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Like the things you never need, but are super expensive something like that. Or it could be fast food it could even be a chungshimhwan pill I don't know i'll leave it up to the listeners # hashtag interview artists pick keywords about themselves! Hello this is zion.T good to see you # interview 62nd zion.T my first hashtag is #zion.T_style q.

Your reaction to how " just" did on charts? I didn't expect it to do so well I thought it would be the end of me like, I was going to become forgotten from there.

That's what I was expecting so the day before the song came out, crush and I went to the spa we sat it the hot tub, thinking " let it be" but for some reason, crush had high hopes he said, " bro we can do this! Let's show them!" I remember the conversation, but I didn't believe it thank you q.

Your thoughts on your unique voice? a. People don't know much about their own voices but i've known how I sound since I was in the choir " the unchanging love of jesus" that's how I sang the hymns and i've heard it for a long time, so.

I don't really think about my voice, really q. About your fashion? a. I don't have anything against. Wearing different things sometimes I even think it will be fun to wear certain outfits I customized a judo suit a while ago and I put it on when I get mad i wear it in the studio and it helps me feel better it even has my name on it hut! My next hashtag is #lightning_choi_and_krong crush and i, we're doing fine q.

No trouble between you two? a. He started cussing a little bit he calls me " hyung" but i'm sure sometimes he feels fed up with me these days, he calls me " hyung-nom" as in jerk bro " hey hyung-nom, what are you up to?" it's probably because I pick on him so much but it's so easy to pick on him, you know? I swear he's going to be scammed someday he's so soft-hearted and he's gullible so whatever I do, he falls for it q.

Where's crush now, doing what? a. I bet he's asleep somewhere maybe he's eating. Can we call him, maybe? Ooh, sure give me my phone? I hope he doesn't swear can you beep him out if he does? Hello where are you? Why did you call? Where are you? I'm working right now oh wait, is this? Is this yoo hee yeol? How did you know? Hey hee yeol! Long time no talk! How have you been? I'm sorry, there's a problem i'm shooting melon hashtag right now and they asked me to call crush.

Oh, are you serious? - yeah, right now seriously? Yeah, my single comes out in a while oh and they're interviewing you why so gentle all of a sudden? Hello everyone! Crush is doing something right now, recording a guide oh, he's making the sound in the background? Yeah, it's him I see I guess this mission is a failure.

Yes it is, but you got me instead! Congrats on your single! Thank you I hope it does well again this time! And please come on the sketchbook too! Thank you! You have to! Okay I love you I love you too, bro alright - bye! #Surprise_conversation no crush, sorry guys! Q.

How do you know yoo hee yeol? a. We worked on a song together he's such a good man he lets me be myself and I respect him as an artist I really follow him with all my heart q.

Anything to say to crush? a. Hey, crush I had fun listening to your " myah myah myah" you're doing great! It's good to hear you work hard i'm going to see you later I hope you tell me what you worked on today and have another fun night together! Bye! My next hashtag is #the_session it's a band with zion.T, dj soulscape and the second session and yoon seok cheol, the jazz pianist! He participates in the band too q.

How did that start? a. It started two years ago, in the winter we performed a few times there's an album of mine called the " mirror ball" (2013) the song " miss kim" is on that album when I was working on that album I met the bandmates, that's how we formed the band we have great synergy together we got to work together on my new single and album once my songs become better known, i hope we get to perform a lot more so my hope is, as " the session" the band to be hold at least 10 performances in small theaters i'm planning to have a lot of people come my next hashtag is #eat q.

Tell us about the song a. It's so hard to live on these days and we all want someone to make us feel better it's a song to console the people everyone says different things about the song some say it's a warm, bright song some say it's a lonely, gloomy song I guess it depends on the person when I was working on the song, I was excited but gloomy I guess it shows in the music q.

What do you like to eat? a. I don't carry any snacks. I don't have any food in the fridge I barely keep track of my meals there's this part in the song " make sure you eat your meals even if you're tired" whenever I hear that part I think to myself, who am I to say this i better start eating well a lot of talented artists are out right now so I don't know how well it will do I feel just like the day before " just" came out I don't want to expect a lot i mean this is the best I could do so i'm just waiting, hoping a lot of people listen to it but it'd be great if it does well! Are you listening to my new single, " eat"? I hope you like the song and I think my album will come out this summer so please look forward to that as well it's going to be full of fun songs, so please support this is zion.T on hashtag, thank you!.

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