Waluigi for Super Smash Bros Ultimate

We have one open fighter slot remaining so many of us for the inclusion of this fan favorite plant and often overlooked but essential character from the mario series wow the moment you've all been

waiting for is here it is my pleasure to finally welcome this fighter to super smash brothers wow wow wow I hope you weren't expecting many new characters since we have everyone ever to appear in

space returning but we do have one last surprise for you plan at long last ridley hits the big time the gang's all here ah no they're not the fans are clamoring for me why luigi you already

made my character model for fuck's sake how hard can it be for those that didn't make the cut this year don't worry we have not forgotten about you we have plenty of assist trophy positions to be

awarded it bravely got in anyone can be in smash bros that they just keep asking you think gentlemen stand out I always have time for pounds it's me why luigi yes it is the fans that make our game so

great I hope you love smash bros ultimate as much as we love making it impressive how would you like to join super smash bros as a token of my thanks is this important we only have 12 weeks

and three delays until release wow wow wow very well enter I did not order pizza there is no time for eating only smash wow how did I not see this before such a great character right in front of

me the whole time how can I be so foolish call the devs we need to get the overcooked chefs in the game no not as dlc they must be fighters at launch whatever it takes just get it done what

is this wow wow wow wow I can't see that from here wow where paper aha yes paper mario of course the fans will not forgive us if we leave them out again thank you kind stranger you felt super

smash bros avoid an unforgivable omission you again whoever you are you've gone too far just because you try hard it doesn't mean you'll make it into battle super smash brothers means a lot

to you huh being more than an assist trophy okay I think I have a solution that will make both of us very happy thank you all for coming for this most important update for super smash bros

ultimate it has come to my attention that merely being an assist trophy is not enough even an insult to some of our more established characters with our latest updates I aim to fix this problem

starting today a cisco feast can now be knocked out of battle yes this will help layers eliminate the more annoying this is cookies those that tried to interfere with the game they have no real placing

and now to demonstrate this exciting new future i've invited eight of our most powerful fighters and of course everyone's favorite asus toki waluigi who would go hey guys if you liked our

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