish I could just be what I wanna be if that makes any sense it's probably doesn't even make any sense to him. He probably has no idea what i'm talking about um, but anyway, so we're gonna be in detention for a while.

So might as well kill some time yeah we should I feel the same way about my mom yeah there's a secret about me but she won't tell me about what it is.

Oh wow, that's awful it's frustrating yeah, I bet guess i'm not the only one who has problems with my mom, huh? I guess not ha ha we have something in common.

That's cool yeah, it looks like we have a lot of things in common we do don't we zack I feel like you and I are gonna be really good friends or a we could be more what I mean nothing oh friends sounds awesome yeah, it sure does your kids are being good.

Hey, yeah, we sure are you know, it's can we get out now mm, maybe? If you guys promise me one thing what what is it? What's that? That you will complete all your work and turn it in on time we'll do it and teach my students to do the spell you created.

Oh um sure thing miss olive and i'll let you two out oh, all right sounds easy oh my gosh I can't believe she's actually gonna let us out be good or you'll end up like harold right there we will I promise ah you know, we definitely don't want to end up like harold i'll let you out then.

Oh my gosh, I can't believe she's actually letting us out thank you so much freedom thank you miss olive be good no sneaking out next time.

I will catch you huh we will miss olive. Well, we could write zack right? Uh-huh. Yeah anyways, um, I guess we're gonna be on our way now.

Okay. Bye miss olive. Oh, I can't believe we're free what miss? Olive wait how weird you just dumped down there.

It's called magic oh um, okay um, oh we're gonna be heading to school now miss ahuh. We'll be going now. Wait just a minute oh, um, I thought you were just gonna let us go to the school you thought it was that easy.

Oh no, um what are you gonna do miss olive you two need to clean my room and I will make sure this doesn't go in your school records wait, so if we clean miss olives room this detention won't go in our school records, which is good oh, so will you do it? Um? Zack I think we should do it.

I mean how bad could it be? I guess why not? Well, okay yeah, um miss olive won't clean your room. Great. Take this key. Oh, okay sure thing. You'll leave it to get in okay, I got it.

Uh-huh. Okay. So we're gonna use this key to get inside of the room. They'll be going now yeah, bye miss old girl ucnqevioernjvnfververjvnfvj will definitely do it all right.

I think we're here. So I have miss olives key card and it says we have suite 304 so come on sam. We gotta go find miss olive ha a broom it has to be over here somewhere.

So I you only have to take the elevator let's see oh suite 304. Um, that's gonna be in for three yeah, three. So let's go for number three. Okay, perfect so eat three or four.

Oh, there's 3: 01 3: 02 we're almost there three, oh three. Oh, there it is. Three or four perfect right? Let me just insert that whoa whoa, this is a really nice room it's so fancy whoa, it's huge yeah, it's much bigger than the ones that we have.

It roll high. I never thought a teacher lived like this this is so cool. She even has sodas. Oh my gosh look at this. She has her own sodas.

I don't think she'll mind if we drink some do you think she'll mind I wish I was a teacher isn't the same they're still alive the fridge, huh? Whoa she's even got little lollipops can we have one? Oh my gosh.

Look i'm sure she won't notice. Is that a god right? You know what it is, huh? This is so good wow, she's even got all of this stuff mmm, these look good wow, oh my gosh.

Oh my gosh. Wait zach what we're eating her food we're eating her food zach. How are we gonna replace it oh, no omg you're right.

Oh, no, it's just gonna get mad. She's gonna send us back to attention. What have we done? Oh, no no, we should have no food. No zach how are we gonna replace it? And we just took almost all the lollipops.

There's only three left she's definitely gonna notice no sec. Don't take another one. Oh, no, she's definitely gonna notice that all this stuff is gone.

It's supposed to be cleaning not eating her stuff oh, pick up all of these apples. Oh my gosh. I can't believe zach. Literally you wonder what's in here. Oh, my gosh, oh my gosh this is like my dream line.

Wow, she's even got makeup. All right well, i'm gonna be cleaning up a little bit here alright just clean up this okay, so now is acting when I clean as fast as possible.

Oh good. We really don't want to get detention, huh? That sure was a lot of work. I definitely don't want to get detention anymore hey alex yeah, what is it zach? You want to know a secret of mine? I mean, we have all the time in the world right now you know how there's a prince at this school.

Oh, yeah why i'm what is that gonna tell me about the prince he has a secret about the prince but what could it be? I don't know I guess we'll have to find out in the next episode if you guys want to see the next part make sure to head on over to zachary's channel yeah, keep up with what is going on.

Anyway, that is all for today I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did make sure to hit that like button also don't for you to subscribe to do it, but i'm excited with me anyway, so I guess i'll see you guys next time and until then.

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