Lil Durk "Spin The Block" Official Lyrics & Meaning Lyrics

I ain’t have no big homie. I ain’t have no type of direction but my big brother. And he went to school and finished school so blessed to be where i’m at today.

I wish I finished though. Still got a chance. Even if it’s over the computer like I just wanna be smarter. If you talking jiu-jitsu, I wanna know the language.

I wanna know the talk. If we talking cooking, I wanna know… know what i’m saying? You never too big or too cool to get more knowledge.

Future definitely like one of my top two’s. Just like his work ethic. Everything. We was doing songs after songs after songs and he was like, that’s one of his favorite ones.

And we just ran with it. He was coming up with the hook and when he was coming up with the hook, he’s like, we’re doing this one. We both work fast so when he get to doing the hook, i’m like, “fuck it.” I just had my verse like in my head already.

Southside. Englewood. Chicago. Real ghetto. Treacherous. A lot of violence. It was crazy. It’s still crazy right now but i’m their hope so we gon’ try to change that.

What’s lil duval say? Living the best life, then you got the street life. While you was holding up your diploma, we were holding up a tec.

Like guns. Stool is a short version for stool pigeon which is a snitch. If somebody walk up to you and be like, “he just snitched.” You can’t just believe him. You know what i’m saying? If anything, you gonna want proof.

I was referring to dex osama. Street legend. That was their hope. The way I met him was crazy. He on facetime fucking two girls.

I’m like, “the fuck?” Then he like, “bro we gotta do something.” I started looking into his music, fucking with his music. I became like a super fan.

Then when he died, i’m like, “damn.” I ain’t knew him, knew him like heavy heavy but the time I did know him, he was 1000. Like a real nigga though.

Foenem that’s just like… the guys. When I be hearing people say it who don’t be from chicago, it be funny as hell. You’d rather talk to pillows before you talk to me.

So that mean you’d rather talk to a bitch. You exit out my life, another part of my life getting bigger. That’s what it is. You ain’t gonna be able to take everybody with you.

Once you leave somebody behind, that’s when the… “oh fuck durk.” That’s when that bullshit comes. It be people that just know us, know our daddys or know our mommas or our relatives and just think they can just… stop.

I know your momma. I make more money than you man. You ain’t doing better than me. You can’t give me no advice. 23 hours in my cell and 1 hour out.

It’s like max joints for real, for real. All them other joints, you really out your cell a lot. But that 23 and 1 will get your mind together. 3 eight balls and you talkin’ about you the plug.

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