17 Clever Barbie Hacks And Crafts / Old Toys Hacks

Let's make barbie more sporty treat her to some new accessories and get her some new plumbing turn a car into an organizer and turn an old teddy

bear into a backpack watch simple and fun life hacks for toys in our new video jessica and the blue-eyed girl decided to have a competition who can

find the best use for old clutter around the house the first round is all about gloves and mittens well a blue-eyed girl is fiddling with fabric

jessica is sketching out a modern design cut the tip off of the thumb of an old mitten and cut through the top seam also cut along the side hem the edge

put the mitten onto barbie turn the collar her oldman turns into a sweater tunic for barbie it's an extra modern look with one arm bear a bold move for a

fashionable doll and the blue-eyed girl has come up with a stylish workout look she's making great use of her old gloves cut thick fabric gloves

on the first glove trim the top of the thumb and the index and middle fingers cut off the ring finger and pinky completely cut the middle finger off of the

second glove trim the tops of the fingers around it and cut the glove lengthwise turn the sides of the first glove inside and sew put the pants on to

barbie the second glove turns into a stylish top with a belt this extra shapely outfit will keep her in shape barbies just missing one item that will

complete her fitness regimen jessica is the number one provider of sports goods for dolls cut a workout mat for barbie out of thin foam rubber

for soundproofing roll it up and tie it with a cord now barbie has a workout mat she can start her exercises at home let's pump up our biceps with toy dumbbells

put some beads onto a toothpick use pliers to trim the excess color the weights with acrylic paint barbie loves working out that's the secret of her amazing

figure and jessica's doll loves doing cardio no wonder she has a personal jump rope make a jump rope for your doll out of a cord attached handles made out of

light clay onto the ends the girls have organized a real workout session for their dolls let's train as many plastic muscles as we can barbie dolls

also lead healthy lifestyles the girls take tic tacs and a piece of felt out of the box yeah not a very good haul they have some candies to activate their brain

power now they're full of ideas let's get to work take the label off of a tic tac box and cover it with acrylic paint cut two little belts out of a brown soft

foam rubber sheet and glue them onto a rectangular piece of soft paint foam sheet decorate the belts with a permanent marker attach the foam rubber sheet on

to the box to be the top of a backpack attach velcro so it will close cut two long strips out of a soft foam sheet to meet straps and glue them to the

backpack jessica invented a stylish backpack and the blue-eyed girl sewed a soft pineapple purse it'll put barbie in a fruity mood mark a circle

on a piece of yellow felt draw a cell and cut it out use a hole puncher to make openings along the whole outline cut pineapple leaves out of green felt and

glue them between the openings work a cord through and tie the / shot the dolls are so happy about their accessories even a dull skateboard will fit into

the stylish backpack from the tic tac collection let's ride this bright bagging backpack will make these barbies the queens of street style the girls

are having a day dedicated to beauty why not treat their doll to a session at a hair salon jessica has an upgraded barbie in her hands though the doll was

broken not long ago barbie lost her head has messy hair and looks bad let's fix it up soak the dolls tangled hair and fabric softener for 4 to 5 hours

use a hairbrush to comb out the knots afterwards wash out the softener with water and blow-dry the hair separate a few strands of hair and color them with

markers brush the hair and blowdry it to set the color put the wire into the broken neck hooking the fastening from the inside pull up the wire thread a

button of the appropriate size pull it up again and cut off the excess wire put on the head barbie got her hair blown out and colored and she looks

amazing barbie doesn't have her own room but she has an empty shelf all to herself how should she decorate it here's an idea for starters let's personalize

her shelf blue wooden coffee stirrers together on perpendicular sticks use elmer's glue make three of these pieces and glue them with their edges

overlapping to make a long wall let's make three of these walls and two more small pieces for the base and lid trim the walls on one side coat all these

pieces with pink acrylic paint hot glue them together to make a little wardrobe bend paper clips to make clothing hangers put a plastic stick into the closet

