Can You Fix Bent/Damaged Yu-Gi-Oh Cards?

Hey guys so today we're gonna try some different so you've always had this problem where you get your hollows from packs and you might just leave them out

somewhere for a while because your for more focus on the decks you want to build or maybe you leave them in your storage unit for the first two years

while you're in college and your brother keeps trying to tell you take them at the storage and it can only work some more yeah but sometimes your cards look

like that you get some minor warping we got a ballon prism it's got it's come a bit like this now so it's obviously concave still enough for you're going to

call a judge on your so also hunt of heaven a joke counter jet warrior all the same way or you can have more egregious warping like these where I

mean you probably can't take those two eternal man no you really shouldn't this is what our torque is as beautiful as he is he deserved this does he does he so

we've actually did some research online trying to find some decent methods for unworking cards shoutouts to reddit and youtube you know you are so while I

prefer a car method but it takes a while so we've got for you today is I came up with the car method it was basically you leave them in a hot car for an entire

day inside of a binder and then you take them up that night in their unwarped however that strategy is really inefficient but you don't have a car

first up we have the boiling water method nice we're gonna take some water play some random rap and a ball and we're gonna go up some cards that way oh

speaking of this method we're only use as you notice these aren't very valuable cards because uh we haven't actually used this method before so we can't

promise amazing results so when you guys try it first you know test it don't risk your thunder dragons or something on this you don't want to lose anything

good no dragons not worth anything you will be soon and the second method is the hairdryer becca yeah think you enjoyed that too much okay what if I did

we're going to blast the card with this baby and well blast out the moisture speaking of moisture so how does warping actually happen so the warping is

occurring because of the cards to properties so normal you can a card is just cardstock but holo is both the cardstock and a layer of metal when

these cards are exposed to open air or or human environments the card stock actually absorbs that moisture and expands but the metal side of the car

doesn't actually want to expand it doesn't expand at all actually and so what that causes is for the back to only expand and cause the car to curve and

that's what warping is focus heat on the metal side of the card in order to cause the moisture in the cardboard side of the car to evaporate out so what can you

say that we're gonna burn and blow it on the front so for the boiling water method we're gonna be putting them face down over the water yeah and so the

heats gonna come up contact with the metal part first butts gonna pass through the cotton outward with the hairdryer method we're going to be still

put that face down but in this case the heat is kind of hit from the back the water is almost ready but before then let's uh talk about our sponsors oh yeah

so um one of our sponsors is tcg player for all your singles needs we get most of our products on this channel from tcg player thank you tcg player guides and

next up is upside down eggs play mats if you do make sure use our code aps ten that'll get you 10% off on the whole site so we've got our bowling water that

time that's really hot what temperature does water boil at i'm a hundred degrees one up that's obvious alright barron I don't want to make a mess I have a

terrible history with pouring things how much all right so we have our boiling water in a bowl and spells much as I thought I would and now taking out the

clay that bull is high yep all right okay that's the best time a good enough I don't know all right so let's start with something simple like this jolt

counter gonna set you on here okay and now we wait so it's been about a minute let's take a look at it i'm not sure how it's been going but we're gonna find out

it's not it's good all right still warped darn it it's a design to lesser extents warm these experts alike so that's the extent of our that hmm I

always want say it's worse maybe let's try one the worst ones okay yeah I already put them on there now I think what will help is if we then would like

flatten these with a hard book or something after they'll probably help do the rest a job for us alright another minute has passed let's take a look at

we save our tea I really hope so I let this go alright so let's take a look at it okay so I would think there's a clear difference definitely better compare it

to onslaught yeah it's definitely better than it was before it works in a new way but I feel like if you flatten this now like hot from this all this heat it'll

flatten out won't even give it more time cuz we only had on there for a minute yeah so okay alright so that is the boiling water method it kind of works

you probably optimized it to your own way please be careful that's okay I only want to get scalding water all over man just don't drop it into the stock so

let's start with something simple we've got a horn of heaven here it's actually a rather decent trap card but no one really plays it right now so we're gonna

orbit fair enough so in this mess right of space down below it okay this is hot okay i'd be something going down let me give you a hand the weather above our I

mean this measure does seem like it has the most like probability of like farming a card or starting a fire maybe it's more direction about pr for a

beverage oh wow that's not bad that's not bad it almost seems like it's time to up the observation yeah that's definitely what waiting after direction

now that's a good thing because if the car starts warping in the opposite direction you can probably let it sit or just refine it yourselves it'll flatten

right out all right but this is the real test huh yes the onslaught so remember guys we turn our targets from this into this so now we're gonna see if we can do

the same thing to on fly listen wow we just knock out the other ones the same time well get them off I know right right I don't know why he's not adding

more cards so this would be good so a word of caution kids let's try not to have your fingers if drivers are hot okay so this is our own slot oh

butterfingers so comparing onslaught to our targets very decent I want to say all stops still more warped but we definitely didn't do this one as

optimally as possible yeah but that's really great considering that's our bad i'll see you later so violent prism and jet warrior also just as good neither

one would look like they'll ever be straight again what you want picard it's basically permanent you can't unwarped it so it's best to never let a card get

warped when you guys try this method I definitely recommend buying some little security cards because as you can see cutting hair dryer blows cards again my

hands hurt so you definitely don't want to do it like that but uh I actually really like these methods yeah these are both really solid and there's plenty

more on reddit on youtube go ahead and check them out and uh that's our video on under warping cards if you like the video give it a thumbs up if you guys

have any other crazy methods or you just like practical methods go ahead drop them in the comments let us know if we did anything wrong please tell us in the

comments and oh yeah hit the bell join notification squad if you aren't already and that's it guys we'll see you next one pastern 30 to 60 seconds or is it so

longer one um this should be a longer process we're gonna give it about oh let's do the nice suit of king of the hill of times bang where we montage yeah

or it just doesn't the one thing and they do it over time never mind

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