Sheldon helps football coach to win matches Lyrics

How come mom's not taking me to school cuz once in a while your dad wants to spend some time with you a little shell man mom's car has a backseat statistically i'm much safer

there hey i'm glad you brought up statistically you think those numbers you talked about for a texas a& m with a plan of my jv squad I don't see why not unlike our former

principal math doesn't discriminate nothing about taking this advice are you ever you mad but he's wrong everybody knows you pot on fourth down why does everybody

knowing something make it right because that's what makes this country great many years later my brother would use this same argument in front of a judge he was still

convicted for urinating in a phone booth dammit i'll send in the pudding tink hang on hang on what let's go for it what we have plenty of time I know you still want to go for

well then the 12 yard line everybody know you punk why does everybody know and something make it right but we're on the 12 yard line coach okay coach says we're

going for it stupid brother what nothing power left jumbo want to want to ready what statistically they're better off known for it says who my little boy that's why

everybody punts that was his plain foolishness little boy was real genius well actually he is thank you jesus now can I send in the pudding coach i'm gonna tell you about the

tax refund they got from the irs go down

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