Ninja Is Being Really Smart With His Money

Did you dip dip dip skip it a button-up so in the entertainment industry whether it be youtube or hollywood or the music game someone and so forth you always

hear about people that were really famous at one time another bro recently let cameras into your life for a docu-series being mike tyson on fox sports why and

that was in truth why did you let that happen well first I have no damn money larry they don't have a pot to piss and they don't have a single dollar to their name and

you always wonder what the hell happened how old was a person so famous and who made so much money now their house is in foreclosure in their cars being repossessed

it boggles your mind well the answer as to why that happens is simple is that people think that the lifestyle that they have now and the level of success they

have when they're at their pinnacle is gonna last forever you know they're gonna be playing a video game on youtube forever or whatever gimmick they have on

youtube is gonna last forever or their hollywood career is oh it always gonna be considered an a-list actor or they're gonna be multi-platinum with all their

albums 20 years from now and that's not the case 99% of the time if not more eventually your star will fade and what it fades the money will stop coming in and

if you didn't save money well then you're shit out of luck well anyway twitch streamer ninja even if you don't really follow live streams or anything like that you

you know who he is he has almost 10 million followers on twitch his streams get a shit ton of views and the dude makes around half a million dollars per month

half a million dollars per month there's people that are thankful if they're getting salaries of like 6 figures a year he's making 5 times that in a month generally

i'm sure it fluctuates with years and that revenue and endorsements someone is so forth but wow that's a lot of money well you would think he's a relatively

young guy he's not even 30 yet I know he's married you would think that he would be kind of dumb with his money because most people his age are but according

to ninja he's not being dumb at all and he's saving up for a rainy day he was out in la this past week and tmz caught up with and they asked him what he's

doing with this money and this is what ninja had to say we've been very smart with our money and just kind of saving until we exactly know how we want to move

forward nothing lasts forever and we're making sure that we're taking care of now if that is the truth I mean I have no reason not to believe ninja but you never

know maybe he's spending his half a billion above on ridiculous crap and he just doesn't want to say anything but if it's true and he is saving the insane amount of

cash he is receiving that's very smart men because how many celebrities whether it be on youtube like I said or in hollywood that you just they're

broke as soon as they they're their star faint slightly they're already broke because they're already living beyond their means like mike tyson when he was in

his prime would buy like ridiculous things like tigers and and whatever the case may be that's why like later on he was taking fights that he knew that

he was too old to fight because he just needed the money because he will blow through every check that he received nicolas cage did the same thing you know because

again they feel like their star is never gonna fade and why do you see all of these former big-time celebrities they do these ridiculous reality shows

later in life when they're no longer famous and the shows are basically mocking them because they need cash and i'm sure these networks were one of the ke will

pay a four million so we could just ridicule you for like five seasons or whatever the case may be i'm just pulling numbers out of my ass but yeah so they take

these jobs because they're in financial ruin and because they were stupid with their money they they thought they were invincible they thought they were always

gonna be famous and receiving millions of dollars and when that stopped it was like oh wait how am I gonna pay my bills I have zero in savings because as soon

as I got a ten million dollar check I went through every single penny of it and then on top of it two men you could look it up how many celebrities like wesley

snipes for example perfect example right there get in trouble with the irs cuz they don't actually pay their taxes properly because they don't

actually put money aside to pay taxes and it's a goal weight that in gigantic check I got wasn't just for me to have to pay the government oops so if ninja is

actually being sensible and smart with his money that's a great decision I mean he's making enough cash right now that he'll never have to work another day in

his life where he could you know once the whole fortnight craze fades or you know his life I mean I know he was big before fortnight I heard a lot of people

always get mad when I say that he isn't just about for net I get it but you know he's pushing 30 and he may want to do something different man he may want to go

beyond just live-streaming games all the time and go beyond he sports and maybe start up his own business out of his own game development company I don't know

I don't I don't know what his interests are but the thing is if he's actually putting a huge nest egg aside it's a brilliant move and 99% of people in his position

wouldn't do that if he actually is doing it good for him it's a really smart move most other people will be stupid with their money this is richer review tech

usa signing out have a good one

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