10mm vs 14mm Dab Rig

Hey guys welcome to rew's basement i'm rew, this is my basement today I haven't introduced well any-day I haven't introduced uh this little recycler right here ok this is actually my first dab rig I had ever got ok I picked it up at the cannarail station uh I got this little titanium nail with it but I figured I do a little head to head against my first one vs my current favorite one kinda tell ya what why I choose this one over this one on a daily basis so first of all this rig is 10mm rig uh this rig is 14mm rig notice uh the 10mm rig accessories are quite a bit smaller ok they don't take as much time to heat up they don't take as much heat ok the 14mm accessories a little bit bigger ok uh this one works for an 18mm as well uh it would actually work for some 10mm's doesn't work for for this 10mm ok so I have it on the 14mm side uh the reason it doesn't work on this 10 is just cuz of this bar right here so anyways

this was my original dab setup ok I had a titanium nail on a double barrel recycler ok 10 mm double barrel recycler like 5.5" tall ok they're pretty much the same size not a lot of difference here but I went ahead and upgraded because I just cant get as big of hits ya know the heat retention on this nail is just so much more than this nail ok now that's not the only reason ok this guy is complicated i've got alllall alalal haha i've got a lot of uh just holes and stuff in here ok its a recycler i've got a lot of surface area that is different uh different places for the reclaim to catch up on ok the percolation is a little barrel that is sideways with slits on each side that thing gets gunked up uh I gotta clan this thing a whole lot more than I do with this thing ok this things got reclaim catches up on it but its got simple percolation ok 1 diffuser no slit diffusing like this ok it comes out one end one end only and it comes down and just goes out ok

that's it i'm not loosing a lot of claim in unnecessary water I have to have the water filled up to here or it doesn't work this one I can run on just a tiny little bit of water and like I said the nail remains hotter longer ok so I pretty much don't even mess around with something like this it just doesn't even stay hot long enough ok even these 14mm glass nails I don't yaknow I don't mess around with these too much I tend to daily drive with a titanium dome nail I like to leave it on this one because my big rig tends to keep this one on it so anyways i'm gonna put these away just leave them right here alright i got everything I need lets go ahead and bust some dabs ok got some of that pie face from the other day ok we're gunna go ahead and bust some big dabs ok this is a really big dab for a 10mm rig ok 10 mm rigs have a lot of restrictive airflow ok so not a lot of smoke can get though there all at once so we're gonna go ahead and see if this can

handle this big ole glob i'm sure it can that worked just fine uh the nail had started to cool down just a little faster than it was able to take that dab I didn’t want to take that dab too hot but by the time I had let that dab er nail cool down any bigger dab and I would have had poolage I pretty much just busted that sized dab on that cuz i knew that was the maximum just from experience that this nail could take cough cough cough that was not small ok now this is not the maximum this one can take but it's a bit bigger so we're gonna go ahead and heat this guy up bust that out that nail handled that glob no problem I had plenty of extra space where I could have put more more dab on that nail just the surface area that it had and that heat retention it was able to handle that dab no problem cough cough cough sierra: it made me cough

it handled it more than I could alright well so that's the main difference here is that just the surface are on these should be able to handle bigger dabs a lot of people are gonna wonder ya know why i'm even making this video obviously it's a no brainer go 14mm know I made the video so I could bust 2 fat ass dabs on camera that's why I made the video so uh make sure to hit that like button subscribe smoke always share comment down in the fucking that little box down there no body has been doing that lately go ahead and do that uh now get the fuck out of my basement

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