Spectrum ft. Cryaotic & Minx Lyrics

She loved her like that for telling a family they might snap so can't find you couldn't come fight you booth like girl games offline she had an answer but she didn't ask

for this every little chitchat was a massive risk if she discuss did they be disgusted the sonoran that'll be disasterous you knew it wasn't their fault they were

brainwashed they bullied some crazy things it was a response for the disorders if you listen to what they would think they thought that she was smiling but they

misidentified because the clenching of her teeth was just her biting on the line the logic said it's gonna be ok it's gonna be ok this issue is temporary so attempt to wait for

one more day ok this issue is temporary they didn't ask he didn't tell if they found out they'd give him pally if they do the lowdown that he felt for people

regardless of pronouns it is already tormented every day minute it escalate if he couldn't keep a straight face so what attract first the eggshells he treads on himself

online it was everything he wanted but real life wouldn't let it be as honest and to just bring violence his way like a deal like this attention you special snowflake

they had problems at home and had to bet the feelings were an underdeveloped sense of empathy but knowing that didn't make it an easier all he could do was breathe

the logic says ok it's gonna be ok this issue is temporary so attempt to wait for what you're a dead man situation worse than a movie it's not fiction they can't think say it

they'll accept that some people kick you down just because you're different hey ok it's gonna be ok this issue is temporary so attempt to wait until you're safe rational

unless you think the one attack at all you gotta keep it it you

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