Install FMCB for Playstation 2 Slim Tutorial for PS2 Enthusiasts!

Doing hey guys this is verse top of dc power today's video tutorial will show you how to install free mcboot for your ps2 slim now this also applies to the fat ps2 as well and I do want to make note that if you're using the ps2 slim it's got to be a model made before march two thousand eight you don't want a model number that is sc ph 9: 00 x/x x x because sony flex the exploit i'm using the sc ph 712 model so here's my ps2 and what we're going to do today is we're going to use the swap magic method so this piece too is not hard modded is not soft modded yet so here's my swap magic disk this is a cd version I bought it from east arlen calm and if you need more information about today's tutorial see the more info section I got a text tutorial on how to do this and also what I have is a you launch alpha disk that burnt a long time ago this is version 4 12 you can get the cd or dvd version for

free and sks apps com see more info section so what i'm going to do first is let's go ahead and let's put the swap magic inside my ps2 and I do want to note that i did do the tape tissue and straw mod for my ps2 here and then let's turn on the ps2 and i'm going to leave the little button so you guys can see that yeah I did do it correctly ok so what's going to happen is basically is going to put the swap magic disk and then the cd is gonna stop spinning so then I can insert the you launch elf disc which is basically a day a homebrew program that allows you to browse your file system basically so let's go ahead and take out the swap magic disk and put in the you launch elf disk and then at the same time i'm also insert my memory card and then when you also need to do is you need to have a usb thumb drive so you can insert our install free mcboot if you go to the more info section basically what you gotta do is

you go to saas apps com download the new be packaged extracted to your usb thumb drive and your usb thumb drive must be formatted as fat32 not ntfs so let's go ahead and insert it and then one press x spinning great and now let's go back to the tv okay sorry about that guys so let's go ahead and press circle let's go down to mass circle and then I got a lot of stuff on my usb thumb drives let's go to new be packaged press circle and go down to free mcboot. Alpha and press circle so I think you need about two megabytes to install the free mcboot program so let's go to multi version installed this is the best install this make sure that your free mcboot can work on any ps2 slim or fat so let's press x is a detective memory card this will install free mcboot on a memory card one press ok continue say go okay press x ok we got a configuration file that's fine i'm just going to reinstall free mcboot on my existing free mcboot it goes ahead it's gonna go through the whole install

process like so so wait you know 10 seconds or however long it's going to be now you go for more info section like i said I have a little text tutorial if you guys are having a hard time following along I know I took a lot of shortcuts today but basically the bottom line is you need a third party tool to do this if you don't have swap magic if you don't have a modded ps2 or you don't know a friend who has a modded ps2 you might be stuck however if you see the more info section there might be some volunteers that you can work with to help you know send your memory card to someone else you can install it if you trust them i have done some in the past so you want to go down that route let me know I charge a small fee and we'll figure something out so we see that free food successfully installed great press x and then that's it so what i'm going to do is let's go ahead let's turn off the ps2 and then take all this out I can close this turn

it back on go back to tv ps2 is going to automatically put off the memory card and blue yeah we got the free mcboot install an awesome now you see my other free mcboot tutorial I show you how to add more programs to the main menu here like a usb advance or opl version. Nine or nes emulator all that good stuff so you like the type of video please like favorite and subscribe so hopefully one day we can get to the front page of youtube otherwise you got any nitpicky questions leave a comment here on youtube page and i'll get back to you soon as possible once again thank you for watching take care bye

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