Studio Knit’s CABLE HEART 💖 Free Knit Stitch Pattern

How to knit a cable heart. Hi, guys! I'm kristen and today on studio knit we are knitting up this cable heart knit stitch pattern. It has an interlocking design it's a classic project for valentine's day and perfect all year round.

The interlocking hearts are vertical and these panels can be knitted up for a lot of fun projects. I think that the hearts would look great as a scarf and multiple panels, they can be pieced together to create a blanket of any size.

It's always fun to see the cable design emerge as you knit it up and these hearts make an extra special project filled with love. and here is how the cable pattern looks on the right side of the work and this is what it looks like on the wrong.

And if you're in the mood for love, i have some more great heart patterns that you'll want to check out. i have puffy hearts softies. I also have some lace heart patterns, as well as a pillow, another cute little heart project that you make with i-cords, even some knitting-inspired cupcake treats.

For your materials you can use absolutely any yarn and corresponding knitting needles of your choice. here i'm using size 11 with number 5 bulky weight yarn. Of course you'll need a cable needle i'm just using a double pointed needle that I painted pink on the ends to help you differentiate them from my regular knitting needles as i demonstrate the cable stitch patterns.

And, of course, scissors and a tapestry needle. We have a garter stitch edge right here because the base is reverse stockinette and if you are familiar with stockinette you know that it tends to curl up.

Here is the back so you can sort of see that classic stockinette stitch on the back. So the garter stitch on the side helps it lay a little bit flat. It still does tend to curl up a bit so you may want to block this.

The width of your scarf depends on the yarn and needles that you use in my example here it's about 7 inches wide you'll definitely need to get the pattern it's over on my website totally free on my website page and if you would like the pdf printable version all you need to do is sign up for my mailing list there are six different cable stitches in this pattern and i've created a color-coded system it easily helps you discern the different cable stitches as you go along it's also great to pin this project to pinterest to save for later and links for everything you need to know are in the description below you're excited to knit up some cable hearts yourself please like up this video it really helps me out and if you haven't already please make sure to subscribe so let's knit it up we begin of course with our beloved slip knot and from there we are going to use long tail cast on method just really simple and we're going to be casting on for this pattern a total of just 24 stitches now once you have all 24 stitches I am going to be creating a garter edge so that's just knitting and i'm doing four rows of the knit stitch to get started so that i have a nice sturdy edge on the bottom you can totally skip this step you can do two rows, four rows, or even more whatever you'd like and this is what my four rows of knitting for my garter edge looks like and I am ready to get started on my cabling so you'll need the pattern as I mentioned here it begins with some knits and purls and i'm going to be demonstrating the cable stitches so that as you go along if you have any questions on exactly what to do you can refer to this video at any time so the first one we encounter is c4b that means that we take our cable needle we take two stitches and we take it to the back our needle is in the back and then it's k2 from our main needle so holding that cable needle in the back we are going to knit two stitches from our main knitting needle pretending like that cable needles not even there and now we switch and from the cable needle we are going to knit two stitches and if cabling is new to you this might be a little bit of a challenge but I know you're totally up for it just systematically go through the pattern stitch by stitch and you will see you're pretty hard emerge it's really cool now the next one is c4f that means that we're holding the cable needle to the front so we take those two stitches we hold the cable needle to the front we pretend like it's not even there as we knit two stitches from our main knitting needle and then we take the cable needle and sometimes it's a little bit of a stretch and you knit two stitches directly off your cable needle and then you just continue on with the knits and purls in the pattern here is how it's shaping up this is our even row I just wanted to point out that the even rows are knitting the knits and purling the purls if that's something that you're familiar with, then it's great, you can just go ahead and you don't have to refer to the pattern you can easily knit those knit stitches and right there you see those little purl stitches and you just go along on all of the even rows knitting the knits and purling the purls. okay our third cable stitch that we encounter in the pattern is cr4b okay so that means cable right 4 back so taking two stitches and holding the cable needle to the back and then because we are knitting we need to bring that yarn to the back and off of our main knitting needle we are going to knit two stitches right here from our main knitting needle and once we've completed that we take our cable needle and we're going to be purling two stitches from the cable needle so we'll bring our yarn into the front and this is another one that requires a little bit of a stretch it can be a little bit of a tight squeeze but you are in control of the yarn you will make it happen and you just purl those two stitches right there off of your cable needle okay we're halfway there our fourth cable needle it's cl4f so we're taking the cable and we're holding it to the front and we're going to be purling two stitches off of our main knitting needles to begin with and then we bring our yarn to the back because we are taking our cable needle and we are going to knit two stitches from the cable needle and let's take a minute to admire our work now already after just three rows of our cable stitch our heart is starting to emerge it's the bottom part of the heart and let's keep going so our fifth cable stitch is cr3b back so we are taking just one stitch on our cable needle and holding it to the back and then we are knitting two stitches right here from our main needle and then we're gonna finish it up with that one stitch from the cable needle we take our yarn of course we need to bring it to the front because this is a purl stitch and we purl it once right here off of our cable needle again that's another little tight squeeze to accomplish that stitch and I want to show you right here in the middle you know there's that pretty little cable that runs up the middle of the hearts and this is a stitch that we've already done but I just want to point out that we are doing this twice to accomplish that and the first time is here on row five okay final cable stitch to review so it is cr3f that is holding two stitches on our cable needle in the front and then it's just one purl stitch off of our main needle right here and we're going to bring our yarn around to the back because we finish it up with the cable needle and it's two stitches off the cable needle this one's a little bit of a stretch it's not too tight following along with the pattern this is a pretty simple cable once you get the hang of it and it just makes me so happy seeing all of these hearts emerge cable knitting always feels really satisfying because you get these great designs you just keep on going to get that inner locking heart look and i hope you are inspired to knit up your own cable knit hearts thank you so much for watching and i'll see you next time, guys.

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