Deep Purple - Ian Gillan & Ian Paice - Press Conference - Paris 2013 - TV Rock Live Lyrics

It's a question mark it's some punctuation we left other words then what do you want that's what it means yeah simple as that yeah after eight years we had to make a record and we were

grumpy about it all right we'll make a record now one if you make a symbol and something slightly ambiguous people ask well what's that about and immediately you have interest

like you have interested we knew he was going to deliver a good sound but we had no idea how good it was kind of a until we got to nashville and I was nearly in tears the first

morning when I heard the the playback because it was amazing the way he managed to capture the sound of the guitar on the hammond organ which was always a signature of deep purple but in

my opinion we have never ever achieved exactly what we should have done in the past so this stood head and shoulders above everything sound wise and the fact that he was there kind of

conducting our passion or professionalism and our creativity and with thee and we had he had our respect because of his history as a musician he's a great musician the thing

with bob was he has really serious and constructive input when you're in the studio if you tend to lose focus of what you're meant to be doing he corrects you straightaway and

that saves so much time if you have to go over the song 10-15 times you stop creating you start recreating you try and remember what you did before and you may end up with something

perfect but it'll have no soul it'll have no movement it'll have no no imagination no fire and bob was really important on that level he just kept us remembering what each track

should be it's it's known as music city and from the very beginning where we were in this big complex it was like a bomb or like a big factory warehouse but it was sick sectioned off

and there were different size rehearsal rooms and it was fantastic you walk in the doors are opening and closing musicians coming and going and you could hear people

auditioning writing songs rehearsing all different kinds of music new york and los angeles are no longer in that industry everybody who does anything in north america now

goes to nashville because I have the best musicians that the best facilities the studios for sure we had such a good time there if we do decide to do another album in a couple of years time that's

where we're going is described he's going to thailand that's not recording that's something else when we were kids we learned about the music business and how it was done and had been

done for many many years the process you went through not only with promotion but also the physical aspect of selling so you would learn about promotion marketing and production and

they've all changed everything's changed you still make the music and he still talked to people and you still have your picture taken but the medium has changed altogether and the immediacy of

contact now it's great it's got his good sadness got his bad side that immediacy on the downside we couldn't play any of the new material in australia when we did a tour or singapore

or new zealand a couple of months ago which we were dying to play new material but we couldn't because within five minutes we'll be up on youtube and a you know a duff badge

version of it would be up there so we had to hold back and all that sort of thing but it's a it's immense it's in a moment of drunkenness I signed up to facebook it about 2: 00 in the

morning and I should have been blocked away and ah that faceboo seems like a good idea so an ian paice named in the open the next morning was impossible there's like 3,000 requests to talk to

people and by the end the day was like 25,000 hits so what can you do you have to get off facebook it's impossible we have to tell somebody that there's a silly name so they don't know so

I got a friend of mine to get me out of there it was very frightening a secret when we started doing this when we were teenagers we did it because we liked it it was fun it wasn't it

wasn't like hard work we made ourselves happy and you know when we go on stage all these year later we still make ourselves happy you know the audience is a bigger we get a

living out of it but we still have the ability to go on stage and be 15 year old kids five nights a week it's fantastic you know we we can have those two lives you're there with your

friends and you have a good time and you get a byproduct all the other people in front of you have a good time too it's very very simple and why would you stop that why would you stop

what would you retire it's a really great thing if the the journalists like the record they're incredibly intelligent and if they don't they're absolute idiots that's all I

know generally speaking we get on very well with the critics because I think they understand that we're not motivated by anything other than just trying to do our best and have fun

there's not really a driving force of commercialism or anything like that the thing about fashion is by definition if you're fashionable today you're going to be unfashionable

tomorrow so it's much better to stick to what you believe in and do it with conviction and expression we understand that those incredibly popular successful songs that have been

around for a long time must be played if you don't play them the audience are very unhappy and if you go to a concert you want to go home happy but the still room to bring in new music

and obscure music so if you have three four new songs you surround them by their more well-known brothers and sisters and that way they get a fair chance to be listened to with

the audience still being in that happy place they want to be in a concert but you need a couple of mini climaxes throughout the shows royal peaks and troughs in the late 60s and early 70s I

used to actually invite the audience to sit down for a few and on the floor for two or three while we did some blues jams maybe for 15 or 20 minutes and then say okay we can do some

rock'n'roll now do you want to stand up and normally they would not in amsterdam of course they stayed fast asleep on the floor but in generally speaking later that was the way it went there

are four elements to a deep purple show the old and the new the obscure and the improvisation and those things it's an old formula it's worked for us for a long time but many

years france was a very small market for us the front french tôle would be three four concerts para is somewhere in the north someone the west somewhere in the south and we

tried really hard here to make it work for us but it was just maybe the wrong time the wrong music at the wrong time but we didn't change you guys changed and we're very happy you're dead

you found something in what we're doing which you like so it's great fun to come to this very big country pills and be able to play in all these great towns because you're so lucky of

so many great venues as well every little town has got a zenith you know so it's it's not too big it can stay intimate and it's but it's big enough to make an event for the night yeah I

must reinforce what ian said you you really have got in france the best consistently good provincial venues of anywhere in the world it's unbelievable every single town even the small

towns got a three four thousand seater a multi multi-purpose complex sports concerts whatever and we don't have anything like that in england and nothing like it at all it's quite amazing

somebody's a part of the infrastructure of the social structure here has provided these fantastic venues so it makes it a joy to joy we may

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