Why yellow nails DON'T MATTER / Don't whiten your nails

*music* hey guys, and hey haters out there i've got something special in store for you today i'd like to break your hater's hearts and dispel an old wives tale about yellow nails meaning that you're very unhealthy, and your

nails are weak and ugly and hideous and therefore you suck none of that is true let me just get this out of the way, before we move on I don't smoke, I don't have liver cancer, I don't rub self tanner on my nails,

i'm not a meth addict and I don't need any vitamins, okay you've noticed my nails are yellow, good for you, you made an observation now hear this, as my trusted nail bible says, if you love nail polish, you're going

to have stained nails yellow nails are just a reality of changing your polish really often and having a particular fondness for darker polishes, which I do a lot of on my swatching hand here's some proof,

check out my nails on my other hand, which aren't as yellow, cause I don't paint them as much now, this is usually how the story goes so your know it all friend is like " your nails are yellow cause they need

to breathe!" and science is like " no kids, nails are like hair, and they're dead" just because you dye your hair, doesn't mean your hair's not healthy just like how when your nails are yellow, it doesn't

mean your nails aren't healthy regular, quality, nail polish itself is not bad for your nails, no matter how much you wear it. In fact, it's good it traps the good oils into your nail, and protects your nail from

breaking staining is just the result of repeated wear of nail polish so, technically, yes, if I stopped painting my nails for 4-6 months, and let them grow out fully (if they didn't break without nail polish)

then my nails wouldn't be yellow but that means you'd miss out on my tutorials and nail art, and I would lead the most boring life ever I could whiten my nails with bleach or other questionable chemical household

items but having tried bubble white bullshit once before, I know that these kinds of products are actually damaging to your nails for a couple of reasons first of all, anything that involves soaking your nails in

water or another liquid is damaging to your nails because water pushes the nail layers apart, which leads to peeling, and breaking second, do you really want to rub bleach or other random chemicals into your nails

bleach may seriously dry out your nails, and even damage the cuticle and surrounding skin I tried bubble white soak or whatever it's called around a year ago and it left my nails with peeling pieces all over I

freaked out, and never tortured my nails ever again I could buff my nails, but then i'd be sanding through a couple layers of nail every stroke, thus weakening my nails and making them more prone to breaking do

not buff your nails and I think it's clear that i'd rather strong, yellow nails than weak, less yellow nails I always use a base coat, and while that does prevent some staining there's no winning base coat that can

prevent 100% of staining it's just something that's bound to happen with time so you can judge my yellow nails all you want, but really though, what, are you racist against my nails, like what is your issue but I

wonder who really has the stronger nails in the end, I recommend that you get over the fact that you may have yellow nails forget all of that non scientific whitening crap and just keep painting them while using

your regular base coat because I mean, really though, are your nails ever naked anyways? I put links for some of the sources for a lot of what I explained to you today, down below it's a great company that writes a

whole bunch of educational, truth-telling, articles about nail health you better check them out. I put links to a bunch of my favorite articles below moral of the story is, if your nails are yellow, it doesn't

even matter, cause you're gonna cover them up with polish as long as they're strong and flexible (see down below for my favorite way to keep your nails that way), then you're good to go and if your nails are

super white, you either bleach the crap out of them, you don't paint your nails enough to achieve true happiness or you're an alien, or you're russian well, I hope you haters learned something today, and

if you didn't, then, I can't help you thanks for watching!

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