Never Lost Word 【JubyPhonic】失想ワアド Lyrics

Jubyphonic oh mirror mirror on the wall, you say good morning after all. I still look awful, but it's really nothing new. My hair a mess, my mouth a frown. The way I walk and move around, i'm really tired of it all and hate how it's my fate to lose.

Holding onto thoughts I can't convey. Yet have so much that I want to say, but when i'd try to, nothing ever came to be. Today i'm looking at the ground.

Again, I lose the words I found. " so now can't even greet us?" they would sigh. " the poor thing." in my garden, there lives a pretty dogwood tee.

Looking on, I could feel envy envelope me. What a terrible child compared to blooming trees. Now I know i'm not good at all.

I wanna fade, fade from the world that I saw. Because the world is full of riddles and mysteries. Wishing for normal is like chasing a pipe dream.

Choking on every word, I can't reply. It's really dumb, I breath, and start to cry. Tripping and falling every time, so clearly. I'm getting tired of the world around me. An early bud is growing weak and falls.

Without a word, she still couldn't find them at all. With a face afraid but too awkward and sad. Ran away again, very bad, very bad. I'm ashamed to say that I can't say a thing.

Oh man, I hate being me. They spoke with roses on their tongue, could laugh along with everyone. Exchanging words like flowers in the bloom of may.

Oh mirror mirror chiding me, " I can't be them" my head agrees " there's just no hope and i'm sorry for the way." " I can't change." there's a world all around painted so perfectly.

Looking on, I could feel envy envelope me. I don't wanna be here, i'm in the way I think " what should I do?" I wanna be done, done with myself. All I can do is run.

And I could feel it as it bursts within me. See how i'm full of only and ugly. Nobody look at me, nobody will know. I'll sit inside my room, and cry alone. " no need to run away or change, it's alright.

I hear a voice that came and knocked at my mind. I'd never thought i'd hear the magical words i'm at a loss, 'cause what do I say in return? Now to form the words, go and don't be afraid.

What you felt inside, try to say, try to say. But instead, what came was a cry very deep. Oh man, how dumb can I be? Reaching the end, that's when tomorrow came, and the world that I found was painted brighter days.

Growing up and in time, i'm sure the you'll find that i'm changing every day, but carry on all of the love and that will never change.

Because the world is full of riddles and mysteries! Never forgetting is like chasing a haze dream. Because we wanna tell this story again, i'll shout the words to reach them at the end.

Someday I wanna find somebody to break through. I wanna smile with them all of the time too. If I can carry on with that in my mind, maybe then i, can find out my reason in life.

Patting down her bedhead, she took it all in. Moving on ahead, guess it grew in the end. A flower bloomed inside of the mirror and she finally replied " good morning" to me.

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