VRChat: Honeymoon with my Waifu!

You play guitar ryan you guitar player I play at place at silent tune oh yeah you can handle it really well look at you go sorry I would say I would say he's a pro

that's a sport now smash yes yes you are a savage my friend you're a savage you're gonna be in the you know that these are jack of his guitar you you're gonna be in the

doghouse dude if you keep throwing it out like that you get in trouble can't do that or are you gonna have to pay yeah does he always make a mess like this basically I like this

one this one's actually really go did you take a picture of me playing guitar oh wait I will pay for that I just did I was following ryan that was like I really did don't give me

why do you give me the you did it too I was I was oh ryan you forgot to take that when you left you actually grab that can you grab okay oh my god you can that is awesome

what it took I didn't get this okay I hate that this window is open I don't like it I don't like it you okay run okay it's okay buddy it's okay larry it's gonna be all

metaphor this trip this trip will be amazing ah here we go whoa i'll be your waiter for today if you like to follow me i'll show you two guys table i'm excited we were fine today

what you can add a sec here what the group or if you want we got other tables too right over here it's their special day so it's up to them of course yep by all the by all

means whole place is to you today it's sort of big okay reaching next okay we could do this I i gotta be one with thee I wonder if this will work I think we should get hibachi

on the other end over there I think okay you know i'm gonna stand because today um I can't i've been doing a lot of squats so i'm actually gonna be uh you know

standing understanding so i'm gonna be standing during this trip well that's during our design today for our drinks we got you know some nice we got some nice sake we got with

some whiskey's we got juice if you're not the type of three person to drink alcohol or anything like that um just just to make sure just cuz i'm not sure you guys you guys

old enough and for the hints of men over there ah thank you um i'm gonna have to have a sake bomb actually I can totally do that for you my friend so i'll be one my manya you

wanting what you want you get one too awesome yeah so this place is this place is nice it's a nice place here the seats are a little little short but other than that I like it

I definitely like this place you got my free holiday put the other drinks we get the tricks well we got to make a toast to the beautiful couple who are you gonna keep me company

standing oh thank you maybe one day we could be like that they alone enough to drink would you like to make toast gama sure so this goes it's a lovely bride and groom who

got married around six months ago but never had their honeymoon yet cheers cheers ping let me get my real beer all right tap tap all right orders the couple what would

you like today yep the first thing we do are we add our world-famous sushi platters as I specials for today not famous sushi platters huh how world-famous are they they are

top quality my friend top quality tell quality by all means okay okay I know that's that's my brother he thinks i'm embarrassing him right now but I just want to make sure you

know they get the best for this special day of course okay all right I will have a lot of grilled cheese then we do not we don't serve grilled cheeses here my friend okay

then i'll have the i'll have the sushi that's fine of course i'll go grab your food right away excellent wait that's what I i was gonna save the other half no it's you

retreating there's nothing left you take you home don't don't don't don't yes yes but you know what I got an idea I got an idea okay we're gonna try to get a free meal out of

this okay i'm gonna try my best here all right i'm gonna say that it tasted like salt water all right because she folded up with them but this didn't taste like sake and i'm

gonna you know I got this story thank you very much like us excuse me sir I apologize to bali this have a taste of this this tastes like salt water it's doesn't taste like

sake that's that's really strange like we don't usually serve salt water here no it's it's okay it was probably a mix of what if you think we'll take another two sakis if you

don't mind sake bombs oh it's no don't worry about it it's no problem that's from drinks baby you don't even use chopsticks you just just shovel it in no thank you nice thank

you I see we have a lot of table manners here between all of us we are very i'm sorry i'm very sorry about i'm here sorry about that my friends know and i'll be right back

okay thank you you think you could get them for me it's cuz remember I worked out why like my legs just hurt a lot awesome alright cheers to this free drinks the managers let me

give you guys two drinks on two drinks on the house for you guys whoa to enjoy okay you know anything okay thank you now this is this is those california rolls I like

california rolls now don't eat them or if they california rolls it's great okay citra and then you eat it all and then you put it on your head like you're a samurai of some sort

yes this I hope you guys are enjoying your meal oh it's delicious thank you yes very delicious we always we are always aiming to please over here very nice so i've

heard it you guys on our wing is there creak ah yes it's amazing like we don't we don't even to me too many people who come on their honeymoons over here recently so i'm

dude they do we had some couples coming through usually a lot of people just come through here just casually you know come for some nice food it's very nice to see some

remnants her aunty sometimes in by all means you also have the whole thai place to come look around you know if you want to have a look around take some nice photos while

you're here it's all it's all for you guys it's beautiful thank you is that a dart board over there what is that no that is that song oh it looks like a dart board from over

there it's the clover cherry how so you mix irish you have like irish and japanese mix we like to be but more diversity in other restaurants around okay oh soda back in the day

they do it with shrimp stop oh yeah I forgot your your cat so you love shrimp or whatever this is to them that's what i'm talking about you didn't see nothing right you didn't

see magic yeah take this you take this this is for you take this you didn't see nothing okay you didn't see nothing got it good have fun thank you these was this yuri yuri

this is you he you he I thought it was you first say you're know if you eat you eat you eat all right I take what you can bring everything we can all right take some of these let's

get them over here take what we can put them over here all right uh sir we're ready to to take the check no look around to help it's on the house you're a good man I appreciate

that we're gonna we're gonna exit out the back way okay we're gonna exit out over here so I want you to take this you take this oh wait that's for you tell you manager

thank you you served us we paid for everything everything's all good all right go go got it let's go keep the stuff beautiful you know what actually for the for the next place

I think we kind of need him maybe I should just I think we kind of need them you know what I won't figure out how much it whatever he makes he i'm gonna pay him double we'll take

him hey hey you wait a guy come here how much you make you for the day I don't make enough my friend I wish I could make more all right buddy take this you with us now I want you to

show them a good pun okay then that's my brother that's his wife I want you to show them a good time okay you're with us now forget this place come on wyoming's just just a

double check and I think where you need this place anymore we already got everything we need right got everything we need all right I left behind nobody saw nothing let's get

out of here oh man this one's gonna be you just eight buddy what are you going so fast for slow down enjoy the night with your beautiful wife you going him go nice one at a time

what a talk he's just one at a time oh wow I can actually hey hey did it okay wait definitely not definitely round I could I can do some I could use some for sure they say sushi

gigas sushi sushi well I feel like I only heard two people say sushi because can't be such as the word honeymoon actually feel like to come me I think I may not really nice

spot for you guys to have a great view of the fireworks just finish eating right just don't walk around eating food as you're going there put it down no i'll show you the by

sister piss spot review the forward from there my articles will be small between the house you

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