hang up the hangers cover a rectangular piece of compressed cardboard with turquoise acrylic paint then coat it with clear polish glue two plastic sticks

to it and fasten the little table to the wall of the closet mark the size of a pendant base on silvery cardboard use toothpaste cut out the oval and

insert it into the pendant glue the mirror above the desk cut off part of a cardboard to cover it with acrylic paint make a little cushion out of shiny felt

and synthetic stuffing and glue it onto the tube place the puffy chair by the desk the most important part of every girl's room is her wardrobe and vanity

table barbies no exception all we have to do now is hang up all her clothes on the mini hangers and decorate barbie with a whole assortment of accessories check

out this necklace and these earrings from a new rose collection trim off part of a metal jewelry base bend it into a necklace shape bend one end

and put on little beads of different colors put a rose in the center bend the other end trim off part of the end of an earring base and glue on

decorative roses our barbie is practically glowing with joy she has a whole closet to herself and new jewelry it's every doll's dream come true christy

keeps adjusting barbie's house what does she need this railing for she finds the answer quickly even dolls need some plumbing privacy cut the form of a doll

toilet lid and see out of thin styrofoam using a curve tool to get the shape glue the seat and lid together with a white band-aid cover a small top piece

with gold paint glue it to the base of a small rectangular bottle this will be the tank glue the seat and lid to an empty yogurt cub put the two

pieces of the doll toilet together and place the finished toilet into the dolls bathroom now everything is according to sanitary hygienic standards

barbie's dream apartment is move-in-ready well jessica is busy drawing christy is coming up with another idea for barbie why not make an easel for her

put an easel tripod together out of wooden coffee stirrers hot glue the pieces together glue on a perpendicular stand for the canvas attach another leg for

support to the back and one more stick to make sure the construction is secure glue on a piece of compressed cardboard use some tacks to attach paper

to it jessica displays her finished poster on barbie's easel we are ready to open a whole art school for dolls let's put the easel in barbie's room

now she can create art whenever she wants christy likes more masculine toys legos robots cars the whole room is covered in her stuff what a mess her friends

will help her tidy up there's so much unnecessary junk in here like this old teddy bear it's way past time for him to retire but christy won't let anyone be

mean to her bear after all he's her backpack now take the soft stuffing out of an old toy so ribbon straps to the pocket attach ribbons with plastic

loops to the lower part of the toy put the backpack straps through the adjuster loops and sew the ends of the ribbons even an old toy can still come in

handy christy brought a construction set in her bare backpack jessica really likes this teddy bear bag she'll take this cute new accessory for

herself it turns out that christy isn't playing with lego just for fun she put together a handy dandy stand for her phone make a phone holder out of lego

pieces put your phone into the stand this is a real lego base the phone is perfectly stable and christy earns the title of best young engineer we've got a

new assignment come up with an inventive way to use a toy car cut organizer dividers along the lines of a plastic template place them into the grooves of

the bed of a toy truck fill it with useful trinkets christy finds a solution quickly she makes a moveable organizer out of things she just found laying

around put whatever you need inside and you're off to the races jessica and the blue-eyed girl can't find anything useful in this box what could we even

make out of puzzles and plastic figurines that's a complicated task but if you change your point of view the girls just swap materials and come up with

new projects right away hot glue to suction cups onto a tongue depressor and glue soft puzzle pieces on the other side hang jewelry onto the puzzle pieces

let's hurry to the mirror and try out our new device the blue-eyed girls organizer attaches easily to the mirror and all her accessories find

their place how practical and useful jessica's invention is just as useful and practical it's a tube squeezer blue some board game player pieces

together leave a narrow opening for the tube in the middle decorate it with glittery nail polish and attach a label place a tube in the center and not a

single drop of makeup will have to go in the trash and you can use this device as a makeup holder what a great invention two and one did you like our

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