Bebe Rexha "The Way I Are " Official Lyrics & Meaning Lyrics

Everybody's like, " why is it the way I are?" I have grammar. I have english teachers going on the youtube, being like, " it's the way I am." but it's like, " don't matter who you are, just love me the way I am." it doesn't.

It's like, " don't matter who are you, just love me the way I are." it's just better. It's basically a fuck you to all the people in the music business who didn't see me as what a pop star should be because I was this albanian girl from brooklyn, new york, was a little bit different, didn't really know how to get into the music business.

And I didn't look the part. I wasn't 90 pounds and long blonde hair. This was pre-kim kardashian, and then she made it okay to have a big ass.

I love myself. I do think i'm a pretty girl, but they’ll always, that’s just life in general. There will always be somebody more prettier than you. And that's just life.

When whitney houston did " hero" with mariah carey, it was the best thing ever. I would always try to sing it in the house and crack because I just didn't have that voice when I was growing up.

I remember watching 'the bodyguard' with my mom. Her voice always seemed so just heavenly and kind of like it was a gift from god. I think I really looked up to whitney.

I don't know. Something about her that was just so amazing. Yeah, she was a big part of my inspiration. I want to find somebody who accepts me for who I am.

Just enjoy this moment with me, you know? I think aaliyah's. I'm very inspired by her. I think she did a lot of fresh things. I didn't mean to write that. That wasn't an aaliyah thing, though.

I think the truest form of love is somebody like, it doesn't even have to be like, " oh, i'm in love with you." it could be a friendship. It could be romantic.

Whoever it may be. I think the truest form of love is really accepting somebody for who they are and all their imperfections. And I think as i'm getting wiser and growing up, i feel like i'm meeting more.

Not so many people, but very few people that have taught me that. I think that the goal in life is really to find people who just love you with all your problems and your imperfections.

Somebody met me and they were like, " b, you're too much in the studio. You got to be out more. You got to be seen. You got to be in more paparazzi pictures.

You got to have more famous friends. You got to be in the mix." the whole thing about the song is it's actually completely sarcastic. The verses are sarcastic.

It's all just me kind of laughing and not taking it too seriously. That's what the bridge is, like, I don't want to go to your parties.

I don't want to get high just because it's cool. If I want to get to get high it's because i want to on my own dime or my own time.

I'm going to do what I want and i'm not going to be following the pack. If I want to be in the studio and be a nerd and order pizza and watch whatever, a cooking show, that's what i'm going to do.

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